Buttigieg Has A Brand New Excuse To Why He’s Failing His One Job [Video]

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Pete Buttigieg is the latest example of the woke left’s obsession with culture wars and their complete disregard for the basic needs of everyday Americans.

The former South Bend mayor and current Secretary of Transportation has been an abject failure in his role and a huge embarrassment for the Biden administration.

From supply chain crises that have made it hard to get everyday essentials, to mass delays and cancellations at Southwest Airlines over the holidays, Buttigieg has failed in his duties. He has even taken taxpayer-funded private jets rather than commercial planes at least 18 times since he was inaugurated into office.

But what’s worse is Buttigieg’s focus on culture wars rather than actual issues that matter. During an interview with The Daily Show’s Desi Lydic, Buttigieg mocked Republicans who are concerned about men playing in women’s sports, arguing that their focus on the issue is “getting in the way” of repairing bridges and increasing transportation safety.

“That was the priority for the House GOP that day,” Buttigieg declared. “So these things really are getting in the way of our ability to get work done. We’re literally building bridges, and they are literally banning books.”

This is an insult to the hardworking Americans who rely on safe roads, bridges and transportation infrastructure to get to work and live their lives. It’s clear that Buttigieg simply doesn’t care about the welfare of the American people and is more concerned with pushing his own agenda.

Senator Ted Cruz summed it up perfectly: “What in the hell does Pete Buttigieg have to do to get fired? Like in the history of this country, has there ever been a transportation secretary who has screwed more things up?”

It’s time for Buttigieg to go. We need a secretary of transportation who is focused on the safety and welfare of the American people, not on culture wars and woke agendas. It’s time for the Biden administration to put an end to this embarrassment and get serious about transportation needs.




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