BREAKING: Police Raid and Put Up Fences Around Alberta Church That Defied Lockdown Orders

The Nazis are alive and kicking in Calgary. The Canadian government and their goose-stepping minions have declared war against GraceLife Church.

Last week, the brown shirts entered the church and tried to break up worship services.

James Coates, the pastor, was jailed for violating lockdown orders on Mar 5. He was not released until March 22nd but he is still looking to defend himself against the trumped-up charges leveled against him.

Police raided the church early one morning and they have put up two layers of fencing to keep the worshippers out. Liberals are the Devil’s tools and they aim to kill the worship of God because it interferes with their ability to control your life.

All dictators move to grab your guns and then your religion because both of them are what keep you free. Without them, they can rule the masses with much less trouble.


According to the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, the crime he was jailed for is not punishable by prison time.

“Unless the Justice Centre secures his release from prison prior to trial, Pastor Coates will spend a total of eleven weeks in jail for a provincial infraction that is not punishable by jail time,” wrote JCCF president John Carpay.

Despite the legal threats made against Coates, the pastor nevertheless made headlines again by opening the church for Easter services earlier this month.

Coates pled guilty to one charge resulting in a fine of $1,500. However, his time spent in jail may count as credit towards that fine.

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ve vill teach dee’s dam christians a lesson day neve forget.

Desert Dweller

I have never given canadian govt much credit for having common sense, but now I see its beyond that….THEY ARE FREAKING MORONIC & INSANE

Kenneth R Lee

nazism is alive and well in canada. Can you losers say heil hitler??????


Tyranny at work!!!

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