Busted! Eric Swalwell Caught Red Handed

If there were a person whose image should be placed in the dictionary next to the word ‘Smarmy’, I think Eric Swalwell would be the obvious choice.

This is the same California Congressman who once implied the United States government would use nuclear weapons against it’s citizens should they dare seek to ‘sever the ties that bind’.

And, oh, yeah, remember this classic Swalwell moment?

Well, when Eric is not breaking wind or threatening domestic nuke deployment, he’s spoiling himself with the donations of those whose eyes he has pulled the wool over.

Fox News reported:

‘Prominent Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell of California appears to have spent tens of thousands of campaign dollars on booze and limousine services, as well as over $20,000 at the luxury hotel where his wife works.

The tens of thousands of campaign dollars include limo services, luxury hotels, high-end restaurants and alcohol delivery services over the course of the second quarter, according to FEC records reviewed by Fox News.

The California congressman appears to have been driven in style with his FEC records showing him spending over $10,000 on 26 rides from various limousine and luxury car services. Swalwell also spent over $26,000 on luxury hotels.

More than $20,000 of the campaign funds that were spent at luxury hotels went to the Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay, where his wife has been the director of sales since February 2015, according to her LinkedIn profile.

The California congressman dropped $566 on “Food & Beverage” through the alcohol delivery service Drizly in nine separate orders ranging from $5.79 to $124.86. Additionally, Swalwell spent $1,151 on “Refreshments” from seven trips to Capitol Hill Wine and Spirits, a liquor store local to the House side of the U.S. Capitol, and almost $4,400 at two California wineries on the same day for “Catering” and “Refreshments.”‘


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Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! I am shocked that anyone, ANYONE thinks this is worse than his affair with a Chinese SPY?? While he was on the Select Committee on INTELLIGENCE!!??

Daisy Hartley

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Hooking pays


Swallwell and Pelosi are the BOOZERS it looks like.What a dirty disgusting Fang Fang banger is.Hope the Camel bang got his rocks of

Mark Gravitte

Old Swallow. That son-of-a-bitch is consuming our precious oxygen. What a slimy example of the human species. I weep for the future!


Swallwell is a waste of space, skin and oxygen! I feel sorry for the Chinese spy who had to phuck this dude as part of her job! WHAT DEDICATION!


The entire bunch of Democrats and their ENABLERS, the weak minded, non-thinking voters that blindly cast their votes for these Liberals/Socialists/Communists/Progressives/Democrats!


Good work Eric… But you’ve got a long way till you catch up with Pelosi’s $128,000 per month according to the GAO!


LOL and the corrput demorats bad news just keeps coming.

Mark Gravitte

DemonRATS, I believe at this point it would be best if you scoundrels just ended your lives. Throw a rope around the old red oak tree, tie it around your necks and I will be more than happy to kick the chair out from under you demons. I love 💘 it when a plan comes together! Trump 2024 or before!


Easy to spend other people’s money…scumbag.


Swalwell is a dirt bag.

teresa nazareth

Between FANG, FANG, FARTING, Boozing, LIMO’s, when does he work? he has PELOSI to back him, she has put him in a committee he knows nothing about, like Hunter Biden, and his $0.5million art work per piece of rubbish, Pelosi & family making millions of $$$ trading Raytheon & other stock market deals. WHO is going to unravel this corruption. When will the hard working TAX PAYER get justice?


Teresa….. I’m Laughing so hard!!!
Fang fang, farting, boozing, limos,
Lololol… He’s a piece of work!!!!


He is still alive,but should not be.

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s c d

Hay he is just trying to keep up with Nancy P. for all that booze, after all he has to stay well oiled up for his chinese spy girl.


Nancy’s pratboy is falling apart. He never had any substance anyway.

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