This is just unbelievable. A prominent Black Lives Matter activist, Maya Echols, literally threatened that cities will be “on fire” if former officer Derek Chauvin who is on trial for killing George Floyd as a Minneapolis police officer is not convicted.

Forget any evidence, forget the fact that Floyd had triple the lethal dose of fentanyl and his blood plus meth plus he had COVID, and forget the fact that the neon the neck didn’t block his airway at all in fact it is in the training video for police officers. She doesn’t give a damn. She wants riots to happen if he doesn’t get convicted.

The autopsy found a mixture of methamphetamine and fentanyl in Floyd’s bloodstream. On top of that, he had heart problems, and he was suffering from COVID.

So how bad is fentanyl?

Dr. Paul Christo of Johns Hopkins University says he uses fentanyl as a really powerful anesthetic during surgeries and sometimes to manage a patient’s chronic pain. However, he underscores the point that it must be used very carefully.

“It’s about 80 to 100 times more potent than morphine,” Christo said. “So, a little bit of that can lead to an inability to breathe and then death.”

Chauvin is now on trial for being an idiot during the arrest by having his knee on Floyd’s neck for over 8 minutes. That’s not what killed him according to the autopsy report, and Chauvin was using an approved technique to subdue a suspect who is resisting arrest, something Floyd did from the moment the police approached him. Why I say Chauvin acted like an idiot is because of bad optics. He knew he was being filmed by bystanders. He knew people were yelling to him to get his knee off Floyd’s neck and that they too were being filmed. I don’t think there was a reason to keep his knee on the neck for that long, but then again, I wasn’t there and neither was Maya Echols who just threatened the civil society with more riots if the Woke Supremacy doesn’t get what they want. No matter how much of the video we can see, and there were a lot of videos convincing me that George Floyd was acting irrationally and the police went out of their way to calm him down and not get violent with him as he resisted getting into a police vehicle.

“If George Floyd’s murderer is not sentenced, just know that all hell is gonna break loose. Don’t be surprised when buildings are on fire. Just saying,” Echols threatened in a video. The video has since been deleted, but we have it here.

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Don’t be surprised when buildings are on fire? I don’t think anyone with a triple-digit IQ would be surprised by that. Black Lives Matter wants to do a repeat of the riots over the summer. I bet she is hoping that Chauvin gets off just so that BLM and others can riot again. It’s what Marxists do.

Her threats are dangerous and authorities really need to take her words seriously because we all remember what happened throughout the summer of last year when BLM and ANTIFA acted like domestic terrorists toppling statues, burning down buildings, beating on people, setting churches and police precincts on fire, killing about 25 innocent Americans, attacking police and all kinds of other crimes.

We also remember that the Democrats in those cities did absolutely nothing to quell the riots throughout the summer. In fact, some of them encouraged them by ignoring the rioters and only beefing up the protesters.

I remember when leaders in some of those cities acted as if then-President Donald Trump was the enemy after he offered to bring federal agents in to end the riots in their cities.

Remember when Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) refused to let Trump send federal agents in to quell the riots, saying that troops would just escalate the situation? What a dope.

Remember when our current vice president Kamala Harris went on TV and said that she encouraged the rioters and that they weren’t going to stop and that they shouldn’t stop? Of course, Harris will say now that she was talking about protesters, but she was really talking about rioters.

How do we know? She also supported an organization that took donations to bail out rioters so that they could get back on the streets as soon as possible to create more mayhem.

Make no mistake about it, this video was made to send a threatening message to the jurors that they better vote to convict or else.

Isn’t jury tampering a crime? Hello, FBI? If you were one of the jurors, would you vote to acquit? I don’t think any of them will out of fear of thugs like her and Black Lives Matter radicals.

My take on all of this? You reap what you sow. It is no coincidence that excessive force, racism, hate, and anger happens in Democrat-run cities.

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In every major city run by Democrats, we see the same thing: Chicago, Philadelphia, Camden, Minneapolis, Newark, Baltimore, Ferguson, Cleveland, Compton, St. Louis, you name it, they all have the same exact problems: high unemployment, high drug and alcohol abuse, high government dependency, high property crime rates, large high school drop-out rates, high gun violence, and it’s all because of progressive Democrats who have run these cities for decades, some a hundred years. Progressive Democrat policies breed environments of poverty and crime. They are anti-business, anti-capitalist, and anti-people.

It’s high time that we call it what it is. Democrat cities are a lost cause, they are unsalvageable in their current state. Democrats have run these cities into the ground so badly they are insufferable to live in. Democrat politicians are so evil that they have convinced whole communities for generations that “racism” is the reason why they live in such poverty with no chance of things getting better.

