Breaking Report: Cuomo Had Alec Baldwin Run Interference For His Creep Brother!

As if the garbage with CNN’s Chris Cuomo covering for his creepy brother NYC Gov Andrew Cuomo couldn’t get any weirder. In New York Attorney General Letitia James’s mountain of documents showing Chrissy Cuomo’s involvement in his brother’s crimes were apparent emails where he taunted using actor Alec Baldwin to downplay the sexual allegations against his brother.

In the emails, Chrissy clearly says that Baldwin can make it seem like Andrew Cuomo is just another victim of “cancel culture.” In a rambling 14-minute rant, Baldwin had attributed outsize outrage among the public to the pandemic and demanded that “only” after James concluded her investigation into Cuomo could “we talk about people resigning.”

Washington Examiner obtained the details about the email:

“According to the transcript released by James’s office, Chris Cuomo told the New York Department of Justice that both he and his brother knew Baldwin but that, actually, he hadn’t encouraged his diatribe in defense of the politician.

“I have a very good friend who is named here, who called me [and] said, ‘Alec wants to talk about cancel culture or political correctness,'” claimed Cuomo. “I asked him not to. I said, ‘Tell him to stay out of it. It’s not necessary.’ He said, ‘Well, he’s going to do it. And I think it’s a good idea for him to do it. He wants to talk about these things.’ Fine. I said, ‘All right, well, that’s my take on it.’ And that’s what it was. And when Melissa then told me that it had happened, I was not aware. But I did know its origin.”

Firstly, what is it with Baldwin and crooked Democrats? Does he has a massive fan base that I’m not aware of? The man’s career has been backsliding since he took the roll to play the fat stepdad in the ‘Cat in the Hat’ reboot. Now that everyone is looking at Baldwin for the murder of one crew member and the injury of a director, this was a stupid plan to begin with.

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Which makes it even more comical that it’ll help end Chrissy Cuomo’s career.

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