BREAKING: The Verdict Is IN On Trump Hush Money Case

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After five long weeks, the jury in Donald Trump’s historic criminal trial has finally reached a verdict.

The 12 New York residents, who have been deliberating since Wednesday morning, made their decision on Thursday afternoon after re-hearing some testimony and reviewing jury instructions.

Just before Judge Juan Merchan was about to dismiss the jury for the day at 4:30pm, they notified the court that they had reached a verdict:


Justice Juan Merchan, the judge presiding over Trump’s case, will make a decision on his sentence in the upcoming weeks.

Falsifying business records carries a maximum prison sentence of four years, but given that the crime is nonviolent and Trump has no prior convictions, imprisonment is not guaranteed.

Instead, Merchan may consider options such as home confinement, probation, or a less severe form of supervised release. Additionally, the judge could impose fines or community service.

Trump is expected to appeal the verdict, a process that could extend over many months or even years.

Meanwhile, he faces additional criminal charges in three other cases: two related to subverting the 2020 election results and one for hoarding classified documents after leaving office. However, it is unlikely that any of these cases will go to trial before Election Day.

Despite its historical significance, Trump’s conviction in the hush money case is not anticipated to significantly impact his prospects in the 2024 race.

Polls indicate that he maintains a slight lead over President Joe Biden in many swing states, which remained consistent throughout the trial.

One reason for this minimal impact may be that the details of the hush money case and its surrounding events have been publicly known since 2018 when they were first reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Furthermore, since the trial was not televised, many voters remain unaware of its legal proceedings.

Recent polls suggest that most Americans view the hush money case as less serious than Trump’s other legal issues.

A mid-May poll conducted by Quinnipiac University found that 46 percent of respondents believed Trump had committed something illegal in relation to the hush-money payment case; 29 percent said he had acted unethically but not illegally; and 21 percent said he did nothing wrong.

Throughout the trial, Trump received unwavering support from his allies in the GOP: elected Republicans and other surrogates consistently accompanied him at the lower Manhattan courthouse.

This may just result in the biggest political backfire of all time.




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