Breaking: 32 People Shot, 3 Fatally As MSM Covers Up Circumstances

The only sure thing that will happen in Chicago on a weekend is someone is getting shot. Here we go again. Another Friday night in the Windy City and multiple people are gunned down. And the trend continued throughout the weekend.

On Friday, no less than 32 people had been shot in shootings across the city, with three having died from their gunshot wounds. One person with the real Chicago thug life spirit killed and wounded nine people in a single attack in the Chatham section.

I’ve done so many stories on Chicago shootings I’m starting to see patterns in how the shooting scenarios play out. If I can see it, how come the politicians who run that town can’t do something about it?

Just after two in the morning, two males approached a group standing around on a sidewalk in the 7500 block of South Prairie Ave when they opened fire, according to Chicago police.

Bullets struck a 29-year-old woman in her leg and her abdomen. She was transported to the University of Chicago Medical Center where she was pronounced dead, police said.

She was identified as Mayfair Miles by the Cook County medical examiner’s office. She was from South Shore.

They transported victims from ages 23 to 39 to area hospitals, nine of them, and police said they are all in fair or good condition.

So far, no one has been arrested.

In South Loop, a 22-year-old man was shot fatally Saturday afternoon. Close to 1:30 pm, the man was parked on the street in the 600 block of South Wells Street when someone in a passing vehicle fired shots, police said. The man was hit multiple times and transported to Stroger Hospital where he was also pronounced dead, police said.

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You would think Mayor Lori “Crow” Lightfoot would create special task forces or ask for state and federal help to get the violence off her streets but she’s too busy discriminating against white journalists to find the time.

And so it continues.

A 20-year-old female was murdered in a shooting Friday night in Brighton Park on the Southwest Side. At ten minutes to 9, Fhee Hernandez-Castillo was sitting in a vehicle with her boyfriend when a man with a gun approached the vehicle in the 4700 block of South Rockwell Street yelling gang slogans, Chicago police said.

Hernandez-Castillo was sitting in the passenger seat when she was shot in the neck and hand.

Her boyfriend drove off when the shooting stopped and later pulled over at a Shell gas station on S California Ave, waiting for Chicago Fire Department paramedics to arrive. They transported her to Mount Sinai Hospital and where later she was pronounced dead, police said. And what did she do to incite her own murder? She was sitting in a vehicle.

A 14-year-old boy was shot and wounded in an attack on Saturday in the West Woodlawn section. The boy was simply playing with his friends on the sidewalk when at around 6:45 pm somebody opened fire in the 6500 block of South Champlain Avenue, according to police. The boy took a grazing wound to his neck, was transported over to Comer Children’s Hospital and police say at last check his condition was stabilized.

What the hell is going on when people are shooting children?

Another drive-by shooting on Saturday hurt two more teenage boys in Little Village on the Southwest Side. Both 17 years old, the two teens were in an alley close to  3:30 pm when a vehicle drove past them. Suddenly, someone from the vehicle started shooting at them in the 3500 block of West Cermak Road. One was shot in the shoulder and the other received a grace would to his arm. Both were taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, and both were last listed as good condition.

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Two men, one 29 and another 33 were shot and wounded in South Shore in the 7500 block of South Kingston Ave while on the sidewalk about 6:50 pm Friday. The 29-year-old received multiple gunshot wounds to the body, while the 33-year-old was hit in the arm. Both were taken to Chicago Medical Center and both are now in good condition.

At last count, no less than 15 more people have been shot since 5 pm Friday. There may be more, as it’s only Sunday.

At least this weekend wasn’t as bad as last weekend when close to 60 people were shot in Chicago.

Before long there won’t be anyone left who hasn’t been shot in Lori “Crow” Lightfoot’s city. This is what happens when progressives are elected to positions of power. Lightfoot is in over her head. She has no idea how to stop the violence. The National Guard would solve a lot of the violence problems in Chicago, but progressive politicians don’t want to admit they failed and need help. So more people will die.


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Only 32 shot? 3 dead? Speed up the process. I may visit the loop again.

Gerald S Ladd

I winder why the nigger DemonRAT mayor doesn’t take a walk in the war zone.


In my book, there are “niggers” and there are Blacks. There is a huge difference between the two. The former are evil who are out to destroy any and everything they choose; they kill their own race, and kill innocent little children. The latter are decent, law-abiding citizens who want nothing more than respect, decency, and safety in their own cities. This mayor Lightfoot is so negligent in her duties, why can she not be recalled. She has no concern for the citizens who voted for her. They should call for her resignation STAT.

john berry

most democrats have been so brainwashed that they don’t have a clue what is going on. Don’t expect any help there they just vote the way they are told.


Gee I wonder what color the shooters and victims were.


I used to live on the far north side; if I were there now, I’d start promoting seceding from the the South Side and elect a different mayor; she can rule the murderous south.

ekim roberts

What are these citizens doing ? Do they not have any access to the news in their own city ? How has this country not seen the ridiculous antics of MANY elected officials who show blatant disregard for TRADITIONAL law enforcement, allow statues, buildings storefronts and businesses to be torn down, looted and trashed for no reason at all ! BRING BACK DJTrump, he can fix this !


I wondr where BLM is now. Why is there no marching in the streets because of the shooting. It must not fit their agenda or they really have no concern for black poeple at all.

ekim roberts

Some, ( we the people know who they are ) want to prosecute folks who were near or at the capital bldg on Jan 6, YET they ALLOWED and SAID NOTHING of the DAYS, NIGHTS, WEEKS and MONTHS of lawlessness to DESTROY civility in cities around the country, IN MOSTLY DEM RUN CITIES ! ITS TIME the films and pics of those who participated in those TRULY outrageous antics were brought to justice and vilified in the PUBLIC SQUARE so that America and the world can see exactly WHO THEY ARE, what they did and the consequences they face for their actions !

Mark Gravitte

Who gives a shit. Maybe they will all kill each other. Problem solved. As far as the LAME street media, their existence is dependent upon people with willing eyes and ears. We don’t watch such shit! It’s well below our standards. The media is now owned by the DemonRATS and soros who will not tell any lie to mislead the gullible and dumb people. Liberalism is a mental disorder! I am far to intelligent to read and watch their propaganda. Give me the old reruns from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Mark Gravitte

Come on obiden and whore harris. You’ve had 6 months to fix this issue. Your gullible followers actually believe you lame idiots have a plan. Stupid is as stupid does! I hope the entire world turns it’s back on obiden and his slut. Old horizontal harris has been cocked more times than John Wayne’s rifle. Those two and their regime are a total embarrassment. For the first time in my life I refuse to be identified as an American. President Trump give us hope and did exactly what he said he would do. obiden, 50 years in politics. Accomplishments: 0. You must be proud obiden. Now. change your depends, and get ready for bed. Garden slugs get more out of life than your pathetic, lying corrupt ass.

Dick Simmons

This is why they can’t get over that 13% threshold.

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