BUSTED: Democrat Resigns In Disgrace After Stealing $600k In Covid Money According To Accusations

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There are two types of Democrats. Smart ones and dumb ones. In some ways they are similar and in others, they are quite different. Both types of Democrats are corrupt and not above breaking the law.

The difference is the smart ones stay out of prison. (Although that does not explain Maxine Waters.) But, evidently Democratic State Rep. Michael DiMassa falls into the latter category. He is facing charges that he stole over $630000 from the city of New Haven.

The money came from the CARES ACT and was given to New Haven for COVID relief. DiMassa and an unnamed co-conspirator set up a dummy consulting firm that then began billing New haven for work that was never done.

In all, DiMassa was paid $636,783.70, DiMassa then wrote checks to himself, many coming just before he made massive chip buys at Mohegan Sun, a large, beautiful casino along Rte 95 in Connecticut.

An affidavit from the FBI agent working on the case describes the allegations in detail. According to the agent:

“From February 12, 2021 through April 30, 2021, seven checks were made payable to COMPASS INVESTMENT GROUP, LLC from the City of West Haven and were deposited to the business account. The checks ranged in value from $11,847.50 to $87,650.0. These funds were then used for twenty-one cash withdrawals that were conducted by MICHAEL DIMASSA, ranging from $8,000 to $10,000, for a total of $178,150.”

His affidavit continued describing how a check for $85,595 was written out to Compass Investments Group. That check was deposited on May 7th. DiMassa then made a cash withdrawal of $8200 and then still on May 7th, Mohegan Sun recorded a cash buy-in by DiMassa of $9,800.

From The Daily Wire

The affidavit lists several other instances where DiMassa executed large cash withdrawals and then made large buy-ins at Mohegan Sun.  

 If “DiMassa broke the public’s trust and his oath to protect and serve his constituents, and is found guilty of fraudulent activity, I am demanding that he and any other individual(s) involved be held accountable and prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” said West Haven Mayor Nancy Rossi in a statement. “If convicted, all individuals involved should go to jail.” Rossi recently announced an investigation into the possibility of fraud committed with money granted to the city by the CARES Act.

“The allegations against Mike DiMassa are serious and very troubling,” wrote Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont in a statement. “If the allegations are true, he has not only broken the law but also betrayed the public trust. He had no choice but to resign. The citizens of West Haven and all of Connecticut deserve honest government.”




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