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Candice Owens Humiliates AOC After She Used Shooting To Slam Pro-Lifers

Politicians are always going to find the angle, aren’t they? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used a school shooting to point fingers at conservatives claiming that their ‘pro-life’ values caused the mass killing. AOC managed to take the horrific and tragic deaths and make their deaths show how about anti-abortionists while slamming lawful gun owners—I would almost be impressed if I wasn’t so disgusted by it.

“There is no such thing as being ‘pro-life’ while supporting laws that let children be shot in their schools, elders in grocery stores, worshippers in their houses of faith, survivors by abusers, or anyone in a crowded place,” Ocasio-Cortez claimed on Twitter. “It is an idolatry of violence. And it must end.”

“Name the law you are referring to,” Daily Wire’s Candice Owens clapped back at the pandering socialist. “What United States law, specifically, ‘lets children be shot in their schools’.”

“You won’t name it because it doesn’t exist,” Owens continued. “You are shameless, bought-and-paid for politician, standing on the bodies of dead children to score political points.”

Newsflash, she won’t be able to. There are plenty of gun bans on assault rifle purchasing, bump stock bans, and most schools are ‘gun-free zones’. Yet, that doesn’t stop a criminal, does it? Imagine that—criminals who break the law.

At least 19 students and 2 adults were killed Tuesday in a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, roughly 80 miles west of San Antonio, authorities said.

The gunman, identified by officials as Salvador Ramos, is dead and is believed to have acted alone. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said the 18-year-old suspect had attended Uvalde High School.

Reports claim that Ramos shot his grandmother before heading to the elementary school. Several reports note that the shooter wore body armor.

An agent with the Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC), is believed to have shot and killed the suspected gunman. Two officers were shot and wounded on scene but were expected to survive.

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