Biden’s Immigration Plans So Drastic Some Reports Claim Americans Will Be Canceled

It is not an overstatement for some immigration watchers to claim that Democrat Joe Biden’s massive push for open borders is so drastic that if he is successful, they claim migrants and immigrants will literally replace Americans.

According to Todd Bensman of CIS.ORG, “Large numbers of migrants from around the world are still flowing into northern cities and towns along the border from Texas to California, powered by adrenaline from recent Biden moves to open the border wide, according to a CIS survey of Mexican media reporting.”

Bensman spoke with Steve Bannon on Friday:

“They’re traveling instead to and through Mexico in small, discreet groups aided by smugglers as an alternative to the massive noisy caravans that Guatemala and Mexico have been forcefully breaking up over the past year under President Trump and now on behalf of the Biden administration for, as Reuters reported, “political expediency,” Bensman said.

Biden, on Thursday, released his utopian plans to transform America:

“The truth is the last four years have exacerbated our already broken immigration system. The legislation I sent to Congress will bring about much-needed reform and restore humanity to our policies. I look forward to working with Congress to get it done,” Biden said.

It took no time at all for the sickening gut punch to register in the minds of many Americans that the last thing we need right is a massive influx of immigrants to be let into the country and allowed to take it over from the inside.

Numbers USA reported:

The bill also includes:

  • Expanding Chain Migration,
  • Increasing the Visa Lottery from 55,000 to 80,000,
  • Expanding Birthright Citizenship,
  • Repealing the 3-year/10-year bars for illegal presence, and
  • Creating a partisan commission composed of lawmakers, employers, and labor unions to make recommendations on improving worker verification.

President Biden’s immigration proposal rewards those who broke the law, floods the labor market at a time when millions of Americans are out of work, fails to secure the border, and incentivizes further illegal immigration.” –@Jim_Jordan wrote.

Rosemary Jenks spoke with Bannon on Friday and said that Biden’s Bill was the most drastic she had ever seen, to the point where it looked like Americans would just be replaced:

According to the Washington Examiner:

A new Democratic immigration package backed by President Biden is already coming under fire because it would extend amnesty and citizenship to nearly 20 million immigrants, a population five times that of Los Angeles, and even extend an invitation to return to those recently deported.

“It’s extraordinarily radical,” said former Trump adviser Stephen Miller. “You can’t even call it left-wing because it’s actually nihilist,” he told Secrets.

And coming as millions remain out of work and with the nation still trying to end the coronavirus pandemic, it threatens the livelihood and safety of border states, said, other critics.

“This latest move would only further harm American workers already struggling from our health and economic national crises caused by the ongoing pandemic and our government’s response. This new immigration bill will damage America’s safety, weaken our economy, and endanger our freedoms,” said Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson.

Republicans were already pushing back in a letter citing Pandemic concerns because it is unclear how allowing 20 million-plus migrants from third world nations to come into America at this time is helpful to anyone.

Republicans sent a letter to @DHSgovraising concerns over the Biden Administration’s actions to limit enforcement and weaken border security. These actions encourage illegal immigration and could lead to a border health crisis & widespread #COVID19 infections.

The Bill is not expected to pass. However, the concern for immigration watchers is that the Democrats will end up getting what they want by slicing this larger bill up and tucking their demands into other bills, as is their pattern of behavior.

The only thing that is going to save the Americans from being canceled, at this point, is if the American people are willing to be vigilant over their freedom by paying attention to what their elected civil servants are doing.

Senior advisor for President Donald J. Trump wrote, “Congressional Democrats must be panicking. This will crush them in the mid-terms.”

But that is only if Americans stay engaged.


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It is tragic what is happening to our country. Trump made Americans first, demented President Biden, whose puppet strings are controlled by American destroyers has reversed the policy 180 degrees. Their motto, Americans last. Doubtful we will be able to overcome the damages internally as well as externally. Basically we are finished/doomed. We can thank the “traitors” who elected this team into office.So sad for all true Americans.


White ANTFA/DNC domestic terrorists are not a threat to the CCP.
Black street ni&&ers are not a threat to the CCP.
Brown illegal aliens are not a threat to the CCP.

Only patriots of all colors are a threat to the CCP.

Last edited 1 year ago by CharlieSeattle

How can he be stopped from doing this is what I want to know. Walls around the capital but not the USA is just plain crazy he must be stopped. We the people need to do something


The gutless GOP could have stopped this years ago but just let the democrats cheat in anyway they wanted. Think it is too late to stop what is happening with the democrats in charge of all 3 branches of government there is nothing left. Last stand will be war in the streets.


Actually with those that are already here and their high birth rate they will take over this country anyway but it will take much longer then Biden’s plan.

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