BLM Threatens White Suburban Dallas Woman, Demand ‘Sacrifices’

A radical social justice group in Dallas has leveled up their demands for sacrifices from people they deem “wealthy white people”, by publically demanding Whites deny themselves positions at Ivy League schools, so Black students can have the spots.


“Many wealthy white folks including those who live in the 95% white Park Cities think they are allies because they put up a Black Lives Matter sign or parade black people like animals at their charity galas that somehow they aren’t part of the problem,” Washington told Dallas City Wire. “They are the problem. If whites want to be our allies, they MUST make sacrifices,” wrote a BLM group called Dallas Justice Now.

The group’s work has gone viral, in the form of a letter to residents targeted for their perceived wealth.

A woman on Twitter, Katheleen McKinley, posted what appeared to be a form letter from a group called Dallas Justice Now, and was titled, “College Pledge”.  The letter was shocking in its content and McKinley described the place the letter was received by an unnamed associate of her.  To her surprise, the letter went viral.

“I’m dead right now. Highland Park is one of the richest areas in Texas. These Democrat parents would walk across hot coals & plan a murder for the chance their kids go to an Ivy League or other top schools. Then they get this from a Black Lives Matter Organization,” McKinley posted. 

The letter reads:

“We are writing to you because we understand you are white and live within the Highland Park Independent School District and thus benefit from enormous privileges taken at the expense of communities of color. You live in the whitest and wealthiest neighborhood in Dallas, whether you know it or not, you earned or inherited your money through oppressing people of color. However, it is also our understanding that you are a Democrat and supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, which makes you one of our white allies and puts you in a position to help correct these cruel injustices. We need you to step up and back up your words with action and truly sacrifice to make our segregated city more just.”

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Another poster, Mark Kilndesr, did a little research. According to the website, Dallas Justice Now, the letter above is real. The following is their commentary about the letter, the pledge and the reaction their work has received.

Here it is:

Great piece about our work in Dallas City Wire. We are inspired by all the support we are receiving for the historic College Pledge. And that’s not all—we will have more exciting news to announce next week!

Thank you, Juliette Fairley for posting for justice!

”A racial equity advocacy group is circulating a petition that asks wealthy white people to refrain from allowing their high school student teens to apply to Ivy League universities and other top 50 colleges in order to make room for students of color.

“Our pledge was brought about by the need to give kids in our community educational opportunities that we have been denied for centuries,” said Michele Washington, founder of Dallas Justice Now (DJN)

Pledge letters are currently being sent out in the 95% white Highland Park and University Park neighborhoods of Dallas, according to a DJN press release.

“Many wealthy white folks including those who live in the 95% white Park Cities think they are allies because they put up a Black Lives Matter sign or parade black people like animals at their charity galas that somehow they aren’t part of the problem,” Washington told Dallas City Wire. “They are the problem. If whites want to be our allies, they MUST make sacrifices.”

Only 3% of students at Harvard came from the bottom fifth of the income ladder, while 70 percent came from families of the top fifth of income earners in the country, according to a 2017 white paper written by Harvard professor Raj Chetty.

“In the Civil Rights movement, our white allies risked their lives to end the cruel Jim Crow laws,” Washington said in an interview. “Yet now many people think they can get by just posting on social media—-it’s hurtful to those of us who have dedicated our lives to social justice when they think that is enough to remedy hundreds of years of oppression.”

When Casie Tomlin, a Caucasian woman, received a pledge letter on Dallas Justice Nowletterhead last week, she was in disbelief.

“There’s no way an organization would send this,” Tomlin told Dallas City Wire in a Facebook Messenger email.

Other than people like Tomlin, Washington said that feedback from DJN’s white allies has been supportive for the most part.

“We understand there are some racist voices who have opposed the pledge,” Washinton alleged in an interview. “One racist, in particular, Casie Tomlin, who works as a Senior Software Delivery Manager at AT&T, has attempted to harass our supporters in an attempt to distract from the fact that she doesn’t want to make a single sacrifice to remedy the injustices that face our city.”

