Bragg’s Paralegal Admits His Office Deleted Three Pages of Phone Calls Between Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer and Michael Cohen

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President Trump found himself once again entangled in legal proceedings as he appeared in court on Friday to face allegations of orchestrating a Soviet-style ‘hush money’ scheme concerning adult film actress Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford.

The scheme was said to have been carried out by Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, to silence Daniels about her alleged affair with the President.

The crux of the matter revolved around whether Trump had used funds unrelated to his 2016 presidential campaign to pay off Daniels and keep the affair under wraps.

During the trial, Trump’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, made clear that the payments made to Daniels were not claimed as deductions on taxes and were not reported to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) since they were recorded in internal business documents.

However, the prosecution led by Alvin Bragg contended that Trump had engaged in fraudulent activities by falsely categorizing the payment to Daniels as “legal fees” in an attempt to conceal its true purpose.

As proceedings unfolded, the prosecution called forth its final witnesses following a challenging testimony from Stormy Daniels earlier in the week.

In a surprising turn of events, a paralegal from Bragg’s legal team testified that crucial phone call records between Cohen and Daniels’ lawyer had mysteriously disappeared from their office files, raising suspicions of potential tampering or obstruction of evidence.

The courtroom drama surrounding Trump’s involvement in this scandalous affair captivated both media attention and public interest alike.

Speculations ran rampant about the implications such revelations could have on Trump’s presidency and his political future.

Critics seized upon this opportunity to paint a damning picture of a President embroiled in unethical practices and attempts to cover up his indiscretions.

Throughout the trial, tensions ran high as both sides presented their arguments with fervor and determination.

Tacopina vehemently defended his client, asserting that Trump had done nothing wrong and that the accusations against him were politically motivated attempts to tarnish his reputation.

On the other hand, Bragg and his team tirelessly pursued justice, aiming to prove beyond doubt that Trump had indeed violated laws and engaged in deceitful behavior.

The courtroom saga took unexpected twists and turns as new evidence came to light and witnesses offered conflicting testimonies.

Each revelation added another layer of complexity to an already convoluted case, leaving spectators on edge as they awaited the judge’s final ruling.

CNN reported:

Defense attorney Emil Bove is challenging the evidence prosecutors are putting forward, asking paralegal Jaden Jarmel-Schneider about the deletion of some toll records between Keith Davidson and Michael Cohen after the defense submitted recordings between the two from 2018.

The paralegal has admitted that they’ve deleted some call records from the files. Bove also has Jarmel-Schneider confirm that some calls were removed from an exhibit of calls between Gina Rodriguez and Dylan Howard.

Bove said it was three-pages worth of records.

Jarmel-Schneider took issue with Bove characterizing it as a “significant” number but he did acknowledge some were removed.

“At this trial, you’re sort of the guardian of the toll records?” Bove asks.

“I don’t know if I’d say that, but if you say so,” Jarmel-Schneider responds.

Insanity! How on earth is this not a felony committed by Bragg and his minions? It sure would be if team Trump did it.

I’d love if we had actual journalists that would report on this ongoing travesty.




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