Blackburn Calls To Quash Biden’s ‘China First’ Policy: ‘It Has Got To End!’

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Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn is out for Biden’s blood. She wants to end his sick relationship with China and his ‘China first’ policies. Blackburn noted the security risks as Biden sells off US oil to the communist government.

SEN. MARSHA BLACKBURN: “This week, I said, ‘Hey, did the tariffs help or hurt?’ They said, ‘Marsha, it keeps China from dumping into the US.’ You have to keep those. And secondly, sending 5 million barrels of oil. China getting a million barrels of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Maria, this is dangerous. It’s a national security issue. It would lead you to believe Hunter Biden is out here negotiating these deals because Unipack is tied to a company that Hunter is doing some business with. This is wrong, and people are fed up with this. It is a China-first policy, not an America-first policy. It has got to end.”

Biden’s involvement with his son’s business deals in China are no longer speculation. Thanks to the verified Hunter Biden laptop, we know without a doubt he had some involvement. A voicemail saved on the laptop showcased Biden asking his son about his business dealings. Combine that with other laptop revelations—Like Hunter asking for backend cash for ‘the big guy’—and it’s pretty clear where Biden’s loyalties lie.


Hell, last year even WaPo called the Biden crime family out for their involvement with the community government and money-making schemes. Josh Rogin delivers an unnerving scoop back in December:

“Administration sources confirmed that in an October call between Deputy Secretary of State Wendy R. Sherman and Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), the other co-sponsor, Sherman made it clear that the administration prefers a more targeted and deliberative approach to determining which [Chinese] goods are the products of forced labor. She also told Merkley that getting allied buy-in was critical and more effective than unilateral action.

“To be clear, the Department of State is not opposing this amendment,” a State Department spokesman told me. “We share the Congress’ concerns about forced labor in Xinjiang.”

In other words, while the administration supports the legislation in public, they are asking Democrats to essentially water it down in private. Sherman’s specific criticism relates to a part of the bill that would require a presumption that all products coming from Xinjiang are tainted by forced labor unless the importer can prove otherwise. This happens to be the exact provision corporations are also objecting to. Maybe it’s a coincidence.

“It isn’t partisan or in any way controversial for the U.S. to be unequivocally, resoundingly opposed to genocide and slave labor,” Merkley told me. “The Senate passed this legislation in July, and it’s time to get it over the finish line.”




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