CBS Reluctantly Releases A ‘Correction’ On Book Ban Disinformation

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The liberal media is in panic mode as they realize that Joe Biden may not be in the running for the 2024 election. This fear has been driving the media to spread political disinformation in an attempt to slander the GOP, particularly Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

CBS Saturday Morning is no exception, as they recently issued a tepid correction to their February 25 report regarding the possible banning of the children’s book Sulwe.

The original NewsBusters report was picked up by DeSantis press secretary Bryan Griffin, who was quick to call out the misinformation. Despite this, CBS Saturday Morning still failed to issue an on-air correction regarding the Duval County substitute teacher who had taken pictures of empty library shelves, which were featured on the show in order to make a false argument about the state of Florida education under DeSantis.

On Saturday, Dana Jacobson was left to deliver the correction. However, Jacobson failed to name specific school districts, which is relevant as local news reports on Sulwe being banned were heavily focused on Duval County. The transcript from the correction reads as follows:

“Now we want to make a correction regarding our story last week about illustrator Vashti Harrison and her work on the book Sulwe about a young girl’s struggle over her skin color. After the piece, we mentioned the book had been banned in some Florida schools and might be banned statewide. We should not have said that the book might have been banned statewide. This is actually a district-by-district process. Our understanding is that the book was removed and then approved by at least one district and is now being challenged in at least one other Florida district.”

While this correction beats Andrea Mitchell’s, it still is short of what it should be. CBS failed to provide information on the Duval County substitute teacher, as well as which districts had removed and/or approved the book in question.


It is clear that the liberal media is afraid of the 2024 election and is willing to spread false information in order to discredit the GOP. This type of political disinformation cannot be tolerated and must be corrected.




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