Tomlin denied the allegations.

“I wholeheartedly dispute and deny all accusations made by Michele Washington and Dallas Justice Now,” she said, in part, in an email. “Ms. Washington’s statements are factually incorrect and intentionally misleading. Her statements are part of an ongoing campaign of harassment lodged against me, a single mother, because of an agenda she wishes to advance. I am now and have always been an active advocate for social justice.”

Washington further accused Tomlin of being the embodiment of a racist “Karen.”

“She donated $3 to DJN only to claim a couple of minutes later that DJN is a scam,” Washington alleged. “Then, she attempted to weaponize law enforcement by calling the University Park Police Department to complain about the pledges and try to put our volunteers in danger. Calling the police on people of color when not in imminent danger is itself an act of violence.”

Washington added that DJN will soon unveil an Advisory Council that includes Professor Troy Harden, director of the Race and Ethnic Studies Institute at Texas A&M.

“Since their creation, top educational institutions have been vehicles for the perpetuation of white supremacy,” she said. “Most top universities only opened their doors to our community in the 1960s but even then have done everything possible to make us feel like second-class citizens. Ivy League and other Top 50 Schools provide the best vehicles for upward mobility, particularly for marginalized communities. Yet, a vast majority of the spots at these institutions are taken by wealthy white folks.”

America is headed for even more difficult times if this open racism is allowed.

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really so you want to dumb down ivy league schools now


Why not they have dumbed down every other area but wonder if the lvy league schools can figure out how to make them dumb enough for them to finally be able to attend.


I mean really now….. those Ivy League professors, including the one they mentioned, would NOT give up their comparatively high salaries for any reason, and those salaries are paid by the exorbitant tuition that these Ivy League schools charge. If you ain’t rich or don’t have a full ride scholarship, you aren’t gonna get into an Ivy League school, I don’t care how smart or what color you are. Besides that, the vast majority of the US population is white, so even if you go by demographic proportions, white people are gonna be the vast majority in there. My IQ when I was young was tested at 99th percentile, and I did not attend an Ivy League college, but the one in the town down the road from my house. I am Irish, Scotts, and English, and couldn’t get any whiter if you sprayed me with white paint.

Tim Kuehl

Ivy League schools already dumbed down due to the pro communist, godless professors and deans who couldn’t hold a real job if they tried. They give actual truth to insulting the phrase, “Those who can do, those who can’t, teach.” They’re a blight on the teaching profession and their blight is spreading down to the elementary school level.


Excellent observation Tim. I totally agree with you and as “George Orwell” wrote in his book titled “1984,” “They will never revolt until they become conscious.” I sincerely pray that others read your words and become “Conscious.”


Ivy League schools are destroying our students by allowing far left socialist professors to spew their socialism onto our students. They are brainwashing our students and turning them into senseless socialist robots. It’s destroying our Country. STOP IT NOW.

Sandra Lee Smith

They did that 50+ yrs ago.


Not quite 50 years ago, but close. My younger brother went to Columbia Univewrsity as did my father. They made an excellent judge and doctor respectively.

But the length of the trend you imply is VERY VERY close.

An old codger who went to a private conservative Methodist college


What a bunch of moronic juvenile delinquents!! IF YOU WANT THESE PRIVILEGES, get off your fat, lazy behinds and do the work that will get you there. If you DON’T want the privileges, then just keep doing what you’re doing and you be on welfare for the rest of your worthless lives.

Armed and Dangerous

I couldn’t have said it better myself


The ivy league schools that allow this to go on are going to lose a lot of money too


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They do nothing to add to the communities so how is it at the expense of communities of color. What they are really saying is they are too dumb to make it any other way. On student tests they even grade below the illegals that have trouble with the English language.

