Clueless Biden: Obama’s American Exit Strategy Was Always Doomed, Afghan Troops Were Too Drugged Out To Perform Basic Drills [VIDEO]

While Democrat Joe Biden is playing “doe in the headlights” about being caught off guard in Afghanistan, a video has emerged of our military men talking about the disastrous conditions of the Afghan Army from around 2009.  Apparently, Biden didn’t consult with anyone who understood the nature of the threats that faced Afghanistan when Americans pulled out of the region. Therefore he was unprepared to behave rationally in the crisis that has unfolded.

Biden is seen being hostile to ABC’s far-left reporter, George Stephanopoulos, on Wednesday.  He was sort of pouting about being called to task over the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the region due to Biden’s actions. But, he claims it was not his fault.

“When you had the government of Afghanistan going to another country, and the significant collapse of the men we trained, over 300,000 of them leaving and leaving their guns behind, that is what happened.  I don’t think we could have done better,” Biden said.

Remember Biden was Vice President when Obama was President. So why didn’t he know what to expect?

“Time means nothing to these guys.  If I told them that a bomb was going to drop on their head at 8:30 they would be drinking chai at 8:29,” one US Marine tactical mentor to the Afghan Army said to the cameraman for Guardian Films, who was documenting the build-up of the exit plan from Afghanistan.

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Apparently, Biden didn’t have access to the men on the ground who trained the Afghan Army. However, footage has come to light of what it was like training the Afghan men in the Afghan army under his Vice Presidency. It is almost as if Biden has spent no time at all thinking about the conflicts in the region.

Consider the following series of videos taken when Obama was president, claiming that the Afghan army would be a large part of the withdrawal from the region.

When this film was taken, there were 80,000 Afghan troops, with Obama planning on recruiting more Afghans and sending more American mentors.

From the film:

“You are not ready, you don’t have a helmet on and he doesn’t have a riffle. How is he ready?  It is like having 26 kids that I have to watch over.  Ready would be on the road and ready to go, and staged at 8:30,” One man is heard saying.

Another man comes in, “I think if we had to introduce drug testing to the Afghan Army we would lose 80-85% of the army. It requires telling them 30 times, not to do something,” another Marine is heard saying.

ETTs or tactical trainers, who are were tasked with training the army, were being interviewed for a British documentary explaining Obama’s plans to build up a military and leave the region in their hands.

That sounds like exactly what Biden did. Except no one thought they could not handle it, and Biden never even thought to figure it out.

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In the film, one man explains that the Afghan army is smoking hashish and unable to perform tasks and affects their mission.

In the first video, a man is heard saying, “who is smoking hashish around here?” and hunting for the culprit.

The frustration from the US Marines is apparent, as the Afghan men are seen wandering while under the influence of a substance.

In the second video, a lack of discipline is cited, and a man with a foreign accent says he is tired of trying to work with these men.  “They have been driven out of their villages for misbehaving. They are impossible to work with,” the man said. “They are ignorant deliquients.”

“They need a sense of nationalism, that Afghanistan will be a great country, that Afghanistan can be the place of history,” another US Marine said, about the tactics he used to try to motivate their Afghan men.

This series of videos shows the American exit strategy problem that relied upon a force of men who simply were never ready for combat or even for basic drills.

Why didn’t Biden know about this Guardian Film?  Why didn’t Americans know? Where was the American media?

Further reading, a first-hand account of what it was like to be an Afghan Mentor:

Exclusive: Mentor To Battalion Of Afghan Army Security Forces in Kabul Slams ‘Stupid American Politicans’

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