CDC Director Gives Warning to Vaccinated: “…Increased Risk of Severe Disease Among Those Vaccinated Early” (VIDEO)

I’d like to say that we never saw something like this coming, but the fact is, we have seen it coming from a mile away.

It seems like we have a better idea of what will happen with all of these vaccines and the virus than the so-called “experts” do.

The vaccines were supposed to be our big ticket to freedom. It was going to put a stop to this virus so we can live our lives normally once again. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We’ve even got some places going back into lockdown mode because of the increase in cases. But it doesn’t seem like they’re asking the right questions as to why this is happening during the summer.

We are back to where we started really. The only difference we have right now is that enough people have fought back enough against the tyranny that has been prominent in some states and have some of their freedom back.

We’ve had vaccinations for close to 9 months and the majority of the country is vaccinated, yet we’re about to reach the same levels of infection that we had in February when we hit our highest totals.

They’re already saying that there is going to need to be a booster shot administered. But honestly, where will it end? Is it going to be booster shots ad infinitum? Endless boosters for the rest of our lives that just pump garbage into our bodies?

Well, it’s even worse if you were vaccinated early according to the CDC director Rochelle Walensky.

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“We are seeing concerning evidence of waning vaccine effectiveness over time and against the Delta variant,” Walensky said.

Walensky continued, “Reports from our international colleagues, including Israel, suggest increased risk of SEVERE disease amongst those VACCINATED EARLY.”

She said that the only way out is to get the booster shot.

So not only is the efficacy decreasing, but your risk of contracting severe illness is actually INCREASED!

Those who took the vaccine early have a decreased level of protection from the virus now, they are super spreaders in that they can still spread the virus to others because they carry a higher viral load, and they’re at an increased risk of severe disease. What part of this was good for them? Maybe they didn’t catch the virus, or maybe they did. Maybe they would have never caught it anyway.

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I was fortunate enough to catch CV19 early in 2020, and I have to admit, that my energy level was sapped worse every day for a week. I then decided to re-implement my flu season “treatment” of breathing in 125+ degree steam from a teakettle (measured at my nose with a digital thermometer), 3 times a day, for 15 minutes. Well, if it worked for a lot of people in 1918 (sans the digital thermometer), during the Spanish Flu (a real killer) epidemic, why not for the Wuflu ? Guess what, it didn’t “burn my nose/sinuses” or “irritate my respiratory system”, but it did knock out my CV19
Now, I don’t know how many people in our country realize that both of the medications that are purported to be effective against CV19, have been make extremely hard to get. Apparently our “government” doesn’t want anything to “muddy up the water” in their river of flowing “vaccine”. The purported “implication” is that they care so much for our individual wellbeing. LOL. LOL. Yeah. Right !!!


I also believe I had covid in Dec 2019. I’ve never been tested but I’m okay with that for now. What should be priority to every single person is an antibody test to see if they have natural immunity. The natural immunity offers far more protection than any vaccine they have. I read an article about people who had SARS-Covid 1 in 2003 who are still producing antibodies 17 years later. Why, with a minimum of 13,000 deaths in the US alone from this poison “vaccine”, wouldn’t they want to see if people are already protected by their own immune system? I bet none of the government officials have thought about an immunity passport. That right there is proof they do not have our health in mind.

The Real George

I agree 100%. I think I had Covid in January 2019. I know, that sounds early but I am living in a resort/tourist city Philippines and there are lots of Chinese who travel through here. Neither CCP, WHO, nor Fauci has been honest about Covid, including when it was originally released.

I was very sick for 2 weeks, with another week of recovery. Of course, I assumed it was a bad flu and I am 74-years-old. I have more faith in my immune system than these so-called Coved “vaccines”. I eat well, get good sleep, and exercise – key ingredients to a strong immune system.

I want to get an antibody test, and I may do that, but I have been avoiding the hospital with its Covid patients coming and going.


I believe I had it in late December 2019 or early January 2020. My wife and my daughter and her family had it very bad and thought they were going to die a couple times. I however had very minor symptoms. A minor sore throat for a couple of days. I treated it with extra vitamin C, zinc, Vitamin D3 with magnesium, Vitamin K2-mek7. Knocked it out FAST!!

A strong immune system will beat almost any illness out there. NATURAL IMMUNITY is the best way, not stupid “vaccines”!


You should be taking 10K iu’s of Vit D3 daily, it will establish a blood level of 40-60 ng/ml. Studies show that only 4% of the people with 30ng/ml or higher have died of covid. None of the dead tested had levels of 80ng/ml. vit D3 removes excess bradykinin from your system that Covid blocks the removal. Its a natural hormone that lowers blood pressure by leaking fluid into the lungs. Normally the body converts D3 into 25 hydroxy d3-d3 in the liver and this vit removes the excess bradykinin. Most people are deficient in Vit D because they dont spend enough time outside each day without sunscreen. Check out the Spanish hospital study on Vit D.
i just saved my 95 yr old mother from Covid with this and Ivermectin/Doxycyline/zinc treatment along with budesonide nebulizer treatment. She has CHF and kidney disease and still survived.


