China’s $50 Million Bribe to Biden Exposed

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Is Joe Biden the best president money can buy? Maybe not, but China still thinks he’s a bargain at only $50 million….upfront that is. I am very sure that is only a coincidence that his son’s business partner, China, contributed the money to Biden’s charity at the same time he was running for president.

Because as we all know, the Bidens never accept bribes, they just get extraordinarily lucky with countries they can do things for.

China went out of its way to protect its investment:

From The Gateway Pundit

Following traditional honeypot tactics, JiaQi was used to sweeten Hunter’s already saccharin laced business engagement with CEFC. She kept an eye on Hunter from her base in NYC and acted as a cutout between the overseas Chinese officials and the Bidens. In one alluring communication JiaQi wrote:

“…regarding the delivery of your doggie chain and holiday/birthday package. I safe kept your belonging for you as promised. I don’t think it is appropriate to drop off to a third party given the risk of miscommunication as happened in the past. How about I will either deliver it to you in person at your convenience or FedEx to a designated address where you can receive it directly?”

But Hunter’s relationship with JiaQi was more than sexual.  The CCP through JiaQi was buttering up the Bidens and providing information to the Bidens on how to defeat President Trump in the election.  Here is one example – a 2 page email to Hunter offering talking points:

As Apelbaum notes:

These and some of the other documents strongly suggest that the Chinese government was engaging in full-blown influence and hands-on election interference on US soil via front companies like CEFC, HBR, and others, and that Hunter, Jim, and Joe Biden were actively colluding in these operations.

As the money flowed into the Biden Center, Joe began hiring people from the Center and placing them in his administration, mostly in foreign affairs.

Bill Clinton had asked the job of being in charge of foreign affairs since he has run through most of the women in this country.




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