Well, I got news for you. There are too many black people and people of color who do not live in Democrat-run cities who are doing very well for themselves, they are successful because they have not been taught and raised to believe that racism is a reason they will never amount to anything in life.

When politicians throw police under the bus for doing a very difficult job just to placate angry voters, it breeds resentment, anger, and paranoia against cops, and it is the cops who have to bear the brunt of what the filthy politicians started.

It is about time that people who live in these cities woke the hell up and started to realize that their lives do not have to be this way. They need to learn that they don’t have to feel oppressed because they have the power to make it all stop, and when they use their power, they can turn it all around very quickly. If the people who live in these armpit cities could learn one lesson, it would be this; you can’t keep calling it oppression when you keep voting for it, and you keep voting for it. Stop it!


Rich Welsh

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BLM domestic terrorist is more like it

Sharon Arrington

Use a water cannon filled with waste to control the rioters.

Bruce Frank



Replace water with buckshot!

Anony Mous

Frankly, I’d rather they took an old Civil War cannon and loaded it with rusty nails and similar.

Mike White

bring in the National Guard With live ammo shoot anyone who tries to burn buildings. Its the only way to stopp BLM from their perverted ways.

RockyMtn 1776

I would not be surprised if cities burn even if he IS convicted. No excuse is really needed to inflame domestic terrorists whose goal for some is anarchy. They know full well nothing of merit will be done to them, it never has in the past. This bring us to yet another point: A person who can loot on foot can vote on foot ! Take THAT Atlanta.


Only an african american will crap in his/her own bed

Anony Mous

No. So do “entitled” white kids who’ve been indoctrinated by their public school teachers pretty much throughout their entire “education”, such as it was.


You’re right.


Yes, the Rodney King riots were planned by gangs to take place regardless of the verdict.


They riot,steal, destroy and burn regardless.


BLM should be shot on sight ! Start with the ones that started the group !


These terrorist thugs should be shot on site.

Anthony M. Whitehead

Open season with no bag limit!!!!!!

david clark

All the more reason to acquit Chauvin. He should not be convicted merely because of threats from activists with the maturity of grade school kids.

Tim Kuehl

Don’t worry, witch, I won’t be surprised if you terrorists burn buildings in Minneapolis and every other Democrat controlled city across the US. That is what you do when you don’t get your way. Never let the truth or law get in your way and you have the full support of the Democrat Party.

David Porter

To all of the BLM members and the lowest scum in this country, if they act like they’re going to threaten break throw something shoot them don’t have to kill him take the leg out. Use whatever is necessary to stop this from happening there’s no need for it if we had a real president and a congress they would have taken care of this. Get rid of them all bring in the army Air Force the Marines take them all down and out, send them to live down on the border with the rest of the scum of this Earth Lord help us


why has she not been arrested for intimidation and making violent terrorist threats


She is probably being Paid by the Deplorable DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST PARTY.


That is exactly what should be done to her but no one in office has the stones to do it.


Yeah, that sounds like justice – give us the verdict we desire or you will be punished. Whatever happened to the truth?


Activate the National Guard with rifles at the ready. We cannot allow the BLM movement to dictate jury outcomes!


This sounds like a true threat to me. She should be arrested.

Mike White

I shared her post on facebook saying she should go to jail and got banned for 30 days but she is still posting her shit


So much for “White Privilege” and it looks like you got a double whammy Mr. White. Hope you are sighted in bro.


Well, it will be target rich this summer.


Let’s get it on!


The last I heard, making a threat to burn down a city was a crime. I can’t wait for that Bozo to be in a federal prison, married to a large woman named Bertha.

Anony Mous

And that lady ‘activist’ shouldn’t be surprised when true Americans use their Constitutional prerogative to defend their lives and property with firearms. People outside are far more vulnerable to armed people inside defending.
If they don’t reconsider their violence against property and people they should be prepared to leave bodies in the streets.

Joe Lopez

terroristic threats is a crime. Why isn’t she arrested? The city is that afraid of blm It’s time to take back our cities and start to enforce the laws

Bruce Frank

Maya Echols, don’t be surprised if your intended targets shoot back! Accurately!


What I wish I’d be surprised by is police shooting terrorists arsonists. looters, and assaulters. It’s something I abhor, however, we need to halt our nation’s descent into leftist anarchy.

Mark Gravitte

Those idiots aren’t accomplishing anything. If the idiot hadn’t tried to pass a fake bill and swallow his Crack the police wouldn’t have engaged him. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Ignorance doesn’t have a color folks.