We should never have to present any type of passport to anyone over this virus with a 99.7% survival rate. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer and influenza kills a lot more than this virus. We must not allow them to continue to push this poison on anyone nor any type of passport.

Patricia Overbey

you are right


I could only watch 5 minutes of this propoganda! Wow, the crap they are trying to shove down our throats is beyond comprehension. These people are ABSOLUTELY EVIL AND WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO PROCEED WITH THEIR SINISTER PLOT!! May God have mercy on them. Keep praying the enemy will be taken down! Pray! Pray! Pray! 🙏🙏🙏

Last edited 24 days ago by Judes
Patricia Overbey

amen we certainly need a lot of prayer


This is pure Harris-Biden and CDC sponsored B.S. The only disease is in their politicized corrupt minds


I believe the CDC to be FULL OF SHIT and YOU butt fucks at Liberty One, just bit of a great big chunk of it!!! I got a suggestion for you …. How about you conspiracy faggots shut the fuck up!!!

Mary Blevons

We had covid at our house and all survived. We are not conspiracy theorists. The vaccine is more dangerous than the actual virus. We choose to be smart regarding who we trust and what we put in our bodies. We will continue to speak truth in hopes that one day a hard headed fool like you may actually hear truth. You should read about the numbers who are dead or were hospitalized from the so called vaccine. Many who got the shot got Covid. What kind of vaccine is that??? People put useless poison in their bodies. The vaccines are NOT even FDA approved. Call Pfizer at 800-666-7248 and they say it is not but the media just lied and said it was. Congratulations Harry, you are part of an experiment and may develop serious health issues as a result. We have the right to free speech and won’t shut up because bullies like you tell us to. You would have been part of the problem in Nazi Germany.


Love that phone number 666, as they say there is no such thing as a coincidence.


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What ever happen to the CDC?Sounds like they are all incompetent now.They put out shots with out testing them.Then say we did not think this would happen?The CDC is now run by the 3 stooges.Soros ,Gates,Feces .The only good thing is no more helpless animals are being used to test this Vaccine.We have enough dummies volunteering.Long live the SPCA!


She states that the vaccine is the best way to protect yourself against COVID. Straight lie, isolation is the best way to protect yourself from any disease, and with how ineffective this vaccine is, she is contributing to the death of every old person who thinks having the vaccine means they can resume going on cruises or anywhere else. Of course this is the same group who wouldn’t preach abstinence during the HIV outbreak, so this is par for the course.


So, natural immunity is probably the best protection since this is a virus that will most likely never go away. Isolation is causing so many other issues with the young in the world. Children need to be out living their lives without fear of this stupid gain of function “virus”. Locking them inside and exposing them to nothing only decreases their natural immunity. My sister in law is a pediatric nurse at a children’s hospital and says they have very few child covid cases, most have RSV which is most likely caused by wearing masks.


You are correct. Especially with children, the masks are bad and the vaccines can be deadly. They have a 99.9998% survival rate why would anyone give their child a poison shot over this virus? Yes, we are seeing an increase of RSV and most likely as you stated it is because of the mask.


actually they have a 99.95% survival rate as their death rate is .05%. Currently the overall death rate is .66% or a 99.34% survival rate. Its at the lowest it has been during the whole plandemic. It had gotten as high as just above 4%.


But do they ever define what “early” is? It’s probably just a ploy get get people to get a booster shot. And if Dr. Falsey said it, you know it’s only a part of his politicization of the diseaae.


Is the waning effectiveness of the vaccine enabling the current and future mutations? That’s just a question searching for an answer.


This is all a fraud all new covid cases are vaccinated people and 100% of news deaths a vaccinated I know 4 dead and 3 severely maimed in my small town.


Once all governments passed laws saying these drug companies could not be sued they stopped all testing of the vaccines. Now the serious side effects are showing up, now they are say that those that took the vaccine are the ones spreading the variant. And now they want you to get a booster everyone six months. Even with the vaccine people are still getting the virus so why are they still pushing it? Could it be because they have stock in these drug companies and mask companies?


So, are you saying the early doses are not the same as the later doses? And what about the new fda approved dose is it different?

Jaco Bytes

The bottom line is that Dr. Fauci is an excellent gaslighter who uses pseudo science and logical fallacies to help sell products he holds shares in, while trying in every way to prevent the population from acquiring natural immunization by using fear + draconian measures.


It is no wonder Covid cases are exploding. There has been over a million illegals that have crossed the border since January. How many of them were infected? Thousands!!
Then they were shipped all over the country to infect our citizens. Not one of them were

Michael Maston

Like I said: If you come to me with the intent of forcing a “vaccine” on me…you better come armed…because I will be.

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