Biggest Cover Up In History: Peter Navarro

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Did Secretary of State Anthony Blinken cut a secret deal with Communist China’s dictator Xi Jinping to cover up the role of the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WVI) in genetically engineering COVID-19 in exchange for a smoothing of US-China relations?

In the language of the intelligence community (IC), that possibility needs to be “assessed” after the release of a startlingly counterfactual report from the Biden administration’s Director of National Intelligence (DNI) just days after Blinken’s return from Beijing.

The DNI Report, which reads like a propaganda tome from China’s Ministry of State Security, claims a majority of IC agencies – most unnamed — “assess” that COVID-19 came from nature, was not genetically engineered, and was not a bioweapon. As a former Trump White House official during the pandemic, I can assure you these conclusions are ridiculous.

In April of 2020, I stated from the White House it was a near certainty COVID-19 came from WVI. Over the ensuing three years, the case for a genetically-engineered, mass murder virus is overwhelming.

We know, for example, that the pandemic’s Patient Zero was actually three scientists from WIV. They were hospitalized in November of 2019 with COVID-19 symptoms well before the Wuhan wet market outbreak – thereby ruling out that red herring wet market as the point of natural origin.

One of these researchers was engaged in precisely the kind of high-risk gain-of-function research capable of developing a SARS-2 bioweapon virus. Another worked on SARS-related coronaviruses. In a serious omission, the DNI Report failed to name these or any other “researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology who fell ill in autumn 2019” despite being commanded to do so by Congress.

WVI is also a joint civilian-military operation known to engage in bioweapons research, including experiments on anthrax. The infamous “bat lady” Dr. Shi Zengli is likewise known to have brought deadly building block bat viruses to the lab from caves a thousand miles from Wuhan; and, with the help of U.S. scientist Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina, her lab genetically engineered human-killing mutants.

Baric was the main conduit for the transfer of highly sophisticated gain-of-function technologies to Communist China’s premier bioweapons lab. These technologies allowed for injecting mice with genes that developed lungs and vascular systems. These “humanized” mice were then subjected to a “spike gene” which produced mutant viruses capable of causing catastrophic lung damage a la COVID-19.

Incredibly, Baric was throwing this Josef Mengele roll of the genetic dice all on the dime of the U.S. taxpayer – Dr. Anthony Fauci and the National Institutes of Health were funding both Baric and WVI. Even when such research was banned by the Obama administration, Baric and Fauci, spurred on by the Bat Lady, continued to help the Wuhan lab by exploiting a loophole in the ban.

That the DNI Report insists that SARS-CoV-2 was neither “genetically engineered” nor a “bioweapon” directly conflicts with its own acknowledgement of the existence of “reverse genetic cloning techniques” that leave “no traces of genetic modification of SARS-like coronaviruses.” While acknowledging the “collaboration” of WIV with the People’s Liberation Army, the DNI Report also insists this unholy tryst was strictly for the “defensive and biosecurity needs of the military.”

Memo to the DNI: There is abundant evidence from the Chinese military itself that it views bioweapons as the new “strategic commanding heights” even as it assists rogue nations like Pakistan develop biowarfare capabilities.  WIV and Fauci-imported gain-of-function research is a critical tool in development of these capabilities.

The DNI Report was not without albeit unintended humor. It laments the lack of “clinical samples…from the earliest COVID-19 cases” which would have helped pinpoint the origin. Yet, it neglects to acknowledge Xi Jinping’s apparatchiks destroyed every shred of such evidence! Xi’s Wet Market-Gate burglars also scrubbed away any evidence at said wet market which would have certainly immediately disproved the “virus from nature” theory.

There is only one reason why DNI Avril Haines, as the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has noted, continues to “obstruct” the truth about Communist China’s culpability in the COVID-19 massacre. Like Blinken, Haines has put the appeasement geopolitics of the Biden White House above America’s national security – a priority that began at her confirmation hearing where she doggedly refused to brand China an existential threat in favor of the Biden soft ball of “strategic competitor.”

In the Trump White House, I drafted an executive order that would have confirmed the laboratory origins of COVID-19, slapped Communist China with a bill for the trillions of dollars in damages it has inflicted upon the US economy, and held Xi Jinping and the PLA accountable for the slaughter of what will surpass a million American lives lost. It’s well past time for a bipartisan Congress to get to the bottom of the Wuhan massacre.

Peter Navarro served as President Trump’s manufacturing czar and chief China strategist.  Follow Peter at where this article originally appeared.




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