BREAKING: 92 Senators & Reps Sign Letter Demanding Decertification, 50-State Election Audit

Syndicated Via National File| ANDREW WHITE|

92 state legislators from all across America have issued a demand letter calling for a 50 state-wide 2020 election audit and decertification following the explosive Arizona audit that revealed how “our representative republic suffered a corrupted 2020 election.”

After the comprehensive Arizona audit of Maricopa County was completed, Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers unveiled what she called the “new Declaration of Independence” in which 41 state legislators across America called for a 50-state wide 2020 election audit, and should those audits suggest a flawed election, mass decertification of the original 2020 election results, National File previously reported.

This is our new Declaration of Independence. This is our manifesto of freedom, Rogers declared.

This comes after the forensic audit of Arizona’s Maricopa County revealed thousands of discrepancies and issues with EV32 and EV33 ballot forms, along with a number of other serious election integrity problems, as National File reported.

This is our new Declaration of Independence. This is our manifesto of freedom, Rogers declared.

This comes after the forensic audit of Arizona’s Maricopa County revealed thousands of discrepancies and issues with EV32 and EV33 ballot forms, along with a number of other serious election integrity problems, as National File reported.

As National File Senior Reporter Patrick Howley reported on September 28, the number of voters in the 2020 Presidential election in Maricopa County, Arizona “with no record” of their existence far outnumbers the margin of “victory” that Joe Biden supposedly achieved last year, thus putting immense pressure on Arizona Senate President Karen Fann to take action and move to decertify the results of the 2020 election, as the true results of the 2020 political contest appear to be unknown.

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“All voters within the Final Voted File, or VM55, was cross-checked against a commercially available data source provided by Melissa called Personator and 86,391 individuals were found with no record in the database for either their name, or anyone with the same last name at the address in the VM55 file,” according to page 56 of the report entitled “Maricopa County Forensic Election Audit: Volume III: Result Details.”

However, constitutional experts across America have indicated that decertification would be sound legal recourse for a corrupted election after-the-fact.

“We are in uncharted territory, but there are a couple of things to point to,” began Eastman. “We can point to the Hawaii Election of 1960, when the Governor subsequently certified another slate of electors after they discovered error in the initial certification.”

“We can point to Section 2 of Title 3 of the United States Code that says when a state has had an election, and has failed to make a choice on the day prescribed by law, which is, you know, the choice that was made. The assumption was that it was fraudulently given because of illegal votes. The electors may be appointed on a subsequent day in such manner as the legislature of such state may direct,” Eastman continued. “So that recognizes the authority of the Legislature to fix a problem.”

“We also have a backdrop of Common Law, which is, when you have a fraud, the actions taken pursuant to the fraud, are unraveled after discovery of the fraud. If the evidence really does come in as definitive, that the election and the electorals cast from Arizona were fraudulently given, and they should have been given in the other direction, then I think there is ample authority to fix this problem,” Eastman said. “We don’t have to live with a fraudulent election.”

The first demand letter to Maricopa County was sent from the Arizona Attorney General’s office asking for multiple documents relating to the election, in what appears to be the start of the investigation from the recently created Elections Integrity Unit following the Arizona audit report being released to the Arizona Senate, National File reported. The evidence included in the AG office’s request includes:

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Hard copies of all documents and other electronically stored information.

Electronic communications, including emails and the devices used for messaging.

Electronic data from computers, election systems, spreadsheets and databases, among others.

Telephone logs and network access information.

All the equipment used in the election, such as voting machines.

All physical records, including ballots and voter registration forms.

All video footage from Maricopa County’s election center.

Access records for all buildings maintained by the county during the election.


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92 Senators and Reps are a good start, lets hope this catches fire and many more sign on and force a 50 state election audit. Turn back on you Biden is destroying this country, we need this badly.


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Carol Fryer

Thats how we can tell how important the issue is when they put that much energy into looking totally stupid.


