Campos-Duffy Hammers Pete Buttigieg After He Uses Crisis To Deflect From His Own Screw Ups

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Fox News host Rachael Campos-Duffy snapped after Pete Buttigieg used the winter storms to deflect from his own huge screw-ups. The ‘Transportation Secretary’ has tried, and failed, to rise above his station into more powerful positions. It’s pretty clear that Buttigieg isn’t interested in his current job, but where is he when the sh*t hits the fan?

Americans were stranded over Christmas with massive flight delays and cancellations. Some Americans are now struggling to make it home, but the Secretary of Transportation couldn’t be bothered to address the issue. Instead, he singled out one company and demonized them for not managing the storm without help.

Campos-Duffy blasted Buttigieg for doing what he always does, deflecting:

“Pete’s got a message for them, too: You might have spent Christmas in the airport, but you’ll be home in time for Kwanzaa. Is that really what stranded Americans need? The secretary of Transportation went AWOL wishing Happy Kwanzaa from an undisclosed location. The truth is Pete Buttigieg doesn’t want this job. He thinks he’s better than this job. He wanted to be president, but the American people rejected him, and so he’s stuck being the airports’ czar, and he can’t even handle that.

Anytime there’s a crisis, he goes into hiding. When our supply chain snapped, he took a longer parental leave than I did, and I gave birth, and I was nursing! When the rail union threatened to strike, Pete took a personal trip to Portugal, basking in the city of Porto as our rail system was on the verge of crumbling. He doesn’t want to get his hands dirty, Buttigieg only pops up when he sees a political opportunity, like using taxpayer dollars to buy Chinese solar panels and European windmills that will fall apart in a couple of years. Buttigieg only likes talking about roads and bridges if he can call them racist.

Buttigieg has a new boogeyman. Southwest Airlines, because they canceled 70% of their flights and people are mad. So now Pete sees an opportunity to deflect from his own incompetence.”


Buttigieg shot for a chance at the White House and was voted down. He then took a stab at Texas and they, of course, opted to keep Governor Greg Abbott over electing a radical Democrat. I think it’s pretty clear, the people don’t want him and he doesn’t seem to want his current job—It might be time for Buttigeieg to move on.




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