Breaking: Americans Preparing For Civil War At Record Pace

The writing is on the wall.  The Biden regime, the Democrat Party and their button men in the media and Hollywood have made up their mind that they are going to crash this nation into the side of the mountain.

The federal government completely under the thumb of the Democrat Party (which has veered so far left as to embraced some strange mix of Cloward-Piven-Marxism) which is working 24/7 to bankrupt American with an unimaginable amount of debt.  The Biden regime is spending our money … worse than our money, they are borrowing from the CCP on your children’s credit cards, like Hunter Biden at a brothel in Thailand.

When you combine the profligate spending with the fact that the Democrats have made it clear that they intend on disarming law abiding Americans, it’s clear that the United States is headed for collapse.  Not only are we looking at total economic collpase but also potential civil unrest and worst of all civil war.

With the left dehumanizing conservatives as ‘Nazis’ and ‘fascists’ as the media tells the public that it is OK to use violence against those who are not radical leftists, students of history know all too well how this ends up … genocide.

We are getting close and closer to the terrifying part of this list. The only thing stopping them at this point is our guns!

Luckily for us, it looks like more Americans see the writing on the wall than ever before:

Newsmax reported:

‘A month which saw multiple mass shootings — including high-profile murders in Georgia and Colorado — also featured a record number of FBI-conducted background checks for firearm purchases, complicating the narrative at a time Democrats are trying to push new gun control legislation.

Background checks in March were up 36% from February, as around 4.7 million were initiated, FBI data shows, according to CNN.

The number of checks do not equal the number of guns purchased, but they do tend to correlate with the volume of sales. Gun sales have historically trended higher as safety fears gripped America or when citizens anticipated upcoming gun control measures.

Atlanta, Georgia, and Boulder, Colorado, shootings left more than a dozen people dead and coincided with a pair of Democrat-sponsored gun-control bills passing the House. Also, COVID-19 impact payments went out to more than 125 million Americans, giving extra spending money to facilitate some of the gun purchases, CNN reported.

One House Democrat bill expands background checks to all gun sales and transfers, which is expected to face Republican opposition in the Senate, which is split 50-50 and still has a legislative filibuster that would require at least 10 GOP votes to reach the 60-vote threshold needed for passage.

President Joe Biden came forward publicly to support new gun-control legislation after the March 22 grocery store shooting in Boulder that killed 10, including a police officer.’

Biden must be furious that people are buying guns at record numbers just as he promises to take them by force.  One has to figure that these new purchasers have no intention of turning their guns in when the Democrats ban them.

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These leaves us with one very likely outcome … civil unrest, if not all out civil war … a storm is brewing.

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Lewis Brockman

What is your problem whit this picture? Are you afraid of the truth? Pictures do not talk but you want this one silenced. Afraid the first amendment wont let you have your way.


The only thing I can see wrong with the picture is it is about 2 or 3 million armed Americans Short of the people who will be involved when the Civil War Does Start. And I feel it is coming soon.

Rodney Keiser

You can kiss your but goodby

Ronald Hatt

“Kiss your “butt” good bye….:O}}}


What picture do you refer to? The picture of mostly men and some women walking as a group, many with firearms?
I heard no squeals of alarm with the armed Black Lesbian Marxist paramilitarily dressed people marching in formation on display, a few months back.
It sure seems your indignance is very selectively agenda driven.

Last edited 15 days ago by Skeptical

….your just plain bat feces crazy insane LucyLoco

Al Barrs

We don’t need a “civil war”! … What we American citizens need is the legitimate winner of the 2020 election, Donald John Trump, Sr., back in our White House Making America Great Again, and finally this time for good!

These covert low-life swamp bottom-feeder hole dweller treasonous coup d’état U.S.A. traitors, all seditionists, domestic terrorists and revolutionary anarchist and communist militants, must be rounded up and put away for life…regardless of who they think they are, i. e. U.S. citizens, illegal foreign activists, U.S. politicians, State officials and Governors, all criminals and U.S. traitors…


Conspirators to TREASON.

Robert Perri

I like your comments, Al, and hope true America loving Americans act to put a stop to these anti-America traitors now.


I have to agree with everything you’ve stated Al, with the exception of one thing…”put away for life.” These treasonous communist terrorists deserve life only in a 6 foot hole after a firing squad.


after we tar and feather them..I want them to suffer like they are doing to us right now!! and you want my guns COME GET THEM!! ill give them to you, when I have no bullets left… but I been stocking up so I got enough to supply a small Army…..locked & loaded

Andrew B Charlson

AMEN Brother


The ….’legitimate winner’ of the 2016 election, President Trump had it stolen.

Do you really think the Democrats will play fair in 2020? I don’t.

Ronald Hatt

WELL SAID “AL”! Refreshing….no profanity…..just intelligence! { “thumbs up”! } :O}

Ralph Richardson

All true. I guarantee you Americans paying attention are praying for leadership, and a way to avoid violence, and bloodshed. Wise Americans are also preparing for the possibility of a civil war. If the left can take our guns, communism will follow. If they can get the military to back the destruction f the republic, we will be in big trouble. The children of patriots will never fire on US citizens. Foreigners, and sub segments of the evil left likely would. Not all Germans supported hitler, but they knew any descension was a death sentence. If there is another civil war, it will be because of the democrats, just like the 1st civil war.


