Polls Show Biden Is Done For

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Joe Biden’s approval numbers have been dropping steadily and some pollsters believe it will get a lot worse for him.

“It’s not a good sign for Joe Biden,” said Republican pollster Jim McLaughlin of McLaughlin & Associates (M&A). “What we’re seeing right now are approval numbers in the low 50s … and the intensity level is only about 32% of people say they strongly approve of the job he is doing.”

According to M&A’s May survey, Biden’s approval numbers are not going in the right direction. And what must be more frightening for the administration is that Biden’s disapproval numbers are sharply rising.

Biden’s numbers have gone down in the Real Clear Politics average to 52.3 percent taken on June 22, and that’s the same as his previous low point. The president’s disapproval number has shot up to 43.6 percent, or just under his previous high, and that is up from his 36 percent by the close of his first week in office.

On Monday, on “Just the News AM,” McLaughlin cited that there was “upside-down” support among independent voters which plays out as a gloomy sign for Biden’s presidential future as far as popularity goes. Biden is in trouble now among this crucial voter group that swings based on performance. At last check, the president has 47 percent approval and 51 percent disapproval. Only 44 percent of the country believes we are headed in the “right direction” and McLaughlin believes that’s a bellwether for 2022 midterm elections.

Approval for Biden among white voters has dropped to 44 percent. For 2022, male voters the numbers dropped to 47 percent. The lesson here is you cannot accuse over 75 percent of the American population of being racist because of the color of their skin and expect high approval numbers.

Apparently, the opposite is true as Biden has 87 percent approval among black voters. After all the racist things Biden has said and done over his political career numbers like that boggle the mind.

Female voters are pro-Biden at 59 percent approval.

As Biden approached his first 100 days in office former Trump pollster John McLaughlin referred to the president and the Biden administration as a “Trojan horse” for a “radical left-wing agenda.” He followed up by saying, “despite what the national media and the Democrats may tell you, that’s just not where the American people are right now.”

Since he made that appraisal, his brother Jim McLaughlin said that more issues have come up that are dragging down Biden’s popularity, like inflation.

Americans aren’t stupid. They know that five minutes ago the country’s economy was booming under Trump, and the American people are aware that Biden’s policies, on top of the outrageous spending that has already been done under this administration, has led to the cost of goods rising and shortages of materials are causing problems for filling supply to satisfy demand. People feel inflation in their wallets regardless of how many Baghdad Bob’s in the mainstream news media tell them that everything is just fine.

“One of the big issues that we’re seeing pop up is inflation and cost of living, and we haven’t seen that in a long time,” Jim McLaughlin said Monday. “People are really feeling it, whether it’s the price of gas, or the price of groceries, [prices] are really going up right now. That’s going to hurt Joe Biden in the long run.”

The pollster said he believes the next numbers to be analyzed will reveal even more of a decline for Biden after his abysmal performance overseas last week. “He came across as weak, so I think his numbers are going to take an even bigger hit now that he’s come back from overseas,” McLaughlin said.

Pollster Scott Rasmussen, of Rasmussen Media Group, is reluctant to blame Biden’s sagging numbers on any one particular policy or action of the president in particular.

“I think this is more of a natural tendency of the way the electorate works,” Rasmussen said. “It’s not going to be about one thing he said in Europe.”

Rasmussen went on saying the problem for Biden is “he’s losing enthusiasm from within his own party.” While on the one hand normal people think he’s gone way off the deep end with crazy radical policies designed to punish America and on the other hand the radical progressives think Biden hasn’t gone far enough to pus for their Marxist policies. Rasmussen also believes that moderate Democrats (what, all three of them?) who voted for Biden are not happy with the way he has been governing like a radical progressive.

When you have no moral compass and no clear set of principles, you have to placate both sides of the street and that means that you are always going to anger some people that make up your base.




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