Black GOP Candidate Rips Congressional Black Caucus for Backing White Democrat

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Nothing smells more like corruption than a group organized to support black candidates bankrolling the white guy for political gain. It’s a push for power against protecting their own interest which is to uplift black candidates.

The black GOP candidate, Jennifer-Ruth Green, was wrongfully attacked by her white opposite in a failed attempt to smear her by releasing her military record that revealed she had been sexually assaulted overseas. definitely not the kind of guy I would ever support if I were them, but this isn’t about what’s right—It’s about power.

“The hypocrisy in this decision is so incredibly clear,” Green said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “We see this is about power and about policy. This is about process. This is not about progress.”

Green is running to unseat Democrat Rep. Frank Mrvan, D-Ind. If elected, she will become the only Black female Republican in Congress. Green said the Congressional Black Caucus’ 9CBC0 decision to back her White challenger with a $5,000 donation to his campaign exposes the corrupt priorities and political bias of the group.

“These are the liberal elites who want to have power and are focused on retaining it,” she told Carlson. “Their decision to back my opponent is hypocritical at best, because largely when you think about the fact that I understand the Black cultural experience better than any White man ever will, I understand the growth that needs to occur, I understand what needs to happen, and I’m committed as a Black woman, and as an Asian-American woman, to progressing minorities in our country. I seem like the clear choice, but because they want power over politics, the hypocrisy continues to be loud and proud.”

Green added that in her congressional district which includes Gary, Indiana, American people are suffering at “sub-poverty level.” Her opponent has “zero regards for them,” she told Carlson.

“Here are people that are hurting,” Green said. “The economy that the congressman has voted for has put them in a place where they have to choose between gas and groceries.… these are African Americans who are clearly hurting. He has zero regard for them.”

“But I can tell you this,” Green continued. “There’s a line a mile and a half long of cars that sit outside my headquarters, people who need to get to the food pantry, who need help, and this is the America that the CBC wants to act as if it is helping Black people, and it’s very clearly not in Indiana’s Congressional 1st District.”


The Congressional Black Caucus PAC defended its decision, telling Fox News Digital in a statement that the PAC is “committed to electing African-Americans and African-American allies to Congress who will fight for our values.

“Congressman Mrvan understands the importance of a woman’s right to choose and protecting access to healthcare for all people,” they said. ” One of his first votes in Congress was for the American Rescue Plan which helped end this pandemic, put workers back on the job, and shored up the kinds of small businesses that are the backbone of Black community.”




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