Senator Rand Paul has had his suspicion of Dr. Anthony Fauci since nearly the start of the pandemic in 2020 and thus far, Paul hasn’t been wrong. When the Senator accused the doctor of being involved in the gain of function research of the Covid virus prior to the release of Covid-19 we soon learned that it was true—Though Fauci testified before Congress that it wasn’t.

So why isn’t Fauci under investigation for potentially having some part in the creation of the novel virus? Simple. Democrats don’t care and right now they hold a slim majority over Republicans.

Paul now has a new warning about Fauci and people in his position—Next time could be so much worse. As Paul explained, Covid has a very small mortality rate, yet it’s killed millions. Imagine a virus produced by the gain of function research with a higher mortality rate. That’s what Paul says he’s afraid of:

“It is kind of amazing, particularly that no one from the opposite side of the aisle seems to care at all about the dangerousness of this virus and that it might have come from a lab, and in all likelihood did come from a lab,” Paul said. “Not one Democrat is curious at all. You know, you would think that Democrats have at least some sensibilities about the danger of things. They tend to be the ones who want to regulate away the things that could be dangerous in the workplace. Yet they don’t seem to care about something that could kill millions and likely did kill millions of people. This virus has a 1% mortality and killed 5 million people so far, around the world. Can you imagine if the next one that comes out of the lab has 15% or 50% mortality? And they are doing experiments, as we speak, with viruses that have 50% mortality, and Fauci seems to have no problem with this. He says we weigh the risks versus the benefits of the research, and he comes down on the side that the risks are worth it.”

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“All of humanity could be wiped out if they make [another] tragic error,” Glenn responded. “This is not something that the elites should be the ones making the decision. We should all be involved in these decisions. There’s no bigger decision to make than, ‘should we be playing around with things that don’t exist necessarily in nature that have jumped to humans?’ Should we be playing around with these things, making [dangerous viruses], so in case it jumps to humans, we can kill it with a vaccine? This is insanity. Insanity. Especially with arrogance coupled to it.”

Paul warns that no one single person should possess as much power as Dr. Fauci has had. Especially, one who will blatantly disregard science and individual liberties:

“Fauci not only has a casual disregard for science, but also for individual liberty. You combine the two — ignoring the science, and then having no regard at all for individual liberty — and you have a really dangerous situation. But it’s also dangerous because we’ve centralized the authority,” Paul explained.

“Look, I have opinions on where the virus came from. I have opinions on how to treat it. But they’re my opinions, you don’t have to take them. If you agree with me, you can listen to my opinions. With Dr. Fauci, it’s not the same. He has opinions, but he wants you to be forced to do as he says. So it is the difference between coercion and freedom. And in freedom, there are many choices. But the real danger is, as we centralize authority, ultimately you get authoritarianism. And I think that he could easily be a medical dictator, if he were allowed to be.”

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Paul has brought up a lot to think about. Dr. Fauci has somehow managed to become the world expert over a novel virus. He also likely helped create the virus (or similar viruses) through gain of function research. If, using that authority, Fauci (or anyone in his position) is able to bring a nation to a complete standstill for a virus with a low mortality rate, what would happen if we were to face an even deadlier virus in the future?

H/T Glen Beck and TheBlaze


Erica Carlin

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Harry O

Nope! Ain’t going to do it. If I didn’t trust Dr. Fauchy, I sure a hell wouldn’t trust Rand Paul and even less ;likely to take your advice. Let me know how that works out for you?


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Always the trolls trying to persuade those not to post. Ironic those trolls sitting in their mommies basement being paid by the commie biden regime are affected by what is occurring now too. Yet, they are too ignorant and brainwashed to have a thought in their head.

The difference between Dr. Fauci & Dr Frankenstein: Frankenstein created a living being from dead tissue. Fauci created DEAD beings (people) from living beings. Our taxes go to grants to the NIH (NIAID branch) funding “gain of function” which is WEAPONIZING to kill. There is no sugar coating the purpose.

Harry O

USN Ret. Got your shot yet? No didn.t think so? You should tune it down a bit Mr. Part of The Problem!


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