Christian Actor Mark Wahlberg to Create ‘Hollywood 2.0’, But Not In California

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As the Nevada legislature debates tax credits for the film industry, actor Mark Wahlberg recently expressed his support of Las Vegas becoming the new Hollywood.

Wahlberg believes bringing film production to Las Vegas would create 10,000 jobs with an average salary of $100,000. However, there are those on the left who are whining that these incentives come at too high a cost to local communities.

Far-left activist Annette Magnus, leader of the Democrat shill-group, Battle Born Progress, said “If you want to bring your business here, then please do. Please do it on your own and at your own expense and stop using our communities to fund it.”

Nevada is offering Wahlberg from $10 million per year to $190 million over 20 years in tax credits, but Magnus wonders if this is really in the best interests of Nevadans.

Whalberg’s plan also includes shoe factories and apparel businesses which would increase employment opportunities in Nevada.

We can agree that it is important that any money generated from these tax breaks actually benefits the state rather than being pocketed by executives or other special interest groups seeking financial gain from such deals. As we are all aware, Nevada is no longer a deep red state, as leftists and Democrat grifters have infiltrated Nevada government offices.

As part of any agreement between government officials and private companies receiving incentives should include provisions that ensure transparency regarding where taxpayers’ money goes and how much economic activity it actually creates within the state borders.

As for Wahlberg, the California expatriate said of his new state, “I just wish I’d made the move sooner,” according to KLAS-TV.

“We want to create as much opportunity for as many people as possible. We want to uncover new and exciting talent. There are so many amazing storytellers out there and so many amazing stories to be told,” he said.

Earlier this year, in an interview that was posted by the “Today” YouTube channel, he said, “[My faith] it’s everything, it really has, it’s afforded me so many things. … God didn’t come here to save the saints, He came to save the sinners.”




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