Bill Maher Pokes At Snowflakes: ‘That’s Why They Turn Into A Bunch Of Hoes’

In the most recent episode of Bill Maher’s podcast, “Club Random,” the comedians Ms. Pat and Maher made fun of individuals who take offense to everything.

Ms. Pat, whose actual name is Patricia Williams, was informed by Maher that she had the chance to be more politically incorrect than he can with her BET+ comedy, “The Ms. Pat Show.”

“It’s refreshing,” Maher said of Ms. Pat’s sitcom. “People are feeling very stifled, people feel there’s too much of, ‘ You can’t say that…’”

“I say what the fuck I want to say,” Ms. Pat said. “I mean, why is the world such a pussy these days?” (RELATED: ‘They Don’t Hate Women’: Bill Maher Defends Pro-Lifers)

“Exactly. Why is the world such a pussy?” Maher asked.

“People go crying and they’re ready to jump off a ledge at any little thing you say. It’s the kids that we’re raising today. They don’t work for shit. We give them everything. That’s why they turn into a bunch of hoes and be crying all the time,” Ms. Pat said. “Instead of being honest to kids, they want to pamper them and make the world easy for everybody. The world ain’t east. I cuss at my kids and people say, ‘How can you cuss at your kids?’ I said, ‘Because when they get into the real world and somebody says, “Fuck off,” they won’t fall into the ground.’”

“Who would have ever thought it, you and I are the role models America needs,” Maher said. “We are.”


Maher is a vocal opponent of political correctness and counterculture. He advised liberals to cease pandering to “the people who just want to bitch” in 2021.

I know that Maher claims to be a bleeding-heart liberal but I have to say, I like the guy. He seems way more centered than I think he realizes.

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