Bullied Student Keaton Jones’ Mom Faces Backlash Over Confederate Flag Picture

keaton jones
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Leave it to the liberal media to dig up dirt on the kid whose bullying video just went viral!

Photos and words posted by Tennessee student Keaton Jones‘ mother have people now questioning if she REALLY deserves any sympathy generated by Keaton’s viral video.

On the Facebook page of Kimberly Jones, it reportedly features several photos of herself and friends displaying the Confederate flag. Also found, a post in August where she tells people to stop whining about slavery and racism. It’s not clear exactly what she’s referring to, but the post was written 2 weeks after the Neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville.

One of the photos on her page shows her son Keaton with a few other kids, where you can see Keaton holding the U.S. flag while another is holding the Confederate flag.

The video Kimberly posted of Keaton talking about getting bullied has won over a ton of celebs — many of whom have invited him and his mom to Hollywood and sporting events.

Now, the quesiton is if Kimberly’s posts will make celebrities and others reconsider their sympathy for her and her son Keaton.

There’s a big hiccup in the fundraising efforts for Keaton Jones.

The GoFundMe page has been shut down altogether, and another’s on hold with nearly $60,000 unspoken for.

GoFundMe reports the page labeled “Stand Up for Keaton,” which was opened 2 days ago, is no longer accepting donations. Since Keaton’s anti-bullying message went viral over the weekend, the page has pulled in $58,249 in donations. However, the man who started it is putting the charity on hold.

GoFundMe reported that it needs to contact Keaton’s mom to ensure she’s the beneficiary, since the man who started the page doesn’t know her. So far, the company’s been unable to reach her.

A second GoFundMe page, allegedly started by Kimberly herself, solicited money for Keaton’s Christmas gifts. Sources close to the situation say it was immediately shut down by GoFundMe due to fraud concerns, mainly if it really was started by Kimberly.

Further complicating the fundraising are Kimberly’s social media posts, but the man behind the “Stand Up for Keaton” page even reacted, saying, “THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE MOM!!” adding he doesn’t know the Jones family, but just wanted to help a kid who’s been bullied.

keaton jones




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