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CNN Hosts Worried About ’24 DeSantis Run: He ‘Is Much Worse Than Trump’

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Votes are still out, imagine that. So let’s talk about 2024.

The goons of CNN showed their hand Thursday, stating that they’re afraid of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in 2024 because he’s essentially a more efficient Trump. The segment began with demoted Done Lemon giving a sigh of relief that ‘Trump is gone’. It was a short-lived moment for Lemon because CNN contributor Abdul El-Sayed introduced the left new biggest fear- DeSantis.

El-Saye corrected Lemon saying that Trump is not gone. He added, “I also think that, for the country, that Donald Trump will continue to be a hanging question over the head of the Republican Party, and therefore, our politics, until he is soundly, clearly, 100%-beaten by 10, 20 points. And I think if he does run, and he is the nominee, that’s likely what’s going to happen. He is not a popular politician.”

El-Saye was clearly playing off of the ‘election denier’ narrative, “You could see people running away from the stench of Trump in almost every single election that he put his finger in. But the thing is, the one person who cannot see that, and needs to see that, is Donald Trump himself.”

That’s when El-Saye, at first, seemed to comment DeSantis saying, “What I think the DeSantis playbook looks like is, competent, local, technical leadership, which, can’t take that away from him. He has competently led in terms of the fundamental basics of governing. And then a very good instinct for figuring out how to weaponize a culture war in a way that redounds to particular communities that he’s trying to pick up.”

He continued, “And so the way that he’s played a sort of fear of change when it comes to schools, for example, I think has been important in his ability to make an argument to a latino community, for example, in Miami-Dade.”

El-Saye says that while DeSantis might seem like the better choice that Democrats really need to think ahead referring to the Governor’s ability to appeal to all voters. “The last thing I want to say about this is that I worry a lot about where our country goes under DeSantis,” he said.

El-Saye also added, “I think a lot of people think that the exit of Donald Trump means that all of sudden the spell is broken. I actually see Ron DeSantis as a far more efficient version of what Donald Trump has done. And I worry a lot about the ways that it tells us that we ought to be tearing each other apart, that we cannot accept one another for who we are.”


Right now, I think the part has some shellshock after lawmakers failed to deliver on their ‘red wave’ promise. I’ve heard life-long conservatives on both sides of the Trump-DeSantis question. Both sides do seem to agree that DeSantis is Trump with poise. I have also known a few that feel like it isn’t DeSantis’s time.

What are your thoughts?

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