Sid S

How about this: Start with SCHOOL CHOICE. Then, don’t get pregnant before marriage. Then strengthen the “nuclear family” one father and one mother. Believe in a “higher power”. Reach out and help someone in a worse condition than you. Don’t do crime. Respect the Police and the laws. If you don’t like something, work for peaceful change, ie, run for office. Convince people with facts, don’t threaten them. Work harder. EARN your way to your goal. Believe in yourself and in the individual, nit the collective. Read History. Seek out individuals who lived under MARXISM and ask them of their experiences and why the left.
And finally, choose to do good, espexially when it is hard!


BLM has publicity stated they are Marxist trained and their agenda is to burn down our Democrat/Republican system and replace it with one they like. They also want to destroy the nuclear family and ban any religion. They have milked the suckers in corporations and sports for all the money they can get and they have started destroying the lives of unprotected citizens. Throw the blackmailers in jail now before they , along with the left destroy the last truly democracy left on the planet.

Elizabeth H Head

BLM is a Marxist and extremely racist group of domestic terrorists. They DO NOT have the right to demand or ask anyone for anything. They have gotten away with murder which includes innocent children, elderly women and men and even disabled veterans. Those “rich white people” owe you nothing, BLM!!! Us poor be white people owe you nothing. However, you, BLM, owe we the people of all colors, a gigantic debt for all the destruction of cities and the murders of our family members that you have committed. Justice will be served on you all. If not in this life, then the next.


I personally would be willing to sacrifice right now. I’d get rid of lots of ammunition if they want to show at my door. These B lack L oser M orons are not second class citizens.
They are no class, undeserving, lazy, pathetic, just out of the trees apes.
You don’t to stay in the USA? Go to the great civilization in Africa. No one is stopping you!

Ellie Hart

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Question for anyone? How come that employment garbage is allowed to clutter up an important subject while anyone who offends the algorithm gets cancelled. I had to wade through yards of that crap before could read a serious comment. What is their game, what do they make out of it?


Let’s see , how about the BLM Hate Mongers who are so hell bent on making everything about why it’s White people thats the root cause of problems of being murdered , shot , not getting into these Ivy League Schools !! Well if they’re that concerned about their people ?
1. Stop Aborting all these children !!! Promote Birth Control !! With all the money you’ve stolen from big Corporations and Citizens to build your Million Dollar homes and expensive SUV’s , you could supply condoms for whole States !!
2. Stop pushing HATE !! Your nothing but race baiting terrorist !!
3 Take the blame , when your own race is killing each other left and right !!
4 Support the Police !! There are way more people killing each other of the same race than all Police Officers in the US in one weekend in Detroit and Chicago
5 Try to keep families whole , having a complete family environment with mom and dad ( applying real parenting ) not letting their kids run out all night !! Teaching RESPECT , DIGNITY , and stay out of Gangs !
6 Keep your people in School and applying themselves to the work !! Get the Scholarships available to them for College !!! Give these kids some of YOUR ILL GOTTEN GAINS TO THESE KIDS !!! Then they can get into all these Ivy League Schools without having a kids that worked their asses off to give up their spot to someone who didn’t do the work to get there on their own !!!
7 Stop looking for the short way , stop asking for handouts cause you were deprived of things !!! Get off the couch , get off unemployment and try getting a job !! Have some dignity , do the work if you want something !!! It can be done , ask Ben Carson Ric Scott , Dwayne on Shark Tank !! There’s millions of people of color that didn’t jump on the crying train to get what they wanted !!
Just stop misleading the people that are following your shameful deceit !!


Are those people really that stupid ? If they want their kids to go to a better college then tell them to get off their lazy butts and start studying so they can earn their place in college.You can’t make them smarter just by sending them to a white college. They have to put a little effort into it.That is their problem now. They can not Black mail their way through life.There are many Blacks that worked hard , went to college by working hard and today they are well respected people that anyone would be proud to have them as neighbors. They did not get there by black mail.


Dr Ben Carson, for one.


Blacks are perpetuating racism by carrying on with this kind of behavior. If this country is so racist, why have we spent TRILLIONS in taxpayer money trying to bring up their standard of living, which seems to be no better than in the 1930’s.

