Breaking: Biden’s Partner In Crime Charged With HIGH TREASON

Rich Welsh| A Ukrainian court has frozen assets owned by former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. This is from a formal investigation into high treason accusations against the former Ukrainian head of state. Poroshenko denies any wrongdoing.

On January 6, the Prosecutor general’s office said in a statement that “The court decided to seize the suspect’s property, which belongs to him on the right of ownership.”

Last month, the State Investigation Bureau said that the former president was placed under formal investigation for high treason, accusing him of “facilitating the activities” of separatists who were fighting government forces in a conflict that cost more than 13,200 lives since April 2014.

Ukraine has always been a hotspot of government and oligarchy corruption, which is why it was a huge mistake for former US President Barack Obama to make his Vice President Joe Biden the point man for helping to end corruption in the former captive of the Soviet Union. That was like putting Bernie Madoff in charge of Social Security.

Remember when the degenerate Democrats impeached former President Donald Trump for supposedly threatening to withhold military aid from current Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky? It was pure projection on the part of said degenerates, because even though we have read the transcript of the now infamous phone call between Trump and Zelesnky and nowhere during the call did Trump utter a thing about holding off appropriated aid, even Zelesnky himself said Trump never threatened to withhold money and he had no idea why the Democrats were saying that he did.

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One reason might be because Joe Biden actually did threaten President Poroshenko, Zelensky’s predecessor, to withhold $1 billion of desperately needed military aid. As vice president, Biden threatened Poroshenko to withhold a billion dollars unless he fired prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who was investigating his son Hunter Biden’s firm Burisma Holdings, and was about to bring in Hunter for questioning as he was being investigated for corruption as well.

Biden used his authority as Vice President of the United States and the point man to get a handle on Ukrainian corruption, to fire the very prosecutor who was investigating his son Hunter. And he got away with it even though Biden bragged about it on video to members of the Council on Foreign Relations.


Of course, Joe Biden lied and said he got Shokin fired because he was a corrupt prosecutor, but the audio file of a later phone call between Biden and Poroshenko begs to differ.

During that phone call, Poroshenko told VP Biden, “Despite the fact that we didn’t have any corruption charges, we don’t have any information about the – him doing something wrong, I specially asked him – No, it was a day before yesterday — I specially asked him … to resign.”


That corrupt man is now the President of the United States. Well, some of the time.

During Poroshenko’s presidency, he is believed to have helped the separatists to sell some 1.5 billion hryvnias, the equivalent of $54 million, worth of coal to Kyiv in 2014 and 2015, the prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

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Poroshenko denied the accusations as he accused Ukrainian authorities of crossing “a red line” by bringing treason charges against a former head of state.

Prosecutors asked a Ukrainian court last month to have Poroshenko arrested, and they asked for bail to be set at 1 billion hryvnia, the equivalent of $37 million.

But the former president has been living outside Ukraine since last December. He hasn’t even commented yet on the ruling that seized his assets.

Poroshenko is currently a lawmaker and the leader of the opposition party called European Solidarity. He is facing up to 15 years in prison if he is convicted. He said he has plans to return to Ukraine on January 17.

Allies of the politician have said that President Zelensky has a personal vendetta against Poroshenko and that is why his assets have been frozen. It’s the typical defense by going on offense.

“A weak president … uses manual prosecution, manual investigation, and manual justice to punish opponents,” Volodymyr Ariev, a lawmaker and member of Poroshenko’s political party, said about the court’s ruling. Of course, why would Zelensky need to punish his opponent when he beat him in the election in 2019?

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