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BOMBSHELL: First Footage Ever Released of Cockroach and Mold Infested Cell of J6 Political Prisoner [EIGHT VIDEOS]

The Gateway Pundit has in its possession the first-ever video from inside the DC Gulag. There is a series of eight videos that expose the condition of the cells belonging to the Democrat’s political prisoners. Don’t think they locked up these political prisoners under unbelievable conditions by accident, because it’s done on purpose as a warning not to express your opinion if it contradicts the elite’s ideology.

The video recordings below feature Brandon Fellows, a 27-year-old prisoner who has been locked up since June of 2021. He was arrested for taking two hits of marijuana after entering the Capital with the blessing of the police he spoke to before entering the building.

The first video shows him scraping black mold from the faucet from where his drinking water comes from. He places the mold into a small bag that he plans to take to court with him:

Fellows were able to get the sample to his lawyer and it was sent out for testing. Mold in the drinking water can prove to be fatal. No outside witnesses, visitors, or journalists are allowed to visit the insides of the DC Jail. Even members of Congress have been turned away and forbidden to see the squalid and dangerous conditions they are forced to live in.

Fellows is facing twenty years in prison for his alleged crime, and when they find out about these recordings they will come down on Fellows like a ton of bricks. If he were a prisoner of war, the Geneva Convention would declare the conditions these prisoners are living to be illegal. So, if the Democrats call them insurrectionists, would that not make them prisoners of war? That would be an interesting concept.

The next video shows open wiring in his cell that could result in a fire or possibly electrocution:

Fellows spends at least 22 hours a day in his cell and the other two hours are spent in another cell with a TV. He never gets to see the sun. He was not allowed out of his cell at all Friday through Monday. That means he is out of his cell for just 10 hours a week and then he spends those ten hours in another cell. That seems pretty harsh for what he did.

From The Gateway Pundit

The next video shows the cockroach-infested sink where the men get their daily drinking water from. No wonder there have been reported problems of diarrhea and intense stomach pains to advocacy groups. See the video below:

In the next video, Fellows talks about the “re-education tablet” that is provided to him in his cell a few times a week. Fellows calls it a “racist tablet”, and says that it is “anti-white” and pushes the Islamic religion on prisoners. See the tablet here:

Another video shows a visibly shocked Fellows get emotional after seeing a small handful of grapes on his food tray. We reported last week that Fellows and the other detainees were denied fruit and fiber in their diets, causing major constipation leading to the chronic overuse of laxatives then leading to painful diarrhea and dehydration. Many of our readers wrote to the DC Jail to complain on behalf of Fellows, perhaps this small portion of grapes he received was due to that effort. See Fellow’s heart-wrenching reaction here:

In this video Fellows shows us the filthy floor left coated with remnants of the jail population’s feces. This was after the guards put him back in a cell that had an overflowed toilet without sterilizing the floor:

This next video shows what “rec” time is like for a January 6er in “the hole”, or the “SHU” (Special Housing Unit). “Rec” is basically the time allowed out of the cell. For Fellows, that was six hours total in NINE DAYS. Fellows was handcuffed during rec while he watched a TV alone on a wooden chair in another cell. There is a microwave in the cell he was not allowed to use because his right to purchase food from commissary was stripped. See the “rec” room here:

Saving the most graphic for last, this last video gives very special insight to the conversations that go on in DC Jail in the middle of the night. Because Fellows was thrown into “the hole”, he had to endure the late night screaming of the “general population” outside of the “Patriot Pod”.

I can’t even imagine having to live like that. In my not so humble opinion, the warden should be prosecuted for civil rights violations and be forced to spend the length of her sentence in the gulag. No prisoner should have these conditions forced upon them with the exception of the warden anyway.

Let’s Go, Brandon!

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