BLM Leader Accused of Molesting 62 Children Returns to Work on the School Board

First, let me say that this is the United States of America and everyone should be assumed to be innocent until proven guilty. But, just because you are assumed to be innocent, you should also be careful.

Black Lives Matter protest leader, and anti-gun activist Tay Anderson has been accused of abusing 62 children. That does not make him guilty but he should not be allowed to return to work at a place with lots of kids.

He should be paid to stay home. let him work with his fellow BLM members and once he is cleared, then he can go back to the school board. He is assumed innocent but we should not take chances with the children.

Anderson denies the charges and claims it is a political hit job. That is a little harder to swallow when there are 62 alleged victims. Better to be safe than to be sorry.

Protect him, but also protect the children.

If the charges are false, they will fall apart quickly enough and if they are true, he can’t make any more victims. His victims are said to be 62 high school students and illegal aliens in the DACA program, at least one as young as 14.

Anderson stepped back from his duties once the accusations were made but for whatever reason, he decided to return to the board and no one on the board seems to be objecting yet. But he says he is returning immediately.

CBS4 reported:

Denver School Board Director Tay Anderson announced Wednesday his plan to resume the full duties of the position, after allegations of sexual assault were leveled against him. Anderson says the investigation into his conduct has “dragged well past the timeline that was agreed to” and “no credible evidence has emerged.”

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Anderson said he was told the investigation would be completed in thirty days, but then it was extended an additional 30 days.

“I am now told that the investigation will not be completed for at least another four or five weeks, leading us to mid-August,” Anderson stated in the open letter.

Anderson said the investigation has “drifted into vastly new areas, including a period of time when I was not even an adult, an employee of DPS, or an elected member of the DPS Board.”

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How sickening.


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Anonym Ous

Really think you’re going to find people dumb enough to believe that on this site?
Best take that stupidity over to where it belongs- you have a choice of a LOT of Liberal/Democrat/Media places where you’re sure to find a sucker or three.

Walter N. Harrison

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Anonym Ous

Please see my comment for MildredEstrada above.
Ditto for you.

Anonym Ous

I’ll bet his skin color doesn’t have anything to do with him returning to a board that would normally want someone accused of such crimes to remain away until the matter is cleared up. Or that his prominence in Black Lies Matter, either. (Please excuse my spelling errors.)
(Snicker, snicker!)


This is ridiculous.

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