BLM is Bureau of Land Management PERIOD. The usurpers of the title are Bullying Lousy M—–F—–s.


May Maya Echols cellmate be FUGLY.

Tony Meatballs

If Chauvin is acquitted or at least to a lesser degree, folks you just got your civil war as this will be the opportunity for every patriot to bear arms and take down BLM and Antifa by any means necessary. The police will stand by. Once those goons are taken out, we must clean house and eradicate every Far Left Democrat.

Robert Pembertron

Why, “if it doesn’t go our way, we will call in ATIFA to burn you to the ground” Typical BLM warning!


Oh there will be trouble all right and it’s expected. Under the guise of “injustice” the mutts will burn and pillage as usual. Nothing new here. It’s the new, leftist morons acting out and getting free TV’s.


B. Burn
L. Loot
Because we got a government that don’t have ball’s to put a stop to it
There’s only one way to stop by the end of the barrel its the only thing they understand


BLM are a bunch of Domestic terrorists and Brain Dead IDIOTS

The Iceman

Don’t make the statement about the verdict in drug addict Floyd’s death that it will result in buildings burning. You don’t need a reason, you’re black and your politicians won’t arrest you for it. They’re weak spineless politicians and governors.

Last edited 1 year ago by The Iceman

And don’t be surprised if they hope he isn’t convicted. Then they can go steal, rob and plunder. They don’t give a s**t about Floyd. Never have. He’s just another reason to destroy stuff.


Let’s do a little test run. Charge her with domestic terrorism, no bond of course and see what happens.


LOCK AND LOAD !!!! Make sure you keep a bandolier of no less than 400 rounds of perfect : 30-06 .


So why aren’t these terrorists arrested . Oh I forgot their delusional democrats . Just look at the blood on their hands and the snowflakes for voting for them . You may as well pull the trigger that kills them , your just as guilty


BLM—–Burn, Loot, Murder


WELL Little Girl he will probably WALK !


Burn Loot and Murder


BLM/Antifa, new Enforcers for the Democratic Socialist Party. They have been in training in Portland for almost a year. All totalitarian countries use an enforcement sub army to Enforce compliance. Once our military has been scrubbed from any conservatives, the Woke force will be used to protect the Elite from revolution, just like in Venezuela. .

Sasha Royale

” Don’t be surprised, if the Kyle Rittenhouse Brigade shows up to protect the citizens of Minneapolis.” warns patriot activists Maya Certs.

Beatrice Quirk

This is not a terrorist threat!! She needs to be locked up!!

Bob Trahan

If a white or brown person were to say that then they would be investigated. But her black Arse saves her.

cody crespo

Isn’t that a terroristic threath? She should be charged.

Dean Peek

This time it will be different. Don’t forget. Joey and Kammy the Commie are in charge. When Trump was in charge they fueled the fire of the rioters to make Trump look bad. What will they do now? Will Kam the commie bail out rioters. Will the MSM still call it “peaceful protesting”? Will Hollywood help bail out rioters? Will the mental midget order in the National Guard? Will this little POS who threatened to burn the cities be thrown in the fire? Oh, it’s going to be different. Let justice be served, and let the chips fall where they may.


Tme to start blasting these destructive terrorist & wipe them out.

Anony Mous

Uh, Maya Echols? The people have learned from their past “mistakes” of trusting that BLM actually meant something beneficial to blacks. So, friendly piece of advice- don’t get TOO surprised if those trying those same acts again don’t end up lying face down in the doorways of the businesses (and homes) of those who’ve had it with your political bullsh*t lies. Consider that a friendly caution.
And also remember this: YOU are on record for issuing an OPEN THREAT OF VIOLENCE, so if it happens YOU can be legally charged as the instigator. Assuming you don’t end up face down in someone’s doorway yourself, that is.


So, no fair trial for the cop.


THIS TIME, when they BEGIN to RIOT and BURN,,,,,,,,,,,,SEND in FEDERAL TROOPS with LOADED ASSAULT WEAPONS “M-16” LOADED and ready to use !!!!!!!

Ken Skinner

These are some sick in the head people who Say & do this destruction


They think they can terrorize the Courts and Jury into voting the Rule of Law away, well guess again. Burn anything and I think you will be met with some Forces you don’t think the Right possess. Fight fire with fire, Play with fire and you WILL GET BURNED


If it is Ok to say buildings will be set on fire, by concluding with “Just saying,” then it is OK to say the “The people in buildings being set on fire will shoot to kill. Just saying?”

[…] are told that we shouldn’t “be surprised when buildings are on fire” if Derek Chauvin is found not guilty. This is the same overt threat to which Brooklyn Center […]



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