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Shirley Storey

If my representatives in SC haven’t got the balls to sign, I won’t vote for them- that’s for sure. It is time for the world to rally and get these Globalists gone.

jason George

We need more Representatives to stop up to the plate, as well as US Congressmen and Senators. It would help if the RINOs would stop helping the Democrats nd step up to the plate to save our Republic..

Harry O

Yes indeed stop sloppin at the Rep public trough! So lets Hang Mike Pense!

Harry O

Hey catguy That would have to include at least 48 Dem Senators to make that number work!!!! Please give your head a much needed shake. Do the math my poor mathematically challenged friend!!!! And in the meantime lets Hang Mike Pense!


Mike Penske is holding his ow, especially when you have to deal with morons in kc and St. Louis



David Cameron

There are too many Democrat traitors in the state and federal governments that will prevent a national audit of an obvious fraud. I believe the crime is treason for which the legal penalty is capital punishment but all of them will skate. It was a coup and your representatives will do nothing. The U.S.A. doesn’t deserve to even exist. Why don’t you give the country back to the U.K.?


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You get paid to fuck your mother


Good one

Shirley Storey

Well, the UK, France, Greece, Germany, Canada, Australia are all under control of the Communist Globalists already. Time for people to wake up. It’s us or them. The Globalists want us common people to die since they think they are superior. The Save The Planet crap has genocide attached to the plan. Look how Biden is letting into our country all these untested illegals that he is busing around the country while enforcing lockdowns and masks to screw up the economy. They hope for new pandemics. If you think Covid is an accident you are in lala land. Do some research on Globalists.

Harry O

OK so let me get this right then It’s you or Canada (ally #1) Followed by the UK Greece France Australia, There’s all your friends lined up…………You or them Great ya got my vote 4 sure……….NOT! You need some more sleep and dream about when we Hang Mike Pense!

David Shepardson

Then, first, do away with the north american thingy of America/Canada/Mexico alliance.


Why don’t you come and take it!


Should have let Germany have the UK

Harry O

Might as well blame the Dems sense you already know the outcome There’s a brave lad, why not Hang Mike Pense!

Ernest Garcia

That’s a good one


Take the house & senate back; Finish the wall; no $ or help of any kind or health care for illegal persons; English language only; teach US history and Constitution in schools; audit the Fed Reserve; no visas of any kind except merit visas, revert to back our $ with gold, cancel the security clearances for all Obama, Biden hold overs and RINO’s & get rid of them; voting with photo ID only, NO MAIL-IN voting, NO SAME DAY VOTING REGISTRATION AND VOTING; no doing any business with China; do not use dominion HAMMER computer and scorecard software in future voting; seize all bank accounts belonging or affiliated with George Soros’ Open Society Foundations; stop the resettlement of illegals around the USA. This is my opinion.


Your opinion is exactly what the rest of AMERICA wants. We are all in agreement


That’s called a good start but nowhere from complete.

Shirley Storey

Obama was found guilty of sending US taxpayer dollars to terrorists by the Senate. This occurred while he was President. Why hasn’t he been held accountable, tried, and hung for a traitor. I know why. He is a Globalist and is pulling Biden’s strings. The Swamp is much deeper than most average Americans think. Most people have no idea what is happening. Now these Elitists want to get into your bank account.

Harry O

Yes and sadly all those hero swamp drainers Trump took to town with him are all in jail now, guess they were held accountable by mistake? Hey I know. Lets Hang Mike Pense!


And might I add, restore all the monuments that were torn down and remove the hideous one of George Floyd that was recently put up, Statues are for HERO’S not FELONS!

Harry O

Yeah they took Jeb Stuart’s statue down. I wonder if his slaves thought he was a hero as he whipped their daddy’s to death and raped their moms But he didn’t Hang Mike Pense!

Harry O

henri-g Great plan!!!!! But one iddy biddy thing. If you piled up ALLLLLL the gold on this planet already mined and smelted into money. It would not even come close to floating all the TRILLIONS of US currency at this moment in circulation. Puleeeese we passed that milestone about 35 years ago maybe 40 years. Ask any economist. Figures don’t lie but liars can figure. So fix voting all you want, you cant go back to the Shangra la you fondly are trying to remember. So why don’t we just Hang Mike Pense!


