City Claims Judge’s ‘PU$$Y Gear’ During Court Is Legal. What Do You Think?

This is a story I simply can’t wrap my head around.

A feminist/liberal judge out of of Travis County, Texas, Judge Sarah Eckhardt, has shown up to court for the last week or so with a ‘pussy’ hat from the Women’s March..and needless to say the residents of the town are NOT happy about it.

Get a load of this:

VIA|Just over a week ago, thousands of women flooded the streets in cities all across the United States — and in several other countries — to march for equality, and against President Trump.

Many carried signs bearing slogans, and still more wore pink knitted hats with cat ears sewn into them, nicknamed “p***y hats”.

But once the Women’s March was over, what became of all the hats? One appeared on the head of Travis County, Texas, Judge Sarah Eckhardt — while she sat in her courtroom.

The photo first appeared on Facebook:

But was widely shared by Joe Biggs on Twitter, where it quickly went viral:

And America wasn’t sure what kind of a message that sent to anyone — especially men — who might find themselves in Eckhardt’s court:

But once the question was raised, ABC affiliate KVUE looked into the situation and reported:

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