Armed and Dangerous

That’s exactly the point. If you spend trillions giving them advantages as opposed to having them earn their way they will never succeed. They complain about slavery but they want to be slaves. Any time you depend on your government for your livelihood, you’re a slave to them. Asians, Italians and other foreigners come here with very little. Some don’t even speak the language. They work hard, keep a strong family unit and build successful businesses. What’s your excuse?


There’s an old saying that applies here : Don’t feed the animals; they will become dependent, and not be able to provide for themselves.

B Rock

I support all advancement in all social cultures.
Build from the foundation…
Not from a top down destruction…


Not only are they black, they are unfortunately stupid as are the critical race theory pushers claiming our country was founded on racist principles. A tiny bit of research will tell you that. Now they want to dumb down anything and everything so anyone can get into any school. They spout the same old same old and say nothing new. They dishonor everyone who came before them and are too stupid to understand they are gaining nothing and creating more hate and discontent, and the backlash will not be to their liking.


The Poison Ivy league should be full of BLMs. Scum to Scum, golly it’s grand!


Just last week several of the Ivy League Colleges changed their entrance application & qualifications. Blacks can now get into these colleges with “D’s & F’s”. Why would anyone in their right mind support BLM terrorists!!!! I, personally know of 3 blacks that got into West Point 3 years ago with “D” & of course, they instantly start their ghetto crap & make lives miserable for those who have done the duty to get into these colleges. If everyone had worked, lived, ate, slept, married into these horrible racist black lives, like several in my family did, only then would they know how horrible & criminal are these black people. Years & years & years of this, proved to my family that these criminals don’t want help, they simply want you to do the work for them & then give it all to them. They are the biggest hypocrites walking the face of this earth, because, all of them go to church on Sunday & shout all through the service, then go & sleep with several of the married people & say how much they all love God. None of these ignorant criminals are oppressed & have never been oppressed, except, by their own behavior.


Since our Ivy League education has so seriously deteriorated Getting a real job with a diploma doesn’t mean a lot any more. However, rich kids don’t need a job anyway but the student from a struggling family does need a job. With the woke garbage coming out of left wing Ivy league they are better off in trade school. I don’t even trust my doctors anymore and most lawyers swim in the swamp. When the black students in Baltimore cant point to one graduate student who has comprehension in reading it the teachers fault, not the student.For all the money the teachers communist union gets you would think they could figure out how to teach black students without just blaming the parents. They are passed through from kindergarten to graduation with no skills. You mean not one teacher on the way got to them, or even tried?


When free public education, equal opportunity, and preferential treatment are not enough, there is always gangsterism.


There are too many prestigious colleges that are attended by blacks only (or predominantly black). White folks don’t expect anyone seeking enrollment there to forfeit their place in line, so why the double standard?


My husband is wealthy. Here is how it is done. His father was a non union truck driver. Not many jobs like that and probably none now. He delivered hangers from dry cleaners to be melted into steel again. His wife was very thrifty. My husband grew up in a poor neighborhood, his mother saved. His mother gave him and his sister their tuition to college, he worked for the books, living expenses and everything beyond that. He had me as wife and two children, went back to school got a masters degree. That is how it is done. He had a mother and a father. Ben Carson did it with an illiterate mother . It is done with sacrifice and hard work, not handouts.


Sounds like my family. My Grandfather’s parents were immigrants and had no skills when they got here. Even my first-generation grandfather was a common laborer with no education, had to drop out of school to work to feed the family. He worked on building dams and deep in mines for most of his adulthood, built his house with his own hands out of scraps and pieces he scrounged during the depression. He eventually owned a business and my grandmother kept the books. If you start from nothing, you have to work hard to make it, no matter what color you are.


Uh no. Earn it with intelligence. No one is stepping aside. If someone has to give up their spot means you couldn’t make it. Tough.