I am completely with you. Arrest all democrat senators, representatives, VP. President and al thhier cabinet members and try them for treason at Gitmo. Once guilty hang all the guilty officials.


I read the determination to rectify. GOOD! Note the wording for it at the Federal level, where the actual recognition of the election winner occurs. The Joint Congress is “called” to decertify its evaluation of the states electoral results, and submit the process to a one voter per state vote. That is because the Congress, having discharged its certification duty initially (in ethical dereliction) technically is done and need not see the problem again until the next election cycle. But even if they do not, election results are now called into question, and must be evaluated in evidence building for the other redress, impeachment. The Progressive Socialist congressional leadership is on paper thin ice and cannot last much longer. Conservative 2022 majorities in Congress loom. A newly elected Speaker Trump could succeed an impeached and convicted Biden/Harris ticket election. How bad do we want it? The Nation is under asymmetrical war, and needs leadership.


The problem is RINO that are democrats. They will NEVER do the real heavy lifting that needs doing. The majority of House and Senate ARE RINO’s. Look at there voting score it’s abysmal. It’s the laziness of the voters. Keep re-electing RINO’s and don’t bother to vote in primary’s. Is this the best we have to offer our republic? Garbage in garbage out. The voters suck. Take Kentucky with a major RINO McConnell. He been there 34 plus years. Worthless. Then there is McCarthy a RINO from California. What fighting strict constitutionalist comes out of CA? Cowards all of them.

Chris Gollnick

Devin Nunes

Ernest L Cooper

This is Great, now we need to make sure something ACTUALLY happens because of this!


GREAT BEST THING COULD HAPPEN TO GET USA back to honest legal Anericans ONLY voting in USA elections


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Last edited 21 days ago by Hermelinda

I keep hearing many conservative pundits like Dr. Steve Turly, Dan Bongino, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin, all talking about the great red wave that is going to sweep our nation during the 2022 midterm elections.  Many of these same people predicted a Trump landslide in 2020.  Where they erred in their thinking was that the democrats were somehow going to play by the rules, the very rules that were overturned by the courts.  The courts ruled against state laws regarding voting, ignoring state constitutional laws to permit and promote unchecked and unverifiable ballots to be counted.  Any allegations of improprieties were dismissed.  There were numerous documented cases of violations that questions the validity of voter integrity.  The dems rigged the election and the republicans were too stupid, and just stood by and watched them do it.  The dems achieved their objective, that being to win the election by any means necessary.  Cheating wasn’t beneath them in 2020, and it certainly won’t be beneath them in 2022.

So what’s going to change in 2022 to make these people believe that there will be a red wave in the midterm elections?  Is it the economy?  It wonn’t matter that this administration has once again made this country dependent on foreign oil, or that inflation will continue to rise while our currency becomes worthless.  Will the never ending pandemic fear that the left continues to promote that includes resuming mask mandates, social distancing or lockdowns, because the covid virus keeps mutating and we will never be allowed to return to our pre pandemic lives be enough to sway the voters?  Then you have Illegal immigration, rising crime, rising taxes, defunding the police, just what is it that will result in a red wave?  Well if we truly had legitimate elections I would say everything I stated above would be reason to suspect a red wave in the midterm elections, but we don’t, and the dems have already stacked the deck in their favor for 2022.

