55 People Shot Including 11-year-old Girl, Media and Liberals Silent

This past weekend in the city that never holsters, fifty-five people were shot, five fatally, and no liberal outcry. Law-abiding citizens with guns are not the problem, criminals with guns are.

For fifty-five people getting shot in one weekend is carnage not business as usual. So why are no liberal politicians trying to do something about this? Because the shooting is mostly Blacks killing Blacks.

Chicago is filled with extremists who want to defund the police. I would think that is the last thing the residents of the dangerous neighborhoods would want.

How many people would get shot if the police force is reduced? This is a terrible tragedy and no one is doing anything about it. That is a danger you have to face when your city is run strictly by Democrats.

Since Lightfoot has become mayor, the situation keeps getting worse and even if they vote Lightfoot out next election, I can assure you they will be as useless as she is. The mayorship in Chicago will always belong to a far left-leaning mayor who will not rock the boat. People always get the government that they deserve. You get what you vote for.

From Breitbart News

On Monday morning ABC 7 noted the total number of shooting victims for the weekend reached 55.

One of the shooting victims was an 11-year-old girl who was shot in the back Sunday night around 9 p.m. The shooting occurred in the West Pullman neighborhood, and the gunman who shot the girl was riding in a passing vehicle when he opened fire.

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Idiots Twerk On Ambulance After Shooting In Oakland, CA

The Chicago Tribune points out 1,418 people were shot in Chicago January 1, 2021, through June 3, 2021; that figure includes all shooting victims, fatal and non-fatal.

In a separate table, the Tribune focuses on homicide and observes 266 people were killed January 1, 2021, through June 2, 2021. That is 13 more than were killed during the same time-frame in 2020.

Look at the cities that Democrats have controlled for decades such as New York (Except for the Rudy years), Chicago, Detroit, LA, Minneapolis, Portland, and of course Seattle.

They have sections that are high in crime and what are the city bosses doing? Defunding the police. Their cities have sections that are comparable to Third World countries.

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Wild Bill1

What’s the problem. They are just excersing their second amendment rights. I wonder how many of the shooters past a background check. You can’t have it both ways, guys.It’s right all the time or wrong all the time. Sorry


The problem is Prohibition.


Show me where the 2A mentions murder. Or shut your pie hole.


It’s obvious that murder is not covered by the 2A. Murder is committed in these liberal run cities because of the liberal policy’s that allow it. As long as it’s black on black it’s business as usual. It’s an atrocity that this is allowed to happen but when weak minded liberals are in charge of Chicago, black on black murders will continue. That seems to be the normal in the big cities that are demoncrat controlled. They let the mass murders be committed in their cities and do nothing to stop it. But it is kept out of the mainstream media so that it is mostly unknown to the people of our country. They slaughter each other and all is ok. But let one of these criminals get put down by the police and black population goes nuts. As long as they kill each other it’s all just another day in Chicago. All’s well.

Tim OLeary

Killing and Murdering are a Democrat business. Especially happy when it is Black people that die. They have even devised a way to keep as many of their murdering friends and associates on the street as possible with their BS bail elimnation scheme. They can’t wait for the next riot (whoops, I meant peaceful demonstration) that some police die. Now that will be the icing on their cake.


Let’s not imply there aren’t conservatives, Republicans, and libertarians who don’t murder. But we don’t excuse or overlook it.


You might find out that None of them had a legal gun, if your left wing democrat socialist Nazi controlled media ever covered and investigated blacks killing blacks. We have just as many, if not more, guns in Fla., but don’t have the same number of deaths. Figure out why that is. Maybe they teach too much Woke garbage in Chicago?


What, Pravda doesn’t cover the crisis properly?


Federal law REQUIRES background checks to buy pistols from dealers. However, it doesn’t require them if the guns are stolen.

Also, the 2nd Amendment implies NOTHING about a right to murder. But it DOES about the right to protect oneself. That’s the objection progressives/socialists have with it.


CRIMINALS don’t have 2nd Amendment Rights, they forfeit them on conviction. Law abiding citizens weren’t present at the shootings. Learn to spell.


We need Jullianie or someone just like him. We need light. Light up those blocks with flood lights bright enough so there is no where to hide. . A porch light on every porch and a call box on every block. Reinstate the broken window policy. No cracked or broken window, no windows covered with newsprint or any other kind of paper. Cruisers circling the block every fifteen minutes. Close half the bars and open community halls. Cops walking a beat but only in the daylight hours. All empty buildings secured and checked every 24 hours.


Easier to end Prohibition. No special lights required.


Prohibition violence. Republicans love Prohibition. Republicans can’t make the connection between the Prohibition and the violence despite the example of Alcohol Prohibition.


There is NO “republican violence” to speak of, through ALL of American history. CERTAINLY not when compared with the destructive, often horrific history of LIBERAL violence, and NEVER HAS BEEN…! IF you ACTUALLY BELIEVE DIFFERENTLY, your education is sorely lacking, little boy/girl.


And your Brain, can not make the “connection” of “why” it is stuck up your ANUS. Amazing how you Fart out a Thought, and Crap out an idea. Democrat? Yea.


