BREAKING: Huma Abedin with *Confirmed* Muslims Brotherhood Ties, Forwarded Classified Emails to Private Accounts

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It is now coming to light that Huma, along with her counterparts Hillary, and Obama put our country in GRAVE DANGER and there is not a peep from the left. Nothing was done to criticise them, or sanction them, or throw hissy- fit riots in the streets.

Not to mention many of the participants in OUR Government are protecting these Traitors. THIS is the REAL ISSUE in our country at the moment, and libs are worried about the fact that Trump doesn’t hold Melania’s hand.

Lord, help us all.

Here is the HORRIFYING REVELATIONS discovered on Huma’s private accounts.

VIA| On July 25, 2012, WND reported that Huma Abedin has family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, including having worked on the editorial board of a Saudi-financed Islamic think tank alongside Abdull Omar Naseef, a Muslim extremist with close ties to the Abedin family who has been accused of financing AL-Qaeda fronts.

In that article, it was also reported then Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota sent letters to the inspectors general at the departments of Homeland Security, State, and Justice asking that they investigate Muslim Brotherhood influence on U.S. government officials, noting with particular concern that Abedin has three family members – her late father, her mother, and her brother – connected to Muslim Brotherhood operatives and/or organizations.

A reasonable person might ask why was Huma Abedin sending herself classified and top secret information to an unsecured yahoo account? An account which could be easily hacked. Yahoo has already admitted it was hacked and that thousands of users information was stolen, but even if Abedin wasn’t one of the usrs whos information was stolen, by taking it offline, Abedin could have given the user name and password to a third party, including a foreign third party, without State Department IT administrators, or the IT administrators of the Clinton’s private server, realizing it.

To determine if others were accessing her [email protected] because Abedin had given them username and password access, or because the outside users had obtained username and password access via other means, including hacking, the fact and frequency of outside IP access to [email protected] could only be determined with certainty if Yahoo is forced to turn over that information. Something which I am sure can not happen before Tuesdays presidential election.

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