Caitlyn Jenner considering running for California Governor as a Republican

Caitlyn Jenner is reportedly considering a run for governor of California as a Republican.  

Jenner, who is a staunch Republican, is currently being advised by former Trump campaign advisor and fundraiser Caroline Wren, reports Axios. Jenner met Wren through her work with the American Unity Fund, which is a conservative nonprofit that focuses on LGBT issues. Wren previously worked at Trump Victory, a fundraising committee for Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign.

Jenner, a Ted Cruz supporter during the 2016 election, has commented on Republican politics since coming out as transgender. She told a group of University of Pennsylvania students that she has “gotten more flak for being a conservative Republican than I have for being trans.”  

Jenner also appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News in 2017 explaining why she voted for Donald Trump.
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Tony Meatballs

This is good news. I support Bruce 100%…sorry I meant Caitlyn. Seems like the meatballs are still running strong!


I am pretty sure there are no balls anywhere on Bruce since the operation.


I would vote for her


There is no her to vote for only a Mutilated him.

Dennnis Karoleski

And therein lies the problem.


Sorry, no business experience, no government experience, no management experience.
Great physical training experience, great competitive results, the Olympic Decathlon. None of it suitable to run a country.

Anony Mous

You might remember that was all accomplished as a MAN. Since it’s no longer a MAN, none of that background should be applied to the current candidate who, supposedly, is a FEMALE.


Hopefully calisuckya has learned it lesson when it comes to left leaning politicians/activists and their agendas.
For that screwed up state to get back on it’s feet, it doesn’t need a liberal, activist wokester running things. It needs a conservative that will clean up the socialist mess it has become, under the likes of newscum and nutcase nancy.

Sorry, but banana split bruce, is not what is needed.

If you think the trans indoctrination push aimed at kinder-gardeners and grade school kids is bad now, just wait till more and more of these ding bats get into political seats of power. They already have one as the assistant sec of HHS in D.C.

The assault on kids will only escalate, because they are the easiest targets to mentally screw with and have little ability to understand the manipulation.
The left has put in place a regime that will do all it can to ruin generations of kids, for the sake of control via social engineering.

You don’t need this guy in a dress, throwing fuel on the fire.


Bruce is a “confused” individual who has absolutely no experience in government. He never could stand up to his own wife Kardashian all those years. What makes him think he can stand up to a bunch of politicians just because he’s wearing a dress these days? CA doesn’t need more “confused” individuals. They need a real backbone.


Please don’t run in Calif. We have enough problems without having a fruitcake try to lead us. We need strong leadership with lots of experience and one who isn’t confused about who they are. You can do other things but not leadership.

Chris Wolf

I agree with most commenters. I don’t hate transgender people. I just don’t approve of it. They should left alone to do what they do. They should not be lionized, or demonized. I do think that they have some emotional problems that make them unable to see reality, and thus make them poor choices for elected office. We have plenty of those people already.


Transgender is a mental disorder..these people need medical mental treatment…I do not think any transgender should hold any public office because that is in effect letting mentally ill people run our country and or our state

Anony Mous

Not going to happen! She’d have to get the endorsement of the Republican Party in CA and THAT is not going to happen either!
Maybe she should just run on the California Party’s ticket. You know, The Fruits and Nuts Party?


How can someone who does not exist run for Office. There is no Caitlyn Jenner there is only a Mutilated Bruce Jenner. Well given that Bruce has gone WACKO and believes he is a woman he would fit right in but I doubt that Calipornia would want him as Governor since he is just as IGNORANT as Newsom.

Dennnis Karoleski

For the record it is medically and scientifically impossible to change one’s gender. It simply cannot be done no matter what is cut off, sewn on or injected. All that can physically be accomplished for a person suffering from the mental dysfunction of gender dysphoria is to cosmetically alter the outward appearance. The male XY DNA will test as the biological male he was born as for no amount of wishful thinking, bullying legislation, sophomoric name-calling or Harry Potter magic wand waving can change it into female XX DNA. One would expect an educated population to realize that indisputable fact but instead so many have been terrified into cowaedly silence by “political correctness” and the homosexual mafia screeching “homophobia”; (litterly means the “fear” of homosexuality). Long story short in 1973 homosexual psychologists managed to outnumber straight members of a medical board and voted to remove homosexuality from the list of mental aberrations. Combined with an actual Marxist plot hatched in 1890’s Europe to destroy Capitalism now known as political correctness that opened the curse of Pandora’s Box on humanity resulting in the horror show we now have in the name of “equality”. The cold, hard reality is the biological male surgically and chemically altered to resemble a female is still a mentally compromised homosexual crossdresser whose very nature prevents reproduction. Winston Churchill summed it up better than I ever could when he said: “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is”. Unfortunately, words like those simply bounce off the foreheads of those incapable of rational thought, legend-in-their-own-mind progressive liberals. To them the truth sounds like hate speech because they hate the truth.

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