BLM Insurrectionists Storm Capitol Building, Media Silent

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On Wednesday, a BLM group chanted “Black Lives Matter” when they stormed the Oklahoma Capitol, forcing the state House of Representatives into lockdown. They were protesting several Republican bills, including one that provides legal protections to motorists fleeing riots because too many people got caught up in a riot and the animals would attack their car in an effort to get at them. What was their crime? They had the audacity to want to drive somewhere while the reprobates were protesting.

Where exactly was Nancy Pelosi while all of this was going on?

A couple of dozen protesters entered the fifth-floor gallery while the Oklahoma House was in session. A video shows protesters chanting, “Stand united against all hate,” and “We will use our voices to stand against corruption, to fight hate, to defend Black and Brown lives.” Personally, I thought that one was too long, and they risked losing people in the middle of it.

The interruption to the session lasted for several minutes.

I consider a bill to protect innocent people who are attacked in their vehicles by an angry mob as hate and corruption. How about street thugs attacking innocent people in their vehicles is corrupt, hateful mob justice?

The organizers of the protest said the event was against anti-protest and anti-transgender bills that were making their way through the Republican-controlled House and Senate. The gist of the one bill creates protections for drivers who unintentionally hit protesters with their vehicles while trying to flee an attack by a mob and creates penalties for protesters who block traffic. It’s amazing the amount of stupidity among protesters who think that they are allowed to block traffic and attack vehicles while they’re protesting. It is an American right to protest, but no one may attack people or block traffic. Protesters and rioters and their advocates say that blocking traffic is all part of protesting. That may be, but you’re not allowed to attack people or their property and you not allowed to block traffic. What if there is an emergency where someone has to take someone to a hospital? Another aspect of the bill protects law enforcement and their families from being doxxed, which is when leftists publish someone’s home address so that animals can show up at their homes and cause problems there.

One man stood face-to-face with a lawmaker who met him on the gallery, and they had what looked like a heated verbal confrontation until a female protester yanked him away. “You’re a disgrace, you’re an embarrassment to the whole f—ing nation,” the man shouted as he was walking away.


“You are traitors, insurrectionists, seditionists,” another woman shouted as protesters were filtering out of the gallery.

So a woman committing insurrection by being there and trying to interfere in the functions of the House screamed that the ones they were committing insurrection against were the insurrectionists. You need a program to keep up with the insanity.


I wonder what Nancy Pelosi would have to say. Probably nothing at all.

As the Oklahoma Highway Patrol cops were asking the insurrectionists to leave, a drug dog was walked around the chamber to make sure that nothing was left behind. I guarantee you that that is what CNN will report on and not that the insurrectionists were a danger to democracy the way they still claim against Trump supporters on January 6 at the Capitol in DC.


The bill also “provides that organizations found to be involved with individuals participating in riots or unlawful assemblies shall be punished by a fine that is ten times the amount of the fine authorized by the appropriate provision of the bill.”

“This is an important protection for citizens who are just trying to get out of a bad situation,” Representative Kevin West said, according to The Oklahoman. “When fleeing an unlawful riot, they should not face threat of prosecution for trying to protect themselves, their families or their property.”

“I certainly support the right to peacefully protest and assemble,” West said. “I will not, however, endorse rioters that spill onto city or state streets, blocking traffic and even harming property of vehicle operators who are simply trying to move freely. This law gives clarity to those motorists that they are in fact within their rights to seek safety.”

On Wednesday, Governor. Kevin Stitt signed the bill into law, the Oklahoma Legislature said.

The governor signed a second bill that makes doxxing law enforcement and/or other public officials by publishing their personal information online a crime.

House Bill 1643 makes it a misdemeanor crime punishable by up to six months in jail or a $1,000 fine for an individual with the “intent to threaten, intimidate or harass,” to use an “electronic communication device to knowingly publish, post or otherwise make publicly available personally identifiable information of a peace officer or public official” and result “in reasonable fear of death or serious bodily injury.”

For a second conviction of the same crime, the punishment doubles.

Protesters also complained about another piece of legislation that would bar anyone of the “male sex” from playing on athletic teams designated for “females, women or girls.” And/or duh. It’s ridiculous that they even had to create a law for that. Welcome to 2021.

On Tuesday, the Oklahoma House approved the “Save Women’s Sports Act,” which co-authors Republicans state Representative Toni Hasenbeck and state Senator Micheal Bergstrom stated will protect female athletes from missing opportunities to compete fairly for medals, podium sports, athletic scholarships, and other things.




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