Bill Maher: ‘Social Contagion’ Pushing Kids To Transition

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The liberal left has been pushing a dangerous trend of social contagion when it comes to the transgender movement – and it’s putting children at risk.

Recently, Bill Maher, the host of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, discussed this issue with Tablet Magazine columnist James Kirchick and Republican Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears.

When speaking about people “detransitioning” from transgender procedures, Maher said, “To be fair, probably most, I think the studies show, most of the people who do it say they are glad they did it. I think most who do it, you know I’ve talked to parents about this, a lot of times you just know that kid is not gay, you know, there was just, the factory installed equipment didn’t match, ok, that’s a real thing, it happens, it’s rare but it happens. But, and you’re talking about, there are other ones now, because it is also somewhat trendy, I know people hate to hear that but it’s obviously true, there is an element of social contagion, or else it wouldn’t be so prevalent in here [California] and not in Indiana, it wouldn’t be regional.”

This “social contagion” is a real phenomenon, and it’s been seen in countries like Sweden, Finland, Norway, France, and the United Kingdom. These countries had embraced medical interventions such as cross-sex surgeries and puberty blockers, but have had to take steps to restrict child gender transitions after seeing the impact it had on the youth.

The transgender movement is being pushed by the liberal left, and it’s not only putting children at risk, but it’s also leading to a dangerous culture of conformity. We’re seeing a trend of kids and young adults being pressured into identifying as transgender, even though they may not actually be transgender.

This isn’t just a political issue – it’s a moral one. We should be supporting everyone in their individual journey, no matter what it may be, but we should also be honest about the potential risks and consequences of gender transition.

We should also be aware of the power of social contagion, and how it can impact young, impressionable minds. It’s time to take a step back and start having honest conversations about the transgender movement and its potential impacts. We need to ensure that our children are safe, and that they’re not being pressured or pushed into something that could have serious long-term effects.




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