Cartel Hitmen Crossed US Border Illegally to Commit Home Invasion and Murder

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Thanks to Biden’s wide-open borders, the drug cartels are having a field day. and when there is someone they want dead, they merely have a pair of  hitmen walk across the border to put multiple bullets in them. Once the deed is done, the hitman can then walk back across the border to safety. Nothing could be simpler.

The flow of drugs has taken a swift increase thanks to Biden.

The only way they would find it easier to ply their trade would be to name Hinter Biden to their board of directors. Maybe he could sell his artwork on the streets of Tijuana. They could even save their cash by paying him off in drugs and hookers.

Police say that a pair of cartel hitmen, from the  “Tropa Del Infierno” gang, entered the home of an unidentified 22-year-old man, whom he then shot to death in a flurry of bullets before making his getaway from the Medina Addition in Zapata County, Texas.

Police are looking for the hitman, but it is probably hopeless since crossing the border from either direction is so easy thanks to Biden. Two suspects,  David Mendez Jr., and Billardo Alaniz were arrested later that night.

The sheriff’s office said:

“During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that Mendez and Alaniz had picked up two unidentified male subjects who had entered the United States illegally through Falcon Lake. The two unidentified male subjects were later found to be cartel hitmen also known as ‘Sicarios’ for the ‘Tropa Del Infierno’ organization.”

From The Blaze

Police said that “Tropa Del Infierno” is a “professional organization for highly qualified hitmen” that works for the Cartel Del Noreste.

Mendez and Alaniz were allegedly responsible for taking the two hitmen to the victim’s residence, where he was murdered. Police said that after the killing, Mendez picked up the hitmen miles away from the scene of the crime and transported them to a safe house.

The sheriff’s office is in charge of the investigation with assistance from the Webb and Zapata County District Attorney’s Office, Texas Department of Public Safety Texas Rangers Division, and the U.S. Border Patrol.

“These agencies have been working diligently in hopes of finding the individuals that are responsible for committing this drug cartel related home invasion murder,” the sheriff’s office said.





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