Chicago long ago stopped enforcing the law so why not do away with the police. Democraps are the very ones who have turned that town and every other town or state they RUIN into LAWLESS waste lands.

Christina Robleto

The city has almost the same mindset as Iraq, the battered woman syndrome, they are so use to it, they think it’s normal. It isn’t, sadly the poorer & minority communities keep believing the lies of the left & the empty promises they keep telling them, thinking a payout will alleviate their woes, it won’t. They need leadership that is not afraid of the gangs & willing to stand tough on crime & deliver. They need to purge ALL the corrupt leaders in government and replace them with people of strong moral character & integrity. We as a country need to pray for this city as well as country & ask God to radically change it to His image of heaven.

Guess Again

I believe that a combination of hard labor in the prisons and after a year or two give them an option to educate themselves with worthy programs. Hard labor first, breaking rocks to make gravel for road construction. Keep the ACLU out if it. If they conform, they are granted the privilege of an education.
Prisons in the US don’t rehabilitate hardened criminals, they only perpetuate the cycle of crime and punishment. These convicts deserve a chance once they earn it.
It costs $50,000 a year to incarcerate a prisoner, most never break the cycle. Make it tough enough for them so they never want to come back, at the same time teach them something that will allow them to produce something good in society.

Lewis Brockman

I have worked in the prison here in Arkansas and even after earning a GED the prisoners still return .


Same, when I worked in a Prison in NEW JERSEY.


Have you been to Iraq?

Lewis Brockman

No but I have been to Vietnam


Don’t blame Lightbrain. All the leftist politicians are to blame.


look who the mayor is, do I need say more?!

mike dar

I could be wrong.. but I wonder what the response would be to each WARD’s population approached and voted on having a response to ‘drive by’ where a select team was fast roped in and simply catch… the ‘drive by’ participators… and swiftly executed summarily… on site… with the victims/those shot at. approval?
Just sayin…I can’t imagine a populace of an area, a few blocks… actually approves of being targeted… by anyone.
I suppose it might look like some sort of vigilattee effort… but i suspect it would ‘Fix’ driveby’ as being suicidal’.

I could be wrong.


A well regulated, ie. well educated, militia is what is needed in each neighborhood, just as our founders warned us in the Second Amendment!

Gerald S Ladd

Lightfoot is is a nigger DemonRAT. Clueless, brainless, DemonRAT.

Steve Barrette

Hang the mayor


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Sirvando Jose Vargas

Build a fence around Chicago, keep’m there to the last Democrat is left standing.
They deserve the criminal government they Vote for.

Tim OLeary

Defund Democrat Liars!

Mark Gravitte

There you go obiden. Why don’t you and the Whore of Babylon solve Chicago’s out of control gun problem! Oh. I forgot, you and Horizontal Cameltoe harris are to busy fu**ing over the hardworking taxpaying American Citizens. God bless America and President Trump.


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Gerald S Ladd

I love Chicago. Blacks killing blacks, or thinning the heard! Keep up the good work Chicago.

Tp mcduff

Time for police and private citizens to start shooting to kill the scumbags


Then , there would be ZERO Blacks left.Cruel?


Be Honest. Without even reading about this, how many already KNEW, that it would be BLACKS…again? The Infamouse RACE CARD “Race”, are great at complaining,crimes and BLAMING others. What “Race” is constantly accusing others of Predjudice, while they are the ones doing it? Yea..The uncivilized BLACKS..That is a FACT..GOOGLE..


Doesn’t fit the Socialist-Liberal Dogma or agenda. Therefore, it simply didn’t happen.


When Liberal news dispensers are killed I wonder if any one of their brothers and sisters in the industry will cover the murder or would they be considered collateral damage.


BLACKS..again. No one is suprised.

Mark Gravitte

What we need is a natural catastrophe. A flood like in the Bible or maybe an earthquake. Of course, there will be lateral damage, but there is no way to avoid that. I know some of you scoff at that and wonder how he can say such a thing. It rains on the good as well as the evil. Unless the whole of the country turns back to God and seeks his forgiveness, we will all be annihilated by our own hand. That’s referred to as the great restart. God does not desire for one person to perish. He only wants you and I to come to the foot of the cross and give your burdens and concerns to Christ for Christ has overcome the world. Amen.


Blacks are simply violent low IQ lesser humans who haven’t been out of the trees very long yet. Their whole race is at least 500 years behind the civilized world. We cannot seem to drag them forward, because they don’t want to come. They seem to think they would be happier still in Africa eating grubs and picking ticks off each other. So send them HOME!

Mark Gravitte

First of all, they need to declare martial law in lawless Chicago. Then deploy the NG in MRAPS and anyone seen in public after dark is then terminated. The black folk will run like passes. In 6 months Chicago would be the safest city in America. Second, escort old bull dike ‘Bettle Juice’ mayor crowfoot, lightfoot or whatever the hell her name is down to the makeshift gallows in front of the court house and stretch her neck for all to see and leave her hanging there for a couple weeks so the buzzards and worms can eat. Then and only then will people take seriously the responsibility of holding public office. That old racist foot woman is a poor excuse for a human being. If authorities would dig a little deeper they could I’m sure find lots more corruption on queenfoot. The end.

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