California’s Homeless Problem Just Turned Deadly

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California has allowed their homeless problem to reach crisis status and they have no one to blame but their Democratic leadership. Now that Los Angeles has finally stepped up to tackle the issue, they’ve realized that things could get deadly.

In addition to the biohazardous conditions (aka feces on the streets), aid workers will now also have to battle MS-13 gang members.

The gang, made up of mostly Mexican illegals, has taken up residence in the heart of LA’s homeless problem. MS-13 has apparently setup camps in MacArthur Park.

The La Times Reports:

“In the fight toreclaim Los Angel es’ public spaces, a new battleground is about to open just west of downtown. MacArthur Park, where homeless tents lie scattered among jacarandas, crape myrtles and palms, will be closed starting Oct. 15.”

“Billed by the city as a “rehabilitation,” the closure is limited to the portion of the park south of Wilshire Boulevard and will last for about 10 weeks, said L.A. City Councilmember Gil Cedillo, whose district includes the park. The city’s Department of Recreation and Parks will use the time to catch up on maintenance that had been deferred due to COVID-19 limitations.”

In addition to that, MS-13 has made a claim over MacAuthor Park, a seperate report explains:

“Outreach efforts in MacArthur Park have been complicated by the presence of MS-13, a street gang that has long considered the park critical territory, Rodriguez said. Through extortion and violence, gang members intimidate regular visitors to the park, who are among the city’s poorest and most marginalized residents. Especially brutal attacks have targeted transgender women who visit the park.”

“Throughout Los Angeles, rising crime and a rash of tent fires in encampments earlier this year have brought new urgency to the tragedy of homelessness that has only gotten worse during the pandemic. Homeless agencies estimate that a little more than 41,000 individuals are living on the streets of the city, a number that is expected to rise as eviction moratoriums end.

By giving homeless individuals living in MacArthur Park two weeks to prepare to leave, the city hopes to soften the trauma of relocation.”

I wonder if they plan to ‘relocate’ gang members too? Knowing what we do about the leadership in Calinfornina, I’m guessing yes. That is, if MS-13 allows it. LA’s efforts to finally tackle their homeless issue could quickly turn deadly.

This is what happens when officials ignore a problem and allow it to fester. It’s insane how complicated Democrats have allowed this to become. Especially when you consider the cost of living and rediculously high taxes forced on the State’s taxpayers.

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