CNN Analyst Destroys Biden’s False Claims

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Following the presidential debate last night, CNN’s Daniel Dale meticulously fact-checked the many inaccurate statements made by President Joe Biden during his exchange with former President Donald Trump.

In a thorough analysis, the CNN employee scrutinized Biden’s remarks and exposed a multitude of falsehoods without hesitation.

“He said he’s the only president in a while who didn’t have any troops dying anywhere in the world. Troops have of course died on his watch,” Dale stated, highlighting Biden’s inaccurate claim about military casualties during his presidency.

Dale also pointed out Biden’s misrepresentation of his insulin pricing policy.:

“He said he’s put in a $15 per shot cap on insulin and Medicare. It’s a $35 a month cap. He said it’s a $200 cap on overall drug spending and Medicare, it’s $2000 a year,” Dale clarified, correcting the President’s misleading statements.

Furthermore, Dale challenged Biden’s claims about border crossings and unemployment rates:

“He said the border now has fewer crossings than when Trump was in office. That’s generally not true,” Dale said, presenting data that contradicted Biden’s assertion. He also corrected Biden’s claim about the unemployment rate at the start of his presidency, stating, “He said or at least strongly suggested unemployment was at 15% when he took office. It was actually 6.4%.”

Dale also addressed Biden’s statements about Trump’s policy proposals and endorsements:

“He said Trump wants to get rid of social security. Trump doesn’t. He said billionaires pay 8.2% in taxes, it’s much higher. He said Trump told Americans to inject bleach amid COVID,” he explained.

“We know Trump made foolish comments about scientists studying disinfectant injection but didn’t frame it as advice to people. Biden said the border patrol endorsed him. No, it’s union supported the border bill he supported, never endorsed him himself,” Dale explained, providing a comprehensive fact-check of Biden’s claims.

CNN’s thorough fact-checking of Biden’s remarks in the debate revealed a consistent pattern of inaccuracies and misrepresentation, emphasizing the significance of evidence-based reporting in political discussions.

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