The left purposely opened up our borders and are ignoring constitutional law regarding entrance into the United States.  By the end of 2021 it is projected that almost two million illegals will have crossed our borders, and with the help and blessing of the current administration these illegals are being dispersed to areas throughout our country, primarily to areas that voted republican.  The next step will be for all these illegals to be given immediate amnesty and be declared US citizens, making them eligible to vote in 2022, and you can be assured that the majority of them will vote for the socialist democrats, thus eliminating any possibility of a non democratic candidate from winning an election.  Regardless of all the voting integrity bills that are passed, voter identification and verification will no longer be a concern.  The dems won’t have to cheat anymore because they overwhelmed the system with voters who will do what their socialist overlords instruct them to do.  If you lived in an area where the political makeup was predominantly republican, the dems will make sure to flood that area with enough new voters to eliminate any advantage that republicans may have held.  That’s what two million illegal aliens will do to our country.  The dems knew it and that is why they initiated, encouraged and executed their open border policy.  It didn’t matter if more than 70% of the US population is against what is happening to our country due to illegal immigration.  The left wanted to ensure they would remain in permanent power.  Again, politicians aren’t interested in representing us, they are only interested in ruling us.  So to all those out there who believe there is a red wave coming in 2022, think again.


I agree 100%, and how do these people think they’ll be a red wave? Using the same exact voting systems, machines, ballots, etc as they used in the 2020 election, nothing is being done to change the way we vote in the US, and if it isn’t, how the hell can you even think they’ll be a different outcome! The Dems are like, worked for us the last time, why change anything!


It’s simple – the so called “red wave” is a mirage, a horizon, a hook to keep us believing and NOT acting, a lie.
They all are part of the system, just different roles. Stop applying your human mentality to these turds – once they cross the invicible line, they are no longer human, and being controlled by a completely different kind of intellect, devoid of compassion, sincerity, and other human qualities. They all laugh at us, and play us like fools that we are, while we continue attempting to play by the silly, only in our heads rules. It is truly amazing how dumb we became, that we can’t see the forest behind the tree.

Bud Vexley

I hate to think you might be right, The Dems. are hell bent on securing their hold on power and are full speed ahead on flooding the country with illegals who will no doubt vote democratic. We are doomed!!!


The GOP RINO’s in Congress will act with greater FAKE OUTRAGE and send out even more fund raising letters following the 2022 and 2024 fraudulent elections.


Alright! It’s about time. I sure hope this takes off.

G. R.

I have to agree with Tadeous. If you think a “red” wave is going to happen in 2022….ha…not! The Dems will ensure all of their cheating protocols will be in place to win, regardless of what lever is pulled or button pressed in the voting booths. We are living somewhat free on borrowed time folks. The deification has not fully hit the rotating oscillator yet…..but it is coming…..and when it does…….it isn’t going to be pretty……..get you and your families prepared


This sounds great and gives me hope. Robinette is destroying this great nation. Nothing good has come out of this administration since Jan 20. Even some of my friends who were gung-ho about Biden haven’t posted any accomplishments from him (even if they’re stupid). Keep praying that we can get the Don back in soon


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A LOT of rhetoric and NO action.


Who knows…realrawnews . com


Is any energy being put into rectifying the many ways that we the people have been cheated out of our votes? RNC needs to step it up so 2022 elections can be believed


I hope and pray it happens nationwide. Maricopa is only one county in AZ, and I’d like to see mine go the same route.

jerry1944 Buttry

Hummm didnt see any from Louisiana there but would bot expect cassity to go for FAIR elections being the rino he is

Martin Livitz

Joe Biden and all Democrats in Washington have been instructed to immediately travel to San Quentin Prison for lifetime incarceration. If they do not appear in handcuffs, the US Army has been instructed to find them and put them down like rabid dogs.

Harry O

Of course and the bestest part of all was when Elvis signed his name too and just then the Easter Bunny came in wearing Mitt Romney’s ascot and Sarah Ashton’s chastity belt. Joe Biden said this party’s really smoking now, and swapped spit with Kamalla Harris! And of course Alice fell into a Rep rabbit hole where this asinine excuse for a breaking news story is totally believed. Tee hee hee. So lets Hang Mike Pense!




Re-instate President Trump now! He is the true President, not the illegitimate Biden who cheated his way in and is now #1 Nazi Gestapo!


The demos don’t have to worry about next election as all the unvaccinated Repubs getting covid19 and croaking. I already had several Repub buddies bite the covid bullet. Excellent plan by leftist using free thinkers to eliminate themselves from the voting pools. By next election the Repubs will be down 100,000s of voters which will swing many states. Throw in the anti abortion uprising and you will lose the majority of women voters. Talk about falling on your own sword..ugh.