Determined that they know better for others while they destroy America. STOLEN ELECTION FRAUDULENT GOVERNMENT. NO one either side will prosecute. Like Hillary, they’ve already destroyed evidence, preparing to steal the election again.HR 1.


HR1 cannot work without an amendment to the Constitution.


Civil war? hmmm…..contain fake news; enemies of freedom.

Chris Wolf

After censorship, comes genocide. When the time comes, they will round us up. Just a few at a time. Calling us domestic terrorists. Like those at the capitol. Those who descent, will quiet down. Afraid to be one of the first eaten by the beast. But soon, it will be everyone who disagrees. It happened in Russia. It happened in China. And now it will happen here. It seems the military has made it’s choice. Do what they tell you or be drummed out of service, or worse. Civil war really is the only option left. Our justice system has failed.


Barry Soetoro already fired all the military brass that he could not depend on.

Andrew B Charlson

Barry is running this show, whether you believe it or not, and behind him is George Soros


Just wanted to post to see what my emogi looked like.


Shoot, that’s me.

Robert Perri

What with the FBI acting rogue and investigating so many illegally, and the administration threatening to take our guns, and the media acting in concert with the Socialist/Marxist/Democrats the agitation to American citizens is growing day by day. Something should be done quickly to undo this agitation.

william g munson

yes We the People have to get Ready and We have the Law and the Constitution on our Side maybe not all the Supreme Court Tho? right


No! We must first be the party of Prayer and peace, even President Trump says this. We need to speak louder, call all elected officials even from different states and tell them we want the Constitution to be upheld. Call the ones who are working hard for the Constitution and thank them, donate to them.

Nobody special?l

Optics are important you don’t let your enemies know what you are doing. All will be revealed

Nobody special?l

There’s no need for violence don’t stoop to their level we are better than that

Donna Neilands

George Washington predicted two internal wars – Civil War and I believe the one that is pending.

Pamela Gauthier

What the scumbag left don’t understand is that Real Patriotic Americans are not European we are a free people through the Blood and lost Lives of patriots before us and we will Fight to The Death To Defend our Nation


Missouri is already forming a Militia. The Marxist Democrats may take America to a civil war. They will never win it. Be prepared folks. Lifes going to get ugly and mean.

Doris Davidson

Round up the illegal immigrants, hire buses, drive to Democrat legislators’ homes and drop ALL OF THEM off~ Good idea? LET’S DO IT. HOW? YOU MIGHT ASK—-BEATS THE HECK OUT OF ME, BUT SURE IS A GREAT IDEA!

Rodney Keiser

I knew that this would happen and this is what should happend the dems had better find hole to hide in.


I believe and hope a Civil war is not brewing just yet. The reality of it as a possibility is evident. Instead, I think we are seeing a grass roots revitalization of political local authority, and sovereign states rights, prompted by hysterical actions of our Federal government. A disproportionate weighting of authority has been a 1860s Civil war aftermath, that only now through pervasive federal recklessness, has inspired the need for restoration of proper proportionate authority. A number of states are now asserting in self-preservation, their right and duty to legislatively nullify observance of unconstitutional effects in Federal acts. Finishing recently with the Judiciary, all three federal branches have displayed profound dereliction, and compelled the need.

Last edited 15 days ago by Skeptical

You give me HOPE,skeptical.

Daniel from TN

We must do all that is possible to avoid a civil war. The people will be playing right into the hands of the Liberals if civil war occurs.
Liberals WANT a civil war. Most of the legislation submitted since Clinton was in office have been steps to herd the country towards civil war.
Liberals have the INSANE belief that only they will survive a war and it will leave them in charge of the country permanently.

Pamela Gauthier

Daniel a rubber band will stretch only so far before it snaps We The People Are at that point/ Time too pick a side


lets roll!


“Annie get your gun”


It’s Time…🗽No more Insanity…


The war against America was started by the left long ago. Patriots response will be self defense, justifiable retribution.

Ronald Hatt

Rotondaron: Photo’s like this one, is representative of “Civil unrest”..[ America is that}! Why? Because of the insane attempts of the *Demoncrats, to disrupt this Republic, & cause social disobedience, & mayhem…{ this suits their anarchy purpose}, The aim…is for centralized power, & dominance over this Country, & set up a dictatorial regime of superpower, & control over the populace…{ Typical Socialism move, & predictable ensuing communism}

Only a restoration of this Constitution, & removal of corruption in our Political system…{ otherwise known as “THE SWAMP”!}…Aptly named by Donald J. Trump….Most honest, & successful President of this Nation in 150 yrs! { BRING BACK THE “DONALD”, & RESTORE INTEGRITY IN AMERICA! :o}}}


Civil unrest is already here, expressed at the state government level with separate effort to legislatively nullify unconstitutional federal actions. OOOPS!
That means no presumptive legality of federal acts in states that do this, unless it passes a state litmus test (THE FEDERAL EXECUTIVE WILL NOT LIKE THAT).
The states know if they do not protect themselves against the clutching hands of federal overreach, they will be each overwhelmed in federal dictates.
The more the federal government acts to be centralized focus of authority, the less respect and cooperation it will garner. Even external threat of war will not reverse this trend.
By defrauding the 2020 vote of the People so brazenly, Joe Biden permanently crippled its benefit in a loss of confidence, that can only diminish.
Was it worth it Joe? Will the rebuke be limited to just one Biden?


This article, with the lovely photo, treads like it was written by the DNC/CIA/FBI Mafia attempting to goad patriots to act violently like they have been for years.

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