We can only hope that the Socialist Democrats hamper their children’s lives by sending them to second rate colleges. If the blacks want to attend Ivy League colleges, earn their way to the schools. Do not suggest that someone who earned their way there, give up their spot for someone who does not deserve the opportunity. With that said, I would not let my children go to an Ivy League college under the current garbage they are teaching there.

Sandra Lee Smith

DJN is full of manure! Since the late ’60s AA has insured THEY got priority admisdions whether earned by merit or not (usually not) to whichever ivy league university they chose (How did you think Obamas got into Princeton & Harvard? It sure wasn’t merit!) White kids & Asians have to do itby dint of hard work & merit! Then ONLY if there’s a seat left for them after all the AA admissions…


look at history R. Halliburton shows that free black people have owned slaves “in each of the thirteen original states and later in every state that countenanced slavery,


A couple of observations:
1) The actual value of an “Ivy League” education has been so dumbed down and diminished as to be not worth anywhere near the monetary outlay to obtain. Indeed, such an “education” is a net negative in terms of life and critical thinking skills. One is much better off learning skills at lower tier colleges, community colleges, or even trade schools.

2) White people have already sacrificed far too much for “Peoples of Colors” (POX). Trillions in transfer payments along with so called remedies for real and (more often than not) imagined grievences have simply resulted in a bunch of whiny, demanding and violent animals that are barely a notch above vicious baboons for all practical purposes. White people need to demand a return to civilization, and the permanent banishment of any who stand in the way.

Michael Ray

White people can make all the sacrifices in the World but the Black people will still be Black.


R. Halliburton shows that free black people have owned slaves “in each of the thirteen original states and later in every state that countenanced slavery,

Ernest Garcia

Blacks are just lazy even in school they want every thing given, it serves those kissing blm ass right, they think cause if they follow blm they will be accepted, bunch of idiots thos blm thugs don’t like whites even you protest for or even married into your family, you idiots have to under stand they are the most racist people on earth

Amy J. Valenzuela

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Sid S

Do not go to this website! It is reportedly a scam.

art cross

people need to ignore these satanic communist freaks its not woke not progressive its not socialisim its communisim and they are not here to make your life better they are here to destroy this country its time for every american to stand up to this real threat talk to you relatives and neighbors to form a united front against these communist monsters along with their identical twins the democrat party


I don’t get it. Biden is racist and has said so and proven it. Anything a white person might have was earned, worked for. There are plenty of black wealthy people. They also worked for what they have. BLM, which from what I could see, consists of mostly white people. Nobody is oppressed. Everyone has the same opportunities in front of them as any other. So, it seems to me that there’s just a bunch of punk kids that want to be “bad”. Did your momma tell you that that was the way to get ahead in life? Get real! I don’t see you going after Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, Biden or Harris. Now they live in mansions. Biden has a few. Ask him if you could borrow one of his. Heck, if you really want to climb up the ladder, call Harris. Ask her to give you lessons on how she got where she is now. She’s a women of color.


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Sid S

Do not go there!

alan heath

screw the blm they ever come to town im in they will be dead bottom line,end of story.because their asses need to go out and get a job.or get the hell out of this country.


The spots at Ivy League schools are taken by those who can afford them and have earned their acceptance through hard work. Only racist idiots think otherwise. These schools aren’t free. They actually have to bring in revenue (tuition) to operate. Government simply can’t fund tuition to all. Why the hell should underperforming students be placed in these expensive & prestigious schools simply because of skin color? Makes zero sense.

Gary Rhodes

Well well well, now they are sending letters to people. Send me one and I’ll wipe my ass with it after I’ve had a bout of diarrhea and send it back to them. Shit deserves shit back


Forward me a copy before you take that next dump!

Sharon Arrington

What the hell is happening, can be placed at the liberals doorstep. Their failure to stand up to these domestic terrorists demands speak volumes. Our federal government is so busy planning the demonizing of the protesters of January 6, they have turned a blind eye to BLM and Antifa. I am tired of the feds and the agencies being run by nincompoops. The time for us to stand up and tell them, no more.

