According to the Israeli military, the deadly conflict that began with the terrorist group Hamas has now expanded to include the country of Lebanon, which shows aggression of Muslim countries against strong American allies, and it happened after Democrat Joe Biden interfered.

“4 rockets were just fired from Lebanon at northern Israel, 1 of which was intercepted by the Iron Dome. In response, IDF artillery forces are striking a number of targets in Lebanon. We are prepared for any scenario on any front,” the IDF reported. 


Biden is trying to interfere and he is not welcome.

“When @JoeBidentells Israel to “de-escalate” while Hamas continues attacking Israeli civilians from Gaza, and rockets start falling in the north from Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon, Biden is effectively asking Israel to surrender to terrorists controlled by the Iranian regime,” Reporter Joel Pollack reported on Twitter. 

One resident in Israel reported:

“Breaking News: Lebanon has just declared war on Israel and launched a barrage of missiles at northern Israel. Israel is now under attack from two fronts! Please pray for us!

Lebanon started this war, that’s what I meant to say! No Palestinian organization in Lebanon has long-range missiles which can reach far into northern Israel, beyond that Hezbollah fully controls southern Lebanon and apparently directed this attack to drag Israel into a war. RT!

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An Israeli retaliation could develop into a comprehensive military campaign against Hezbollah. The Lebanese Army and UNIFIL failed to prevent attacks against Israel by terrorist organizations in southern Lebanon. Please pray for Israel!

Time and time again, Israel makes it clear that in any future military confrontation against Hezbollah, Lebanon will be held accountable and bear the consequences of the war.”

Consider what Biden did:

CNN reported on Wednesday, Biden dramatically scales up the pressure on Netanyahu as decades-long relationship faces its most consequential moment.

President Joe Biden on Wednesday dramatically escalated his public pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to end the fighting with Hamas that has stretched into a 10th day, as their decades-long relationship faces a stern test.

The White House said Biden told Netanyahu “that he expected a significant de-escalation today on the path to a ceasefire” in the raging violence. The statement was a signal Biden is losing patience with Netanyahu, a leader he has known for four decades.
The description of the call — the fourth between President and Prime Minister over the past week — reflected growing concern in the White House over the conflict. Previously, administration officials said their objective was to keep pressure on Israel limited to private conversations. But that appeared to shift after the White House revealed publicly that Biden had set a short deadline for tamping down the violence.”
Did Joe Biden just start a massive war? CNN is signaling that he indeed did come out stronger against our ally that he would in fact use his power to push against them, in a combined leftist-globalist move.
Read it from CNN:
Wednesday’s call was the latest in a steady racheting-up of pressure on Israel to end the violence. After a phone conversation Monday, the White House said for the first time that Biden expressed support for a ceasefire, a subtle but clear signal to Israel that the President was feeling pressure as scores are killed in the campaign against Hamas.
Before the Monday call, Biden had not been expected to publicly mention a ceasefire, according to people familiar with the discussions. Aides advised him to stick with the behind-the-scenes approach. But the call was much firmer in tone than the White House revealed publicly, according to people familiar with the matter. A White House official told CNN Biden that is “always direct and straight forward” during talks with world leaders, including Netanyahu.
“The role the United States is going to continue to play is maintaining a quiet and intensive channel for diplomacy, not providing a public analysis of the global and domestic reaction to the violence on the ground,” the official said.
Make no mistake, after watching the escalation of American leftist-activist groups, the left wants this war, and they want it in our own streets as well.


Kari Donovan

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Im not kidding when I say that Armageddon is going to happen, fortunately, I won’t be here for that to happen but I’ll certainly see the aftermath.


And I’ll be with you.


Biden needs to shut the F up sit down and shut up!


We are in very deep excriment with this old fool who “NEVER,’ knew when to shut his pie hole.” His fading brain will be an indicator of where this country will end up and Venezuela is a good example of fools and radicals running a once free Nation.


ole biden and his foolish lip service.

Gerald S Ladd

Drooling Joe, and the DemonRATS are on the side of the enemy. Just like the coon Barry was, when he, and the moron funded Iran.


Totally senile old freak. I’m so disgusted with his actions, it makes me want to go berserk. He’s causing world problems by reversing himself.
AND The reversals of everything Trump has caused major home problems at the border, the gas pumps, medical covid issues, schools run by unions, … Biden is a LUNATIC!!!! AND WE ARE PAYING ….


No one could have said it better! Julie! I have said this for a long time! The War of Armageddon is on the Horizon and thank my God I won’t be here. Jesus takes care of His own! Marantha!


Would anyone mind if Israel took out DC? Many traitors there.


What Biden needs to do is call for the Palestinian terrorists to stop the rocket attacks on Israel and he needs to cut off all U.S. aid to them until they do.
The Palestinians are the aggressors in this conflict.
Stop their rocket attacks and Israel will no longer need to defend itself.
Of course, nobody can blame Israel if it first finishes punishing the terrorists for the attacks they’ve already launched.


I so agree!


I definitely agree with you.

Jack Van

Send A10 Warthogs to strafe the launch sites at night. I know the Israelis are using artillery counterbattery fire, but that is not covering enough area.

Jack Van

This started because Joe sent then aid. What makes you think they will stop now? They have over 10,000 rockets left.


Iran sends the rockets and aid.


There was once a movie titled “The Quiet Man. If they ever make a movie about Biden is should be titled “The Stupid Man”.

Jack Van

This action will give the democrats cover by keeping all their other activities off the front pages and MSM.


So….this is what all the distraction and dumbing down of america is for? to distract everyone from the pending world war and complete destruction of Israel? and the complete ignorance and evil of the man in the White House. and the coming china, russia, etc. invasion of the US of A…………….God help us!


I wish that we could simply brush off Biden / Harris / Soros!

Sirvando Jose Vargas

Israelis have every right to defend themselfs against terrorists. Israel needs to clear the desert out far enough to have a buffer zone for security. Netanyahou will do whats best, for Israel, ignoring that Loony occupying WH with do-nothing Democrats.

Shelley H. Whelchel

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This is why Israel should carpet bomb any area where attacks against them originate. If they wipe out all life in these areas there won’t be anyone left to attack them when it is over. Had Israel done as GOD told them to back when they moved into the land HE gave them Lebanon would be part of Israel. See the Land he gave Abraham was in these Boundaries. From the center of what is now Baghdad to the mouth of the Nile. From the Mouth of the Nile to the Northern most point of Lebanon. Then back to the center of Baghdad. So Israel owns a lot more than that little patch of land they currently have.


Given what happened the last Time Lebanon and Israel tangled Lebanon got badly beat up so I doubt they will declare War and they may even help root out and Destroy those of Hamas attacking Israel.

Robert S. Pelno

When will our Military step in and take Biden out of Office and put congress on notice that they are in control now and will put a responsible person in the leadership. Biden is a disaster of in the most urgent way

Robert S. Pelno

Biden and the Communist Democrats are the enemy of America . And if you can’t see this your either stupid or part of the problem as one of them


Would anyone mind if Israel nuked its enemy in the WH?



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