Black Nationalist Shoots FL Police Officer In the Head, Now Captured

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When politicians, most of whom have never gone a day in a police officer’s shoes, throw cops under the bus to score political points, it works to break down our society and makes our communities less safe.

When Democrat elected officials reacted to the George Floyd riots, ginned up by the Marxist group Black Lives Matter and other violent groups like the fascist ANTIFA (yes, I know the irony), by looking the other way during riots they allowed looting, the toppling of public statues, taking over and then setting fire to police precincts, setting a federal building on fire when there were still people in it, murder, and other horrific things, they help create tears in the very fabric of the civil society.

And when the same politicians start publicly talking about, then later voting on, attacking police by defunding efforts and even policies to replace police with an army of social workers in their stead, it furthers the divide between police and the communities they are protecting.

Thanks to Democrats the message has been clear: it’s open season on police.

Early Saturday morning, a Florida man who allegedly shot a Daytona Beach police officer in the head was apprehended after a multi-agency manhunt took place that consisted of close to 500 officers. The suspect was finally captured in the wooded are of a Georgia property that has ties with a black nationalist paramilitary group.

Here’s what happened.

On Wednesday night, Officer Jason Raynor approached 29-year-old Othal Toreyane Resheen Wallace in Daytona Beach.  According to the bodycam footage released by the Daytona Police Department, the officer approaches Wallace as he is sitting in his car. Officer Raynor asks Wallace, “How’s it going? Do you live here?”

There is nothing out of the ordinary for a police officer to approach someone sitting in their car on a property at night that looks suspicious and wants to talk to the person to get their story. It’s called preventive policing, and it’s done to protect property owners.

Wallace got up and out of the car and the officer asked him to sit down. Wallace then resisted saying, “C’mon now. Don’t do this. Why are you asking me if I live here?”

That’s when the video shows Officer Raynor and Wallace get into a scuffle and you hear a shot, then Raynor falls to the ground.

The 26-year-old officer was shot in the head, but thank God he survived the attack. Raynor was rushed to Halifax Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.

Wallace left Raynor there on the ground after shooting him and fled the scene.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement issued a Blue Alert for the suspect earlier last week. The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office offered a $100,000 reward for any information about Wallace’s whereabouts that lead to an arrest. On Friday, they increased the reward to $200,000.

A multi-agency manhunt was launched to track Wallace down.

Wallace ran to Georgia where reportedly he was found by law enforcement hiding inside a treehouse fortified with weapons and ammunition. His stash included two handguns, two rifles, flashbangs, body armor, rifle plates, and boxes of ammunition.

Wallace ran and eventually ended up in Georgia, where he was discovered by law enforcement in a treehouse that was fortified with weapons and ammunition, including two rifles, two handguns, multiple flashbangs, rifle plates, body armor, and several boxes of ammo.

The property is associated with a black nationalist paramilitary organization called the “No F-ing Around Coalition,” or the NFAC, Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young said in a press conference Friday morning.

Wallace allegedly told police during his arrest, “You guys know who I am. You know what I am capable of. It could’ve been a lot worse.” Should we give him a medal?


According to Vice, this group, the NFAC, is led by Grand Master Jay a hip-hop DJ. The goal of the group is to create a new ethnostate that is “owned, operated by Blacks, funded through reparations to descendants of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.” A report on the NFAC from The Atlantic says, “Eventually, it intends to establish a racially pure country called the United Black Kemetic Nation (‘Kemet,’ Jay explained, ‘is the original name of Egypt, which means ‘land of the Blacks).” In other words, he’s a nut.

Wallace is looking at attempted first-degree murder charges for shooting Officer Raynor.

The efforts by law enforcement to search for Wallace went on for 56 hours according to Chief Young.

“The investigation as a whole was extremely challenging,” the Chief said. “The biggest challenge was just keeping everyone emotionally intact. Because officer safety is critical.”

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis issued a statement on social media of the capture of Wallace:

“The suspect in the vicious shooting of Police Officer Jason Raynor was apprehended by Georgia police at a black nationalist paramilitary encampment. There is no place for hate in Florida. Our law enforcement will be protected. Justice will be swift.”

Chief Young said that as of Friday, Raynor was still in the hospital and was showing “positive signs of improvement,” and that “he still has a ways to go.”

“We’re just going to continue to pray that he continues to heal. And I have the permission of his mother and sister to let everybody know that, you know, they greatly appreciate the support that they’ve received and they request that we just continue to keep officer Raynor in our prayers,” Young said.




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