Bill de Blasio Said His ‘Mission Is To Redistribute Wealth’ By Raising Taxes on the Rich – Get Ready Florida, Here They Come

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Democrats are big on playing class warfare to divide and conquer on Election Day.  They love to raise taxes, but they learned that they can’t raise them on the poor or even working-class people, because they revolt at the ballot box.  So when the subject of raising taxes comes up they love to focus their rhetoric on their favorite target: the rich.

Barack Obama was big on pushing the idea that the rich have to “pay their fair share.”  He did it so effectively that we now have a bunch of nincompoops who run around thinking that the rich don’t pay any taxes.   According to the IRS’s own numbers the top wage earners pay the overwhelming majority of the entire federal income tax burden.

According to the latest numbers from 2019, the top 5 percent of wage earners pay 53 percent of the entire federal income tax burden.  More than half of everything.  When 5 percent of any group pays over 50 percent for something that involves all of the people we can say they are definitely paying their fair share.  But you wouldn’t know that by Democrats because they lie.

Most Democrats never met a tax they didn’t hike but for the far-left radical communist New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio raising taxes is a way of life.

Only a few short months ago back in December de Blasio blurted out that his “mission is to redistribute wealth.”

“I’d like to say very bluntly our mission is to redistribute wealth,” he said. “A lot of people bristle at that phrase. That is, in fact, the phrase we need to use.”  He then added, “a lot of people bristle at that phrase, that is, in fact, the phrase we need to use.”

De Blasio is considered the worst mayor in the country and the worst mayor of NYC ever.

Back in August the mayor was on The Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC and he responded to a caller who asked a question about integrating public schools (is New York City still in the 1950s?) by saying “Help me tax the wealthy. Help me redistribute wealth. Help me build affordable housing in white communities if you want desegregation.”

Sounds like “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”  That was a phrase popularized by Karl Marx.

Have you ever noticed that while government types ask the taxpayers to be “less selfish” and to “suffer” a little bit for the benefit of the greater good the government itself never gives up its selfishness or their greed for your money and they never have to suffer or go without?  When the American taxpayer has their taxes increased they have to reset their family budget to see how they’re going to make ends meet.  The government never takes less money.  They never have to go without, never have to reset their budgets to see how they’ll be able to get through the month.

De Blasio, like all Democrats, is a con man when it comes to taxes.  He’ll tell you all kinds of stories about how he wants to do for his constituents but it will cost money. So he’ll tell the less fortunate working-class families that he’s not gonna raise their taxes because he’s gonna stick it to those rich guys, you know the ones who stole everything from them in the past and it’s his job to steal it back for them.  That’s the new progressive mindset.

But the problem is that these Democrats never actually define what “rich” means and how much they’re going to raise their taxes.  When tax laws are changed many people suddenly find out that they’re rich.  Nobody told them they were rich, and they certainly don’t feel like they’re rich but the government deemed them as rich and therefore they get sucked into the tax increase blackhole.

It’s like when Joe Biden said that he was not going to raise taxes on anyone who earns less than $400,000. I saw a bunch of leftists who were cheering that on social media, and I asked them, “do you have a 401k?”  I went to explain to them that the stocks that they have in their 401k are also owned by those rich guys that they want the government to increase taxes on.  I point out to them that when the government increases their taxes on things like unrealized capital gains that are being floated by the Biden administration, the rich people are gonna dump all those stocks and put their money somewhere else that isn’t taxed like that and the little guy who also owns the same stocks will see their money plummet because the rich pulled out and the stock values dropped.  They can’t blame the rich but they will.  Instead, they should blame the source, the government that increased taxes in the first place that caused them, in the end, to lose money even though they don’t earn $400,000 a year.

At the rate that rich New Yorkers have been fleeing the state for states like Florida that don’t have an income tax, you would think that de Blasio would come up with something more creative instead of raising taxes on the rich.  If he increases taxes yet again on the rich they too may leave the state and that will leave the state and the city of New York with fewer tax revenues.   Marxists never learn this because they think that everyone is going to behave like good little Marxists themselves and take it where the sun don’t shine and scream “thank you, Sir, may I have another?”

What’s really going on here that de Blasio doesn’t want to admit is that for years the Democrats in Washington DC allowed progressive states like New York, California, and Illinois to have their rich people write their state taxes off on their federal income taxes.  That way the rich weren’t paying federal income taxes because they were writing off their very high progressive tax rates from their states.  This way progressive politicians were able to have high tax rates to pay for all the goodies programs that they created to buy votes from poor people and working-class middle-class families who get addicted to government handouts.

President Donald Trump put an end to that because he realized that what that tax scheme was doing was forcing everyone else to subsidize progressive states’ rich people.  Middle-class taxpayers where is subsidizing the taxes that were being written off by rich people because of a special deal the progress is made for themselves and it wasn’t fair.   So what happened was after Trump cut that loophole out a mass exodus from New York for Florida took place where a lot of rich people fled, and they took their money with them.  Now New York politicians have to find ways to get that money back because God forbid they ever have to kill a government program.




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