Megyn Kelly was disgusted by how quickly Democrats moved to politicize the horrific shooting that took place at a supermarket in Buffalo New York.

During Monday’s episode of The Megyn Kelly Show, the host described the timeline of events and expressed her sympathy for the victims and their families and friends – and she noted that her policy, like the policy adopted by The Daily Wire, was to avoid naming the suspects in mass shootings whenever possible in order to deny them the notoriety they sought.

“We will not be naming the shooter on this program, consistent with our policy of not naming mass shooters, who in part are out for infamy and we decline to help. He’s pleaded not guilty, but he also left behind a trove of information, including a 180-page manifesto filled with racist and antisemitic commentary,” she said. “The shooter was white. Detailing how and why he picked his target.”

“Some in the media had been quick to point fingers and even place blame on our friend and very popular Fox News host, Tucker Carlson. It’s outrageous. It’s wrong, both factually and morally,” Kelly said.

“Why do we have to go to that place immediately on these stories. Why can’t we spend two f***ing minutes mourning the people who are dead and trying to understand that we have insane people in this country? We have lunatics. It’s a huge country!” she continued.

“We’re not going to be able to get rid of them all. It infuriates me. People have to inject their politics into everything. And this guy had a racist manifesto. There’s no question that doesn’t make it Tucker Carlson’s fault. Just stop it. Just stop it!” Kelly concluded.

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Kelly continued to slam liberals who tried to sell the lie that the shooter was a run-og-the-mill conservative. When, in fact, Kelly noted that the shooter hated Fox News and conservativism.

He is just and angry racist, no matter what the media tries to say but it’s disgusting how they try to politize the death of 10 innocent people.


New York’s Attorney General Letitia James said her office would focus on extremist material online. “This event was committed by a sick, demented individual who was fuelled [by a] daily diet of hate,” she said.

The shooting has stunned the local community. One of those attending a vigil on Sunday told Reuters: “It just hurts, why somebody would do that.” Ten died and three others were injured.

Erica Carlin

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He was clearly fueled on a diet of hate. Hate created and pushed by the left. Sowing hate and division on every channel. This is a consequence of deliberate division being pushed right now in the US as part of the Lefts agenda. Sometimes I believe they do not care who they hurt, who they inspire just so long as the divisions they need in society to achieve their goals are sustained.

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Jersey Prophet

This has False Flag written all over it. So happens, there’s a bill in the NY legislature waiting to be voted on banning guns.

Watch for the imposter president biden to demand nationwide gun control at his visit to the crime scene today – a sure giveaway that this incident – a chilling copy of the New Zealand Christchurch shooting a couple years ago that led to draconian gun control legislation there – is designed and timed perfectly to remove constitutionally-protected freedoms the US enjoys. Shortly after the NZ shooting, the country went into the most egregious lockdowns and total loss of freedom under pandemic frenzy.

There are no coincidences in the realm of political chicanery.

Jersey Prophet

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Kaye caiae

So what do you suggest we do?? If you have solid solutions/suggestions, please share; not the normal rhetoric we get when our country experience these mindless, senseless acts of violence:


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Kaye caiae

So,, ten people were murdered, and three injured, just to get a bill passed?? Okay. I’m sure the families will greatly appreciate this.

The Rebel

The Rebel has noticed that there have been multiple stabbings with knives as well as an increase in people killed in car accidents since the cease of the planned demic farce. How soon can the US Congress enact legislation to ban both knives and automobiles ???

Robert Powers

LET’S GO BRANDON! Period! Ket’s include all of the liberal politicians too!


I’m sick to death of these people blaming others for what they did. l How in hell could Tucker Carlson have killed this person when he wasn’t even there. Damn democrats.


Wow, I’m glad they didn’t bleep her. It added to the indignant rage of this sad event. Stuff like this sometimes makes me feel bad for being white. People being shot at just for the color of their skin. I hope and pray this stops but as mentioned there is a number of criminally mentally ill out there. I’d like to add that the majority of folks with a mental health problem or handicap are NOT criminally driven. They are harmless. My adult son is academically handicapped and he’d just as soon talk to you about the idiosyncrasies of Disney movies than anything else and is friendly to anyone who says hello to him no matter their race. People understand he is different by his voice inflections and subjects he likes to talk about. 99% of them in public I see are very kind in their words to him. Kurt


We ALL know we are being manipulated, when a BLACK, RACIST posts his crap, then runs through a CHRISTMAS PARADE, at high speed, and weaving to do the MOST damage, and MURDERS WHITE kids, mothers, and fathers, but gets NO MEDIA ATTENTION AT ALL! It was just some rando “car” that got loose and did this! NOT the BLACK MUSLIM RACIST behind the wheel!


If ONE “white” person has had ENOUGH of this FAKE, “The white supremacy TSUNAMI is overtaking America, and WE need to stop them”, CRAP from the LEFT, and takes action, Then ALL WHITE PEOPLE are GUILTY TOO! Libtards can do ANYTHING they want, but THEY are just LONE, disillusioned, disgruntled, “ACTIVISTS”, “Social Just-Us WHORE-IORS” etc… Their excuses know no boundaries!

The Rebel

I have noticed that the NAACP, BLM, Antifa, Al Sharpton, etc. do not get on national TV and raise hell because the dark skins shoot each other like they are at a penny arcade trying to win a Teddy bear !!!
The irony in some of the news articles is that these groups in Buffalo are blaming law enforcement for allowing this lunatic to purchase a gun but yet———————————–these are the same groups that have wanted to defund law enforcement across the nation.
So how do you have your whole cake and eat it too??????

Danny Phillips

Democrats are causing this mental illness through their programs. vote Republican.


Hmm. Two minutes? Kelly should should have take two minutes to think through her jumping into the liberal “hate Trump.” She has not completely abandoned it. She says why cant “we” spend two minutes mourning.


The people that are glad that other people are dead through violence have no sympathy at all. Could have been indoctrinated from the colleges they went to, if they went to college.



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