BOMBSHELL: 10,300 More Illegal Votes Found in Georgia

10,300 illegal votes have been found in Georgia and remember Biden only allegedly won by less than 13,000 votes. Although the voters were legal, the way they voted disqualifies their votes, although I have my doubts that they will be thrown out.

If you live in Georgia and moved out of the county but still in Georgia, you are not eligible to vote if you had moved before October 3rd.

If you moved before that, you must vote in your own new county.

And that was just in one county. But, the real problem is that you may never know how that ten thousand plus voted. However, considering how close the race was, they can likely find the votes elsewhere like Fulton County.

They have been known to play games there just like Philadelphia and Detroit. Just how many audits will be needed this year?

Possibly a lot to see if this was a conspiracy of some kind.

The problem has been that many people had not updated their voter information until recently, so we are just beginning to find out just how many of these illegitimate votes there are.

There are more coming in every day. It is possible to see how people voted because they are given an identification number, so the voter can be positively identified.

People are expected to register to vote in their new county or at least to change their voter information.

From The Gateway Pundit

However, Davis recently received an updated voter database from the GA Secretary of State. As of May, more than 10,300 people have updated their voter registration and provided the GA Secretary of State the exact address they gave the USPS last year. These were Change of Address forms completed before October 3rd, 2020. Yet they all cast ballots in the county of their old address.

During Trump’s election challenges critics said NCOA information for Georgia was unreliable or of an insufficient magnitude to change the election. This excuse can no longer be used. Voters have now established the reliability of this information by personally updating their voter registration address with the same address they gave the Post Office (NCOA data). Georgia election spokespeople have denounced these new findings. They said Davis’ work includes “false positives” because he lacked access to voter SS numbers and birth dates. Davis refuted this claim, said, “Every voter has a unique eight-digit voter ID number”. These ID numbers tie voter’s names and addresses to their entire vote history. It also documents when and where their votes were cast. This data comes directly from the GA Secretary of State.

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Judy A Zwyghuizen


Bethany Randall

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SO Georgia will deny persons the right to vote if they moved within 30 days of an election, Does sound strange to me. Now years ago when I moved from Texas my home state to another because my company transferred me, I went back to Texas to vote until I could registered in my new state, and I checked with the election board in the county and they said it was fine, as long as i did not vote twice, once in Texas and once in my new state.


I think the point was that a lot of people voted in a county where they no longer lived. And, what if they filled out a change of address card when they went to vote in their new county of residence,…and maybe voted again?


The problemis they probably voted twice and the corrupt DemocRATS encouraged that crap

Judy A Zwyghuizen

And that was only in one County! there.


The nave “Davis” is used several times in this report. What is the person’s first name; and with whom is the person affiliated?


“Mark Davis, the president of Data Productions, Inc. is an expert in voter data analytics and residency issues. Since the Nov. 3rd election he’s been analyzing the Post Office National Change of Address (NCOA) data and voter registration data from the GA Secretary of State.” – Gateway Pundit

Ted R. Weiland

Time spent on the 2020 election theft is wasted time, another distraction from the real issue facing America and her salvation from her suicidal trek to the precipice officially commenced in 1787.

Let’s be truthful: the Grand Experiment in Self Government has been a Grand Failure!

Self-Government!?! Gee, what could go wrong? Everything!, Just open your eyes and look around you!

245 Independence days and counting and with each every passing year (thanks to the biblically seditious Constitution created eleven years later), America has only become more enslaved, morally corrupt, economically bankrupt, and that much further down the suicidal trek to the precipice of moral depravity and destruction!

THIS IS THE “FREEDOM” THE LIBERTY BOYS (aka Enlightenment and Masonic theistic rationalists, aka constitutional framers and founding fathers) BROUGHT TO AMERICA!

“…they speak great swelling words of vanity … while they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption….” (2 Peter 2:18-19)

Liberty was officially lost in America when the constitutional framers and founding fathers made liberty a goal (almost a God as in France) instead of corollary of implementing the Bible’s perfect law of liberty (Psalm 19:7-11, 119:44-45, James 2:12, etc.) as the law of the land:

“…Convinced the Constitution would fail to secure and protect liberty, Patrick Henry [who refused to attend the Constitutional Convention, declaring ‘I smelt a rat!’] voiced his concerns to the Virginia Ratifying Convention in 1788:

‘…I say our privileges and rights are in danger. …the new form of Government … will … effectually … oppress and ruin the people…. In some parts of the plan before you, the great rights of freemen are endangered, in other parts, absolutely taken away…. There will be no checks, no real balances, in this Government: What can avail your specious imaginary balances, your rope-dancing, chain-rattling, ridiculous ideal checks and contrivances? …And yet who knows the dangers that this new system may produce: they are out of the sight of the common people: They cannot foresee latent consequences…. I see great jeopardy in this new Government.’67

“In contrast to the federalists’ failed predictions, this and nearly everything the anti-federalists forecast about the Constitution has come true [even after the Bill of Rights was added]….”

This is the liberty YOU are advancing if you promote either the 18th-century founding fathers or their biblically seditious Constitution as the law of the land. And, if this be case, 2 Peter 2:18-19 fits you just as much as it does the constitutional framers.

For more, see Chapter 3 “The Preamble: We the People vs. Yahweh” of free online book “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at The Grand Experiment in Self Government has been a Grand Failure!

For more, see Chapter 3 “The Preamble: We the People vs. Yahweh” of free online book “Bible Law vs, the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at Bible versus Constitution dot org. Click on the top entry on our Online Books page and scroll down to Chapter 3.

At the same location, see also “Biblical Examination of the Declaration of Independence.”

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Grumpy Veteran

“Biblically seditious”? I suggest you read it again, and quit cherry-picking scripture to fan your over-inflated self-righteous ego!


WOW…imagine that!1

Jamey O'Steen

I live in a small county in Rural South Georgia.
6800 votes for President Trump & 425 for Biden.
If you are going to move, then register to vote at your new address.
We need to be a cherished accomplishment…not something that you try to “game” the system.
If you voted at your old address and somehow were able to vote again at your new address by “playing” the system, You should go to jail for 30 day and write a check for $25,000 for your crime.
Every time I see an article about someone finding an “error” in Atlanta, I get sick. These criminal acts just destroys the faith we have in elections.

Jelly Bean

All the sites being shown where the election counts were going on have shown 90% black counters and the people shown shoving piles of ballots in the voting machine is a black person and they have said she was recounting same ballots over and over,maybe thats where a lot of the fraudulent ballots and counting is coming from,get more mixed counters and not all Democrats doing the counting on the ballots,you know majority of blacks are Democrats and don’t start calling me a racist for observing this,I just want fair and more honest elections,I am sick of the rigged elections and believe anyone caught aiding fraud or rigging our elections should be put in jail,no matter what color they are or who they are,its a crime.


People have never trusted the vote. It’s always been too easy to cheat. The difference is that this year they so openly did it, and they don’t really care if you know it. BiDumb is in the White House and a taser up his ass wouldn’t get him out.

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