Hilarious Cartoon Bashes Starbucks After They Vow To Do This For Refugees Instead of American Citizens

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Starbucks Coffee has promised to hire ten thousand refugees in the next five years; something that a lot of their conservative customers are not too happy with.

This cartoon perfectly depicts where Starbucks will be at that rate…



Sierra Marlee reports : According to chairman and CEO Howard Schultz, the effort is going to take place worldwide, but will start in the United States. He also claims that they will focus on hiring those “who have served with U.S. troops as interpreters and support personnel.” These people have usually been very thoroughly vetted, but can still harbor a distaste for America.

Schultz was an avid Hillary Clinton supporter, and has taken issue with some of Trump’s other agenda items, including repealing Obamacare and altering our trade deal with Mexico.

He said in his letter that Starbucks would continue to support coffee growers in Mexico and continue an Obama-era policy that allows children of illegal immigrants to apply for a work permit and two-year reprieve from deportation.

Trump is attempting to do everything in his power to make America a safer country, and liberals have to attempt to undermine him at every turn. What is even worse is that this move makes it look like Starbucks doesn’t actually care about refugees or the problems they face; it appears that they are using them to score political points.

Perhaps worse is the fact that this move prioritizes refugees over unemployed Americans, of whom there is a large number. So while there are American citizens going to bed hungry, Starbucks has decided that they are going to hire refugees just to spite the President. Does this sound like a company that respects their fellow countrymen?

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