And I have had several vaxxed buddies die from the jab. Seriously, at the rate blacks kill each other with bullets and drugs, and Hispanics with guns, knives and deadly diets, they have to keep importing them just to keep the numbers from decreasing. I have just returned from a Texas border town and the morbidly obese children and adults constituted probably 75% of Hispanics. What are they thinking?


Git’er done, before we lose the country to the socialists, communists, marxists, liberals dems that don’t care about America.

Shayla R. Glasser

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And then we have mcconnell giv8ng away Should all him China Mitch or commie Mitch. Or schumer assistant Mitch


This 2020 election was a fraud / hoax, using the China virus as an excuse for the mail in ballet scam. Fake election = fake president. America’s greatest historical challenge will be trying to fix and recover from the long term damage that the RINO’s, gutless GOP cowards, dems and their corrupted media allies have perpetrated on our great country. This scam is a slap in the face especially to veterans who have bravely served for the US.



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Emil Gamm

This just goes to show you how much the senators & reps. really care about the American citizen . Weather or not the audits are certified is mean less. What is being proven is that our elections have become fraudulent. Do to the number of people voting out number the population. People who move away or die must be removed from the voting roles to prevent this. Also the laws must require an ID when voting in person. When voting by absentee ballet, it must be requested.


Pfft! 9 months late!


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Mario E. Porrata

We need this process to go forward and under the proper authorities, with the power to do something about it. This way we can bring back Mr. Trump to the presidency and the Republicans to Congress; with the objective to stop the communist takeover of the US of A.


What the hell is that miserable SOB Romney’s picture on this web page for?


There are those in politics who want a change in the 2020 election is a positive note.
‘This is our new Declaration of Independence. This is our manifesto of freedom.’ Talk like this concerns me today only because when the L wants something, they change it.
We have a perfect D of I, but what needs doing now, as there must be enough cause, is another election!
Unfortunately, have the problems with the machines been rectified, or do we have another quick way to count votes. Every day biden and his minion remain in charge, the more we see our country given away!


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bill miller

so basically 90 either insane republicans or more likely cowards who are afraid of the 15% crazy core of todays GOP from degenerate back waters of a few state legislatures are demanding audits, while the other 95% wish they would crawl back into the gutter they crawled out of

David Shepardson

IF SCOTUS deturmines there was a Constitutional violation after receiving these numbers, biden and his Constitutionally ineligible v.p. harris can be escorted from the WH by U.S. Marshals and Trump can be sworn in as the elected president of 2020. AND, Trump could possibly argue that where the Constitution says a president can only serve TWO TERMS, Trump would only be fininshing out the bidin/illegal harris term and then Trump cold run for another four years withn a full term giving him a 12/13 year run.


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Carol Fryer

Only one from Arkansas. Thats very disappointing. Where are you Tom. How about you Boooooze man. Stop pretending and get on board!




We went to DC on Jan. 6th to have the votes decertified. We knew the election was stolen. Yet we were called domestic terrorist, insurrectionist,and violent protesters. The only real violence was a black man shot an unarmed white woman. We went to let our voices be heard. We wanted to support the man who supported America for the last 4 years.Dems and Republicans are crooked and owned for the most part. Donald Trump was never owned. And NOW you fakes want to decertify the election? After you bashed us several months back. The last couple months, you are starting to see the light. You are seeing that the violent trouble makers were undercover FBI and Antifa. We tried to tell you that. We saw that they were different from us. They were destroying things in America’s House. So as far as you politicians jumping on the band wagon now, I say no thanks. We will take care of it. You didn’t stand behind us when we needed you and I for one am not going to stand behind this BS now.


This is bogus, the two signers from Minnesota are not the Senator or Congressman.


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OR Patriot

If these assholes were really
Where’s the other 400 + elected SH$%HEADS


Fuck off

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