Chris Wallace Admits He And Fox News Are Part Of The System To Propagandize Americans

Chris Wallace, whose career in acting for Television entertainment consumers, has a path to fame and wealth littered with far-leftist propaganda. Wallace announced to the world for Fox News recently that his beloved Democrat Party is not responsible for the disastrous policies of defunding American police departments, which means he doesn’t read my articles, nor is he connected with reality.

“Fox News host Chris Wallace confronted a Republican lawmaker Sunday over whether Republicans — not Democrats — are responsible for defunding the police,” reported The Blaze.

Key Point:  Democrats laid a snare over funding the police in their Rescue Package bill as a wedge issue to either force Republicans to accept their demands for Socialism, or look like the bad guys who were defunding police, where they could employ their media talking heads to manipulate the public about who was actually defunding local police departments. Nothing the Democrats do in DC have to do with serving the needs of the public.


“Congressman Banks, you voted against that [Rescue] package, against the $350B, just like every other Republican in the House & Senate — so can’t you make the argument that it’s you and Republicans who are defunding the police?

Rep. Banks’s answer, after bashing Reps. Omar and Pelosi: “You can give them more funding, and that’s good, but if they can’t recruit people to become a police officer because we’ve stigmatized one of the most honorable professions in America, than we are at a dangerous point…”

Chris Enloe for The Blaze reported on the lies by Wallace and wrote:

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“Interestingly, Wallace’s line of questioning followed an interview with a White House official who made that exact accusation: that Republicans should be blamed for defunding law enforcement.

What happened?

During an interview with Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) about skyrocketing violent crime — which Banks blames on the “defund the police” movement and the impunity with which protesters demonstrated last summer — Wallace accused Republicans of defunding the police.

Wallace rooted his accusation in Republicans, including Banks, voting against President Joe Biden’s America Rescue Plan, the $1.9 trillion COVID packages passed this spring. Included in that plan was $350 billion meant for law enforcement.”

Read more from the Blaze:

Going down the Rabbit Hole: Democrats use Community Organizers to push for the destruction of law and order as one of their long-time tactics to overthrow the Republic. Defunding the police is a step in their process to overtake local and state police departments, therefore steal the funding and redirecting the power and authority of local law enforcement. For more reading on the left’s tactics, please read this manual from 2003 written by Mya Harris, the sister of Kamala Harris.


I write about that manual often, including here:

When Marxism Meets Communism: Will George Floyd’s Trial Cause Social Upheaval For America?

Bottom line: Chris Wallace and Fox News are a part of the leftist machinery that spreads misinformation to the American public to spread discord between citizens to empower a very powerful and elite group of politicians who do not want to share the prosperity of America with other people.

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mike dar

22 Dem cities defunded their police to some 20 billion dollars. Obviously they can just turn about and refund the police… they don’t need the 1.6 Trillion dollar stimulus to fund 20 billion back into their dpartments.
Why is this even a talking point anyway? De-fund… REFUND! Its almost as if FUNDING isn’t the issue at all.. the 1.6 TRILLION is the issue… which in no way means the police WILL GET refunded… that is just a talking point… the Cities can Re-Fund TODAY if they wished to fund the police! What a bunch of liars… YA TOOK IT AWAY>>>> GIVE IT BACK YA MORONIC!!!!


The Democrats have defunded the police and prevented them from enforcing the law. The bill mentioned concerns future funding. The claim that police would have been funded by that bill is doubtful. The future bill’s rejection cannot be the cause of the present crime wave.


The democrats use AMerican taxpayers to fund terrorism here and abroad then demand American taxpayer to be “rescued”. Only a leftist is stupid enough to fall for this shyt.

Craig Swenson

Asking a tough question with an observation are interviewers jobs. Senator Banks didn’t squirm and answered accordingly. Publicizing the DemoRats tactics places the nefarious blame where it belongs. Holding law enforcement funding hostage to outrageous other legislative actions is low life and most Americans can see that. However, Congress does this most of the time. Not likely to change. Support for America is not the leadership’s priority.

Raymond Rippe

Nice try Wallace, keep your politics at home with your wife.


Wallace is the Faux News segment.

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