Buzz Around Precious Metals “Prepper Bars” Is Ramping Up

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Americans who want to easily store and carry gold or silver are increasingly turning to perforated bars that fit in their wallets or pockets. These “utility bars” make trading or cashing in on various incremental weights of gold and silver easier while removing the necessity for clunky coins and rounds.

The newest offering in the industry is the “Prepper Bar.”

As the only utility bar of its kind minted in America, the Prepper Bar is 62.2 grams of gold or silver shaped like a credit card. It fits in wallets and can be torn into three different-sized pieces.

“We called it the ‘Prepper Bar’ because it is appealing to those who are preparedness-minded but one does not have to live off-grid to appreciate the value,” said Jonathan Rose, CEO of Prepper Bar. “It’s nice having wealth in your wallet for emergency situations.”

The Prepper Bar is the only precious metals bar on the market divisible into 3 different sized pieces for maximum utility, all while fitting in a wallet.

Crafted from .999 pure silver or .9999 pure gold, Prepper Bars are built to deliver peace of mind.

Launched in early June, the Prepper Bar was an instant hit among precious metals buyers. But it was later in the first month that they really started taking off.

“It was a little surprising when the third and fourth weeks after launch were bigger than the first two weeks,” Rose said. “Just like opening weekend is supposed to be the biggest for movies, so too should retail precious metals products sell best at launch.”

He attributed increased buzz and return customers for the unexpected late spike.

“We saw two very impressive trends,” Rose continued. “First, we noticed the buzz picking up as people started showing friends and family. The bigger surprise was how many people bought one, then came back and bought more after receiving their first.”

Prepper Bars are eligible to be stored in Genesis Gold IRAs, so Americans can buy them directly through the Prepper Bar website or they can include them in retirement accounts exclusively set up by Genesis Gold Group.

As concerns over turmoil and rising risks of emergencies cause anxiety among Americans, having the utility of Prepper Bars sitting in the safe or carried in a wallet can prove to be extremely valuable in a pinch.

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