Bush’s $5 MILLION Payoff From The CCP Exposed

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I have a confession to make.

I voted for George W Bush … twice.  It’s not something I am proud of looking back on it, but it seemed like the right idea at the time.  Of course that was before the internet was ubiquitous and independent journalism dominated social media.

While I no longer consider myself a Republican, I did back then.  I have a feeling that I am like many former Republicans.  I think we still have the same conservative beliefs, often the ones the GOP establishment pretends they support.

The difference is we are now awake to the fact that the majority of the GOP, the anti America First, Neocon, Trotskyite, quisling establishment types.  We know that just because someone runs as a Republican it doesn’t mean we can trust them … look at Liz Cheney for example.

Not family better personifies this fact than the Bush Family.  These guys are our equivalent of the Clinton family … surprisingly not so many suicides by their friends that I can tell tho 🤔

Well, it is no secret that the Bush family has a soft spot for the Chinese Communist Party.  Now that sweet spot is $5 million sweeter.  Exactly what is it do you think that CCP wants to ‘buy’ with that ‘donation?’ …

Fox News reported:

‘The George H.W. Bush Foundation for U.S.-China Relations agreed to accept $5 million from a group with ties to the Chinese Communist Party and China’s internationalpropaganda efforts, according to a report Saturday. 

The group, which was founded by Neil Bush, a brother to former President George W. Bush and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, goes by the name Bush China Foundation for short. Its goal, according to its website, is to build “a constructive relationship” between the U.S. and China. 

But a written agreement published by Axios reveals that the Bush China Foundation agreed in 2019 to accept $5 million over five years from the China-United States Exchange Foundation, an organization that’s been criticized as a key part of China’s international propaganda efforts. 

“We are proud of our partnership with CUSEF and deeply appreciative of CUSEF’s generous support,” Leslie Reagan, a spokesperson for the Bush China Foundation, said, according to Axios. “(T)he Bush China Foundation has staked out a very strong independent posture on virtually all of the major issues in the U.S.-China relationship; in the process, we have frequently leveled sharp criticism of Chinese policies and actions when we believe that has been merited.”

The written agreement published by Axios notably stipulates that the grant does not obligate the Bush China Foundation to take any positions on any issues and that all Bush China Foundation decisions will be made “at its sole discretion.”

CUSEF presents itself as an independent nonprofit. But according to the right-leaning, hawkish Jamestown Foundation, it functions essentially as a front group for the Chinese Communist Party. 

CUSEF’s chairman is also the vice-chairman of another group that is “a patriotic united front organization of the Chinese people, under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party.” Other top officials are CUSEF are also tied closely with the CCP, according writings last year by the think tank the Jamestown Foundation.

Therefore, the Jamestown Foundation said, CUSEF “in actuality functions as a de facto front organization for the PRC government.” 

The revelation comes amid growing tensions between the United States and China over issues ranging from cyberattacks to Taiwan to human rights. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his Trump-era predecessor Mike Pompeo both say that China is committing genocide against the Uyghur Muslims. ‘




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