Michael Ray

BLM doesn’t realize college is WORK. Ya gotta study, attend class, participate, take exams, PASS exams and last but not least – the THESIS! Ya can’t just stand around in the aisles admiring the opposite gender (or whatever gender you prefer – cue the alphabet).


All correct! I remember it well, thanks to the G.I. Bill in the ’70s. You must not miss classes to get any STEM degree. Now I’m retired, and my wife and I are healthy and very comfortable.


Remember” black LIES matter! They ARE, THE most IGNORANT “Race” in existence!


In the State of Texas you have the God Given Right to protect yourself and your family and property. If you are attacked by these criminal terrorists you have the right to stop their attack with any means available to the extent that you no longer feel threatened. Use your Rights or lose them to the Democrat Supported Terrorists!


How about you. Lowlife pieces of Crap, go back to School, learn something and try, just TRY to become something Other than the trash pieces of shit you are now.


This will probably get me banned, but I don’t care. Almost everyone posting here will not mention “the elephant in the room”…
Blacks are dysfunctional, cannot “behave” in normal civil society and should be repatriated to the African continent. I don’t care where ((they)) go as long as it is out of civilized American society.
Black DNA IS different; violent African tribal mores are the norm.
Disputes are “settled” with violence, not with logic and reason. Instant gratification is the rule, not the exception. The DNA for logic and reason does not exist within the black psyche. Blacks thrive under a “strong man” form of government, where one’s status is determined by proximity to the “chief”.
Keep in mind that African blacks have never inventing anything. From the wheel, to mining the wealth of minerals beneath their feet, to wondering “what is beyond that ocean or river”, blacks do not possess the DNA for future planning or exploration.
I realize that almost everyone has interacted with a “good black”. However, truly “good blacks” who accept the (white) “rules” for living in civilized society are few and far between. When the SHTF, black tribal instincts will take over and gullible whites will “pay the price”, possibly with their lives.
Fatigue resulting from having to deal with and coddle this dysfunctional race is not only tiring, but getting to be truly intolerable. Whites who “walk on eggshells” to avoid possible by violence by blacks are doing themselves and white society a disservice.
I, for one, am tired of pandering to this dysfunction subset of (sub)humanity…
Here goes…


So they want to replace White students because they have too much money and privilege?? Does that mean they should leave their tuition money behind so these “paw” folks can just walk in without meeting the minimun requirements, paid in full?


BLM can go to he!!.


F you you african ahole scum bags … screw around too much in Dallas and you may be in the news again .. not the front page though you will be in the obituaries ..


The bums need to understand the state of TEXAS!

Gary Lee

How about this? I am not, nor will I ever be, your ally… You either get in to that Ivy League school or top university by your own merit or you find something to do that better fits your skill sets and initiative..


Time to end the communist colleges and universities. The fake education at the elite and public colleges and universities must be brought back to earth and teach the real history. No Critical Race Theory, No Biden saying whites are racists for we are not, however the racists are the Obama’s, Holder’s, Schumer’s, Pelosi’s, DNC and the Unions. BLM is a very racist group along with ANTIFA. Time to get rid of them all.

Desert Dweller

We should offer a sacrifice to these a few rounds of precious ammunition right between the eyes?? imho


BLM is demanding whites deny themselves positions at Ivy League schools, so black students can have the spots.What’s the point when most of those potential black students would just drop out anyway?


I wonder if these black folks will pay the tuition for spots that they deserve or will they want the “rich white people” to pay as well as leaving the spot open. Do they even know that there is an acceptance clause? Get a job and go your own way.


I think it’s a great idea. Let them send, and pay, for their children to go to these cesspools called the ivy league. Understand that when you send little Peggy Sue to “university”, spend a bazillions dollars, and the finished product is a stinkin’ commie. No ROI. ‘Better off sending them to trade schools to become electricians, plumber, even poll dancers…


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Liberty One News
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