Politicians are always going to find the angle, aren’t they? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used a school shooting to point fingers at conservatives claiming that their ‘pro-life’ values caused the mass killing. AOC managed to take the horrific and tragic deaths and make their deaths show how about anti-abortionists while slamming lawful gun owners—I would almost be impressed if I wasn’t so disgusted by it.

“There is no such thing as being ‘pro-life’ while supporting laws that let children be shot in their schools, elders in grocery stores, worshippers in their houses of faith, survivors by abusers, or anyone in a crowded place,” Ocasio-Cortez claimed on Twitter. “It is an idolatry of violence. And it must end.”

“Name the law you are referring to,” Daily Wire’s Candice Owens clapped back at the pandering socialist. “What United States law, specifically, ‘lets children be shot in their schools’.”

“You won’t name it because it doesn’t exist,” Owens continued. “You are shameless, bought-and-paid for politician, standing on the bodies of dead children to score political points.”

Newsflash, she won’t be able to. There are plenty of gun bans on assault rifle purchasing, bump stock bans, and most schools are ‘gun-free zones’. Yet, that doesn’t stop a criminal, does it? Imagine that—criminals who break the law.

At least 19 students and 2 adults were killed Tuesday in a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, roughly 80 miles west of San Antonio, authorities said.

The gunman, identified by officials as Salvador Ramos, is dead and is believed to have acted alone. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said the 18-year-old suspect had attended Uvalde High School.

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Reports claim that Ramos shot his grandmother before heading to the elementary school. Several reports note that the shooter wore body armor.

An agent with the Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC), is believed to have shot and killed the suspected gunman. Two officers were shot and wounded on scene but were expected to survive.

Erica Carlin

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AOC is full of it. She needs to resign and go back to bar tending or whatever she die before she was unfortunately elected.


AOC is just misunderstood. Listen a little 8 year old girl ‘spain it.


The Rebel

If was legally elected———————————–what does that say for the mentally challenged who voted for her?


Dems try to blame Republicans for shootings but not a peep out of them about all the shootings under the Dem mayors of Cities like Chicago, Baltimore. Phila. etc.
Thus Dems are seen as hypocrites with no credibility.

Florida Boy

It is safer on the streets in Afghanistan,than it is on the streets of “Chicongo”.

Patrick Doty

Candace Owens is a brilliant young conservative. AOC is a stupid animal – just like every other democrat anywhere.

Phillip Lake

I am sorry to get involved with something that has NOTHING to do with the horrible murders of these little children, BUT I wish there was some way to get these DAMNED people from putting their lying and useless ads for a promise of amazing and unlimited wealth if you would just join in on their equally DAMNED pyramid business scams. They come in here on postings that are intended for the ghastly subject and they are no better than the also equally DAMNED and pathetic Cortez lady. STOP plying your wares where people are SUFFERING creeps!

John McComas

I’m pretty sure that these scams are not what they seem. I believe they are intended to interrupt conservative discourse. These people are probably being paid to post as many of the “money making” schemes as possible to discourage conservative from conversing. There should be some was to shut them down. Look what twitter and facebook does to suppress topics. they don’t like.

Sandra Lee Smith

Some sites allow you to report or block them, or both; it doesn’t stop them posting, but you don’t have to see it. I wish this 1 did that as well.

Sandra Lee Smith

I’m so sick of Dems blaming conservatism & guns for the bad social conditions they have been supporting for decades, resulting in mass shootings. Not allowing discipline, driving fixed moral standards out of schools, suppressing spirituality & Godliness out of community life, etc have created a rudderless class of people to whom nothing but their own feelings & momentary wants matter, who are incapable of caring for others because they so hate themselves they try to change into some non-existent mental aberration, & can’t be atpeace with their own bodies, let alone souls, & thenthe left has the audacityto blame others when 1 or more “explodes”…!
The ONLY answer to this mess is JESUS CHRIST!

glenna cox

Amen to that

Fred G Sanford

Old half-breed cortex isn’t worthy of washing Candace Owen’s feet. We all know mid-term elections are approaching and the DemonRATS are using taxpayer money to pay these idiots to commit these shootings. Those son-of-a-bitches never let a tragedy go to waste. The US Air Force should send two B52’s with full ordnance and bomb those useless shitbirds. But, let all the conservative people with values and morals escape first. Plus, send 3 Marine Corp Sniper Teams in the event the lowlife bastards survive the bombing and try to escape.A great reset is needed immediately! I myself would give my life in exchange for every precious little soul that was murdered that day. I weep for the future!


AOC is so stupid she doesn’t even realize it. The crap that comes out of her mouth is about as un-American as it gets! I just wish her would go back to bartending!


I met AOC once. I ended up giving her my keys so she could have something shiny to play with.

glenna cox

That is a good one ..still laughing.


Many of my friends and I have been vetted to carry concealed. I know, for a fact, that each and everyone of us if contronted by someone intent upon doing harm to children we would not hesitate in placing ourselves in harms way so as to protect those innocents. Then too we are all vets and have done so in our earlier years in the service to our country.

The Left hand

Most of the elementary schools in my area have an armed police person at the school while it is open. ALL DOORS ARE LOCKED. You must buzz into the school, and they talk to you over the speaker and watch you with the camera. You better have a good reason to enter as I had to pick up a sick grandchild one day. They checked my name on the forms my daughter filled out to assure I was who I said I was. Only then was I allowed to enter. The officer met me in the lobby and looked me over, just to see what I had, and I had nothing in my hands and no backpack. He followed me to the nurse’s office and after getting my granddaughter he walked us out of the school.
Don’t think there will be any shootings there. Thank God!


AOC. Always Off Center theses Demonrats are pathetic POS stop making someone deceased kid a political agenda. That gun did not walk in and shoot anyone some unhinged demented moron did. No laws passed will ever stop a criminal from getting a gun and killing people. Look at 2 different places texas/ Chicago. One has lax gun laws and one has gun laws out the wazzo yet more people are kill in Chicago which has the strict gun laws.

Old Jarhead

You can’t humiliate someone who has no shame, just as you can’t have a reasonable discussion with a fanatic. Talking to these people is complete waste of time.

glenna cox

We need to send AOC and people like her packing for a trip to Mars

Sandra Lee Smith

I’d aim further… Say Alpha Centauri… In case we decide to terraform & colonize Mars some day…

Florida Boy

It would not do to litter Mars with earth trash like AOC. Send her to “Chicongo”, and see if she survives the weekend!

Sandra Lee Smith

She has body guards, they’d be killed too, unfortunately.


Was Candice making the point–with which I agree, by the way–that the world in general and this Texas town in particular would be much better off had this deranged, improperly reared teenager been aborted in the womb?

Cheryl A Inness

AOC isn’t the brightest bulb on the Christmas Tree

The Rebel

If AOC really had a brain———————she would take it out and play with it !!!



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