LIBS FURIOUS: ACLU’s ‘Travel Ban Victory’ Over Trump Gets Pulled Out From Under Them After Judge’s Latest Ruling!

The travel ban is somewhat a game of ‘tug of war’ where the conservatives are slowly pulling ahead. Luckily, we are on the right side of history and looks like we may win this battle.

Libs thought they had made some sort of progress In their quest to take down President Trump after The ACLU of Massachusetts filed an expanded complaint in federal court in Boston seeking full repeal of President Trump’s executive order.

Looks like Daddy just gave libs a harsh dose of REALITY!

You’re going to want to see this!

VIA| After President Donald Trump’s executive order on “extreme vetting” had gone into effect, chaos erupted in airports across America.

Reports trickled in about foreigners from the seven countries listed on Trump’s “travel ban” being detained at airports. People came out in droves to protest, demanding the detainees be let go.

In a major upset to President Trump, the ACLU managed to win a temporary stay order against him, and they were able to get the immigrants at the airports released.

The same day, Carol Rose, the Executive Director of the ACLU in Massachusetts, filed a legal complaint, asking to make the executive order “unlawful,” via Mass Live.

Then this Wednesday, the complaint was refiled.

According to the Boston Herald:

The ACLU of Massachusetts this morning filed an expanded complaint in federal court in Boston seeking full repeal of President Trump’s executive order curbing immigration by refugees and people from seven majority Muslim countries.

“The EO is so contrary to the laws, Constitution, and traditions of the United States that it is almost literally indefensible,” the complaint states.

“The EO violates equal protection guarantees against discrimination based on religion and national origin, the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, First Amendment protections for sharing ideas and petitioning the government, constitutional due process guarantees, and the Administrative Procedure Act.”

While the ACLU case that seeks to repeal the order is still up in the air, it didn’t take long for a judge to make a ruling on extending the stay order. On Friday, Judge Nathaniel Gorton ruled in favor of Trump.

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